Shadow Hack

Chapter 6: Reality
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Chapter 6: Reality

Translator: Mercurial Editor: TheRealSeal

The Central Continent was considered as the third largest continent among all the continents of the new age. It was also considered the most prosperous continent. It was spread over 1,668,000 square kilometers. It was 16 times larger compared to the original Hua Xia Empire. Spreading over thousands of kilometers horizontally and vertically, it had an extremely vast territory.

The Central Continent contained three Primary Grade cities, seven Secondary Grade cities, and many Tertiary Grade towns. However, the areas that weren’t under the protection of cities and towns weren’t inhabited by humans as those areas couldn’t resist the attacks from variation and dimensional beasts.

The Lucky Wind City was one of these small Tertiary Grade towns. It was situated on the northern border of the Central Continent. As the entire northern shore was in contact with the ocean, the geography was quite harsh, the climate was extremely cold and the area was frequently hit by tsunamis. It was also one of the small towns that wasn’t very prosperous on the Central Continent, this was the place where Li Yunmu lived.

On this day, all of the high schools of Lucky Wind City were ushering in batch after batch of graduating students even though the vacations had just ended. That was because today was the day when the results of higher education examination were made public!

At the same time, today was also the day when the lives of all the students would be changed. After all, apart from receiving their result, there was another extraordinary examination. People called it the "Flux Test". It was also known as ‘Dragon’s Leap’ and it only took place on this day every year. If a person was successful, they would be like a karp that leaped over the golden gate and transform into a dragon, their future would be boundless.

The Flux Test, as the name implies, was actually a test to check if someone’s flux energy has awakened. On this day, the Alliance would send out commissioners to all the high schools over the continent to rigorously carry out the examination.

Everyone who finished their education would have to face this day. Some would cry tears of joy, but most would naturally renounce the test and just accept their fate. That was because, the Dragon’s Leap was not such an easy test where just by working hard, you would get desired results.

Every time, the test would divide the applicants into three classes, the first class was to join the War God troops. As long as anyone under 18 years old could awaken a trace of flux energy, even if it resulted in just a slight reaction, they would all be recommended to enter the troop and become soldiers in the War God troops. Even though they hadn’t genuinely awakened, being able to produce trace a flux energy meant that all of them would certainly make great soldiers.

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One such example would be Li Yunmu’s father, Li Zhongmin. If strictly differentiated, then the position of fighters and soldiers of the War God troops were much higher compared to ordinary troops.

The second class consisted of those who were half awakened. Half awakened, as the name implied, were those who have awakened half of the threshold for flux energy. Those who were half awakened couldn’t be considered as a genuinely awakened flux disciple, but they were more formidable compared to the War God troops. Thus, the half awakened fluxers would be recommended to enter the military and they would be directly elected as an officer, their position would also be much higher than the War God troops.

The third class would be those who were completely awakened. Thoroughly awakened as a flux disciple, there was no need to say much about this class. They would directly enter the Alliance’s privileged hierarchy and were given many material benefits and privileges which an ordinary people couldn’t even hope for.

"Ah Mu, you finally came, are you ok?"

Originally, there wasn’t anything for Li Yunmu to do in the Flux Test, 99 percent of the graduates that came today, came only to collect their results for the higher education exams. Once Li Yunmu entered the classroom, his deskmate, Zhang Kai, promptly greeted him with concern.

In these several days, the matter of dimensional beasts attacking the army camp in Area C of Heavenly Cloud City had spread throughout the whole class. After all, the Lucky Wind City was just a small town on the northern border, it was not very big and the entire class knew that Li Yunmu’s father was in the War God troops.

Even if Li Yunmu didn’t say anything, most of the people would obtain this information sooner or later, so there was no use in hiding it.

"Still good, my father was comparatively more fortunate and had escaped with his life, so I am all right."

Li Yunmu shook his head, under the gaze of all his classmates, he sat down on his seat; during these several days, Li Yunmu’s had matured greatly, after his father’s incident, his personality had been greatly transformed.

He lightly swept his eyes to see the expressions of his fellow classmates, all he saw was pity, sympathy, joy, mockery and those who were laughing at his misfortune. He felt gloomy in his heart but didn’t say anything. Perhaps after finishing school today, their paths would separate and would keep on getting farther and farther apart.

"At least your father is fine......"

Zhang Kai didn’t know what to say at the moment, he could only pat Li Yunmu’s shoulder and sighed deeply.

Soon, the teacher arrived and declared everyone’s result one by one.

There were no surprises, Li Yunmu’s result was only average, it could only be considered as third class grade. Getting this result was completely expected, even after leaving the campus, he could at most attain a mediocre support job, even becoming a low level supervisor was very difficult.

If Li Yunmu’s father hadn’t met with the accident and was still the captain of camp Area C, then perhaps with some money, he could have entered the troops. Maybe he could have saved enough money to buy a dimensional crystal and awaken a trace of flux energy to enter War God troops was also a possibility earlier, but now.....most of his fellow students would keep getting farther and farther away from him.

Because everyone knew his father had been the only survivor, it would be hard to avoid taking responsibility and he would probably be court martialed. Moreover, after losing his two legs, it would basically be impossible for him to turn over new leaf.

"Let’s go, don’t mind them."

Zhang Kai patted Li Yunmu’s shoulders and dragged him outside.

"Wait. Kai, I still want to make the Dragon’s Leap."

Li Yunmu said seriously.

At the same time, an emotion also appeared in his heart, seems like this brother has a pretty good character. After his father’s accident, whatever little savings his family had would disappear, but at least he still has this genuine brother by his side, in this aspect, his life also couldn’t be considered as a failure.

He didn’t require many friends, even if he had only one true friend, this was considered great luck. After experiencing the ups and downs of life, Li Yunmu had clearly realized this.

"Flux Test? What is there to test? It’s not like we don’t understand our own limitations."

Zhang Kai forced a smile.

"I still want to try."

At this moment, Li Yunmu didn’t know how to explain things to his best friend. After all, the events happened in the past few days were quite bizarre, perhaps no one would believe him, even if he told someone the truth.

"Good, even though the result will be the same, going to test is also good, let’s go, I will accompany you."

Under the astonished gaze of all his classmates, both of them walked towards the Alliance’s office in the high school. Today, the commissioner from the Alliance, who was in charge of handling the Flux Test, was over there.

It was estimated that from the fifteen classes that were graduating this year, there were only a hundred students at most that would participate in the Flux Test because the Lucky Wind City was only a poor small town, there weren’t that many formidable or truly wealthy people living here.

For the ordinary people, most of them knew themselves well, so why would they go there and make a joke of themselves? This year was also the same, the number of people that would be selected would be very little.

"Quickly look! Li Yunmu is going to make the Dragon’s Leap? Heavens, am I seeing things? Since when did he start having signs of flux energy awakening?"

"Haha, he isn’t even worried about losing face just to create trouble. Do you really believe him? I would say that his father’s matter must have completely driven him into the corner."

"Haha, he thinks that the Dragon’s Leap is a walk in the park, that anyone who wants to make the leap can make the leap."

Most of his fellow students kept on mocking him as the most important thing for a people was know their limits.

Despite saying all this, when everyone realized that Li Yunmu was still determined to go and make a fool out of himself, a small group of people started following behind him as they all wanted to see the final outcome of his test.

Both of them walked slowly towards the Alliance’s office where the awakening test had already begun.

"Hey, isn’t that Li Yunmu? Don’t tell me that you have also come to participate in the Flux Test today? Haha, what a great joke!"

Once he entered, a familiar face sneered at him.

According to Li Yunmu’s memory, this person’s name was Qian Fei. He was the son of one of the richest families of Lucky Wind City. Apparently, he had also come to take the test today. His family must have spent quite a fortune to obtain a dimensional crystal to help him.

While it might be impossible to let Qian Fei become a proper fluxer with his father’s financial prowess, it was enough to allow Qian Fei to produce a trace of flux energy.

"Mind your own business. Curse your mother, did the Alliance allow only you to take the test?"

Zhang Kai angrily replied.

Li Yunmu didn’t bother with him. Previously, he would have already started a fight with him. Against such a small wealthy family from a small town, there was no need for Li Yunmu to give him any face. In the present situation of the Alliance, their power and prestige fell short of Li Yunmu’s father.

But Li Yunmu didn’t pay any attention to it, that was because it wasn’t necessary, the facts would speak for themselves. After today, he, Li Yunmu, would let all the people of Lucky Wind City know that even though Li Zhongmin had fallen.....his son, Li Yunmu, was still here.

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