Shadow Hack

Chapter 986 - 986 Purple Firmament Divine Thunder
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986 Purple Firmament Divine Thunder

When Yin Emperor and the others saw what had happened, their newly found confidence disappeared, and they became flustered. If Xuan Chen was defeated, they also wouldn’t be able to escape.

Thus, the trio glanced at each other and unleashed their most powerful attacks. One after another, multicolored attacks joined the fight between golden dragon and flame bird.

Because of the assistance of Yin Emperor and the others, the golden dragon, which had been in a disadvantageous position until then, roared loudly, and its battle with the flame bird reached a tie. When they fiercely collided with each other, a violent explosion occurred in the sky.

The domains of the two people had to suffer the explosion at the same time. The domain of life and death flickered and then dissipated, which proved that Asura was more formidable.

He was able to come out evenly matched when facing a heavenly emperor and three half emperors. After the explosion, Xuan Chen’s group was forced to retreat. They coughed out a mouthful of blood.

Asura’s situation, however, wasn’t great either. His complexion was pale like paper, and he ruthlessly stabbed the long pike into the ground to support himself.

“Dao friend, this old monk really admires you, but unfortunately, even if this old monk cannot beat you, you also cannot kill the three of them. It would be better if you conceded slightly and let this old monk take them away.”

Xuan Chen was completely astonished by Asura’s tyrannical strength. From the fight earlier, it was clear that Asura was slightly more formidable than the old heavenly emperor of Buddha Sect.

Fortunately, Xuan Chen had already stepped into the heavenly emperor realm; otherwise, let alone speak of protecting Yin Emperor’s group, he himself would probably be unable to escape.

At that moment, only a little amount of flux energy remained in Asura’s body. If he tried to keep the group forcefully and the other party strongly resisted, he might get a permanent injury which would never heal.

“Hmph! The next time I see you is the day you die!”

Asura knew that he was unable to wipe out the enemy and coldly snorted before throwing a vicious line and coldly watching as Xuan Chen led Yin Emperor’s group out of Asura City.

Soon after, Asura returned to the city lord’s mansion. The pressure in the sky dissipated, and Asura City’s citizens heaved a sigh of relief upon seeing it. They began to rejoice that heavenly god’s punishment didn’t descend.

At that moment, Li Yunmu wasn’t aware of this affair. How could he have expected that his actions would surprisingly lead to the birth of a new heavenly emperor in Buddha Clan and that the people seeking revenge against him would engage in an astonishing battle with Asura?

After Li Yunmu came out of Ryukyu Small World, he discovered that it had lost its previous grandeur. Yin Imperial Palace had been destroyed, and since it was the power source of Ryukyu Small World, its life faded.

At that moment, Li Yunmu looked at the dull ryukyu spirit bead in his hand. His master had ended up leaving the stage because of it.

The first thing that Li Yunmu did after coming out was to congeal a wave of dark energy and ruthlessly attack the ryukyu spirit bead. It sent out the yin energy remaining in the small world to resist.

But right then, Li Yunmu could already be considered a powerful quasi emperor, so it was very easy for him to subdue an immortal weapon which had lost its power source.

The surface of the ryukyu spirit bead filled with runes. When Li Yunmu waved his hand again, the ryukyu spirit bead shattered with a bang and disappeared into the wind.

Yin Emperor, who had just said farewell to Xuan Chen and the others, was injured because of the damage to the immortal tool. He sensed that the injury inside his body wouldn’t recover for a couple decades.

“Who did it!”

After destroying the ryukyu spirit bead, Li Yunmu discovered that a black cloud had formed in the sky. An astonishing presence came from it, and lightning sparks were dancing all over it.

“Haha, heavenly dao has finally appeared? I want to see what ability you have to make the people of the world feel so terrified of you!”

Li Yunmu looked at the black cloud in the sky and disdainfully laughed.

It’s just heavenly dao and nothing more, what can it do?

At that moment, the powerful presence gathered in the sky reached the peak, and a purple firmament palace surprisingly appeared above the black clouds. It signified that the heavenly punishment was the most powerful heavenly punishment that appeared when someone tried to break through into heavenly emperor realm—purple firmament divine thunder!

A purple thunderbolt appeared with cracks in the sky. It had an astonishing presence which ripped apart the space and forced the birds and beasts to run away. All the cultivators in one fifty kilometer radius could sense the terrifying pressure.

“Heavens, who is it that called such a formidable heavenly punishment onto himself? Is someone trying to become a sovereign?!”

All the people who sensed the purple firmament divine thunder were terrified. They had never seen such a terrifying heavenly dao.

The first purple firmament divine thunderbolt fell on Li Yunmu’s body without giving him much time to react, but he managed to congeal a black cloud to resist his enemy.

When the purple firmament divine thunderbolt slammed against its target, the black cloud, which was almost translucent, was surprisingly able to resist the majority of the power of the thunderbolt before dissipating.

When the remaining attack landed on Li Yunmu’s body, it didn’t leave any injuries. After all, Li Yunmu’s physical body had been tempered by Heavenly Emperor Ryukyu.

Purple thunder kept converging in the sky, and one after another, thunderbolts shot toward Li Yunmu. The might of each one was higher than the last. During the second wave of attacks, Li Yunmu’s black cloud was unable to resist after first contact. It was completely wiped out by the purple firmament divine thunder.

The thunderbolt suddenly broke through the black cloud and exploded on Li Yunmu’s body. It was instantly covered with sparks which spread from toe to head with pitter patter sounds.

Because of the attack, Li Yunmu’s clothes completely disappeared and his skin was charred. Blood started to seep out from his skin and cover him in crimson.

“Haha, heavenly dao, you are only so-so. If I don’t die today, I will definitely step on you someday!!!”

Li Yunmu raised his head toward the sky and loudly roared. It was his dao!

The heavenly dao seemed to be angered. Below the purple thunder palace, purple thunderbolts congealed to form a ball of lightning which was constantly expanding. Li Yunmu narrowed his eyes upon sensing its might. He couldn’t look down on this attack.

Soon after, that ball of lightning rushed toward Li Yunmu. He circulated the black cloud, but the ball of lightning was clearly one step higher than the purple thunder in terms of quality.

The black cloud couldn’t create any obstructions for the ball of lightning and was completely shattered by the pressure without even coming in contact with it.

After that, Li Yunmu gathered the energy of his entire body in his hands, and flux energy wrapped around his fists. He ruthlessly punched toward the ball of lightning. Wherever his fist passed, cracks appeared in the space. Instantly, the ball of lightning exploded, devouring the area of one hundred meters around Li Yunmu.

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