Shadow Hack

Chapter 984 - 984 Half Emperor Instakilled
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984 Half Emperor Instakilled

When Yin Emperor and the other four scattered, it actually made Asura pause for a moment. But he quickly reacted. He couldn’t chase all of them at the same time, but it didn’t matter whom he hunted down first.

After realizing that, Asura immediately rushed toward Elder Ancestor Qing Yuan, the taoist half emperor. When Elder Ancestor Qing Yuan sensed the presence flying toward him, his expression immediately changed. He hadn’t expected that his luck would be so bad that he would become Asura’s first target.

Elder Ancestor Qing Yuan’s will to survive was very strong. In a split second, he burst forth with peak speed surpassing his previous limits and surprisingly became equally matched with Asura in terms of speed for a moment.

Asura creased his eyebrows. He hadn’t expected that the little ants would turn out to be so troublesome. He had been forced to keep up the domain and had yet to catch even one of them.

“You all intend to humiliate me too?!”

At that moment, Asura’s face filled with fury, and he thought about the person who had infiltrated his small world.

The sight of Elder Ancestor Qing Yuan fleeing made Asura go crazy. He was holding a long spear in one of his arms, which was one of his two destined weapons, the asura spear.

He aimed the tip of the long spear toward the fleeing Elder Ancestor Qing Yuan. The next instant, his arm holding the asura spear was covered by devil patterns.

Soon after, the long spear began to release dark light from its entire body. That light gradually congealed together and began to spiral around the tip.

The next second, the spiralling black energy suddenly shot toward Elder Ancestor Qing Yuan. It turned into a black bird, which left long tracks behind it in the sky.

Elder Ancestor Qing Yuan stopped and turned around. He wanted to fight back, but unfortunately for him, the black bird attack was Asura’s consummate skill, so how could he stop it?

Elder Ancestor Qing Yuan crossed his hands in front of his chest. When the attack got close to him, his expression turned grim. At that moment, he could clearly sense the might of the attack.

But he knew that if he didn’t defend himself, there would be only one outcome—his death.

However, even if he knew it, so what?

The black energy streaked across the sky. The enormous power contained in the attack even caused cracks to appear in surrounding space.

Elder Ancestor Qing Yuan also sensed that the might of the attack was beyond him, but he was unable to escape it. He could only continue gathering all his xuan energy on his arms.

Soon after, Elder Ancestor Qing Yuan threw his whisk in the sky. The three purities whisk was a supreme treasure of taoist school left behind by the ancient guys.

Although it wasn’t an immortal treasure, it had experienced countless battles and was at the edge of becoming a quasi immortal weapon. It was the biggest trump card that Qing Yuan had.

He put all his hopes on the whisk. The three purities whisk transformed into a ray of light and hovered above Elder Ancestor Qing Yuan’s head, where it formed a golden shield.

Asura’s attack slammed into the shield. A large explosion rang out, and the black energy surrounded the shield.

Elder Ancestor Qing Yuan sensed the true might of the attack at that moment and was incredibly startled. Even the light emitted by the three purities whisk began to weaken.

But the elder ancestor of taoist school couldn’t do anything other than to pour his xuan energy into the whisk. Soon though, his expression turned into one of despair.

Cracks began to appear in the shield created by the whisk. They were constantly spreading and slowly filled the entire shield.

Soon after, the shield was covered in crack. The whisk shattered and erupted in flames. They bombarded Elder Ancestor Qing Yuan’s body.

The black flame attempted to devour Elder Ancestor Qing Yuan. Soon, a muffled sound echoed, and Elder Ancestor Qing Yuan spat out a mouthful of blood before being sent flying away.

He lost his consciousness, but fortunately for him, the whisk had resisted the majority of the attack. Otherwise, he would have perished right there and then.

But his situation wasn’t very optimistic. At that moment, his body was covered in wounds from which blood was pouring out constantly. With each moment that passed, his breath grew weaker.

Asura was standing in the same place as before with a frown. He wasn’t happy with what he saw—his most powerful attack hadn’t been able to kill a single person. His figure flickered and rushed toward Elder Ancestor Qing Yuan.

Before a moment passed, Asura arrived at Elder Ancestor Qing Yuan’s side. Asura’s four hands caught the four limbs of his target under the gazes of Yin Emperor and the others.

Asura raised the body and his two arms—one holding a sword and the other holding a spear—thrust their weapon into Elder Ancestor Qing Yuan’s body. The sound of an explosion echoed, and Elder Ancestor Qing Yuan’s body shattered and turned to ashes.

The half emperor of a generation had perished in the hands of Asura.

At that moment, Asura’s blood thirsting gaze turned toward the remaining three half emperors. The scene from just a moment ago had made him feel comfortable, and he wanted to use their blood to wash away his anger.

When the three half emperors saw that, they couldn’t help but feel alarmed. They could see the killing intent in the eyes of the enemy and knew that if they separated at that moment, their outcome would be the same as that of Elder Ancestor Qing Yuan.

He hadn’t been the weakest among the four of them, but even he couldn’t withstand a single one of Asura’s attack. In the attempt, his school’s most precious quasi immortal treasure had actually shattered.

The three quickly got close to each other and stood side by side so as to not give Asura any way to attack.

They looked at Asura with nervous expressions and their guard raised. At that moment, large beads of sweat rolled down the forehead of Yin Emperor and the others, and their breath was ragged. But they didn’t dare to relax their vigilance toward Asura in the slightest.

When Asura saw the three half emperors standing side by side, he wasn’t bothered in the least. Due to the earlier fight, he had sensed the smell of blood, and it gave him pleasure. At that moment, Asura only wanted to continue forward and kill the remaining few people.

His six arms were constantly brandishing their weapons and creating strange attacks one after another. Energy gathered around them.

All the different attacks were filled with boundless might and could shatter the space around the three targets. The might of each of the six attacks was comparable to the attack against Elder Ancestor Qing Yuan.

The eyes of Yin Emperor and his group narrowed. They could barely resist one attack, so there was nothing they could do against the six that rushed at them.

While despairing about it, they sensed that the attacks didn’t fall on their bodies. Confusion entered their faces, but they suddenly sensed an extremely familiar presence behind them.

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