Shadow Hack

Chapter 40: Tang Ruochen Also Gets Cut Down
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Chapter 40: Tang Ruochen Also Gets Cut Down

Translator: Mercurial Editor: TheRealSeal

"Interesting, then let me see why an Ordinary Crystal Flux Disciple like you dares to be arrogant enough to challenge me! Come pay with your life."

Even if Tang Ruochen had the best temper but after being treated contemptuously by a newcomer rookie, he immediately unleashed his devil step technique fully and rushed towards Li Yunmu swiftly like a bird.

"Welcome to the party, I have always despised pretty little boys like you and since that guy isn’t here today, then I will break your face first."

Li Yunmu laughed with battle intent surging forth from his entire body.

Also, it was unknown whether the strength that he had been concealing all along could truly be considered powerful or not. When Li Yunmu used the assumed name Li Yun today, the restriction of being extremely cautious, which had been binding him from the start was like a bomb going to explode now.

After losing all the apprehensions and restrictions, Li Yunmu was like a terrifyingly sharp treasured blade that was ready to show off its ability in front of everyone. At this moment, even Tang Ruochen, who was confronting him, was forced to stop facing his overflowing battle intent. Tang Ruochen found it very hard to believe that this was just an ordinary newcomer rookie.

"Devil 18 steps."

After receiving Li Yunmu’s provocation, Tang Ruochen’s swift figure once again moved quickly and made soft depressions in the desert sand, which didn’t seem to offer any resistance.

"Devil Steps?"

Clearly, Tang Ruochen was using a very high-grade foot technique. According to Li Yunmu’s observation, it was at least a B Grade or higher flux movement technique. However, since the enemy had used devil step, then why couldn’t he use his Insect Step?

Next instant, without any intention of backing down, his whole figure ferociously rushed on the sand like a high-speed war chariot towards Tang Ruochen and knocked into him.

At this instant, Li Yunmu had completely unleashed his second level Insect Step. He was like a peaceful beetle thundering along the whole time, stepping on the grains of sand.

However, when a genuinely powerful spectator tried to comprehend the footwork used by Li Yunmu, he couldn’t help but take a deep breath, thinking what on the earth was this movement technique.

Under careful observation, Li Yunmu charging with heavy steps made a rumbling sound on the soft sand, which seemed like it would cave in at any time if heavily stepped upon, but Li Yunmu didn’t seem to be slowing down in the slightest.

When the spectator inspected more carefully for a split second, both of Li Yunmu’s legs appeared to have transformed into countless long limbs which were vibrating at an extremely terrifying frequency.

When he fully unleashed his second level Insect Step to the pinnacle, this time, even some female fans sensed that the lofty figure charging opposite to their Chenchen wasn’t rushing in an ordinary manner, but rather, was pausing and then intermittently dashing forward.

One instant, his figure was where he was originally standing. The next second, he had already dashed several meters in front. While people were wiping their eyes to make sure they weren’t hallucinating, he had already made a series of frontal dashes and surprisingly knocked against Tang Ruochen who was swiftly rushing towards him.


A muffled sound echoed, both of them simultaneously launched a punch towards each other. The silhouette that was originally dashing towards the front, returned back even more quickly.

However, Tang Ruochen, who hadn’t moved half a step from his original position, let out an incomplete muffled groan. The 18 Devil Steps had been forcibly broken by the opponent in one punch.

This instant, Tang Ruochen’s heart was filled with a sensation of imminent peril. Only he knew that just now when the two of them firmly matched their punches, the outcome wasn’t the one he had expected, rather, the enemy had erupted out with that terrifying flux steps and forcibly cut in his path, forcing him to confront that punch.

Moreover, because of this punch, his 18 Devil Steps had been interrupted and he was forced to suddenly stop just when he had just started to accelerate. What shocked him even more was that his fist was still numb from the impact.

Even though he was already a silver crystal fluxer and had opened the flux points in his arms three times, after receiving a punch bundled with a layer of thick flux energy, he was still feeling a burning pain.

What kind fist technique has the enemy practiced? How could his fist be so robust?

However.....without waiting for Tang Ruochen’s shock to pass, Li Yunmu who had been thrown back by the explosive power of the fist, landed stably on the ground as if he hadn’t suffered any injuries. Immediately, with scuttling steps, he dashed forwards like a tyrannical huge crab and horizontally sidestepped to Tang Ruochen’s left side.

"Cricket Cut Kick..."

Li Yunmu grabbed the opportunity of that instant when the opponent was distracted and ferociously advanced towards the enemy’s kneecap, but when his kick landed, it was completely ineffective because the flux energy in enemy’s knee flux point was roused.

Next instant, Li Yunmu’s figure flashed again and without slowing in the slightest, had already moved to enemy’s back and launched another powerful cut kick, this time, his target was to injure Tang Ruochen’s back heel. Li Yunmu was absolutely clear that at the position of the leg heel, there certainly wasn’t any flux point.

And even if there was, then with a cultivation of Silver Crystal Flux Disciple, the enemy certainly hasn’t opened this flux point.

But by this time, Tang Ruochen had completely sobered up and managed to respond. Instantly, he unleashed the Devil Step and rushed away at that crucial moment, trying to dodge.

"Devil Dragon Tyrant Fist...."

Subconsciously, Tang Ruochen had already started fighting seriously and used the fist technique which had made his family famous.

"Arrow Evasion Step."

Instantly, Li Yunmu sensed his temples fiercely jump, feeling the danger.

Li Yunmu was absolutely clear that if his head eats that punch, then even if it was protected by his integrated three-layered defense, he would probably still be injured by the flux energy shockwaves released by the enemy’s terrifying punch.

It had to be said that Tang Ruochen, as one of the candidates chosen by Heavenly Cloud City to enter the top ten most powerful, really had formidable battle strength and was even tougher and fiercer than Luo Jin.

If Luo Jin could be said to barely gain the last place among the current top ten most powerful contestants, then this Tang Ruochen would certainly enter the top three. He had actually revealed a flux cultivation battle skill that really was too formidable.

So formidable that if Li Yunmu had been hit in a vital point like his head, he didn’t have the assurance that he could endure it.

Arrow Evasion Advanced Judgement Skill comprehended to the fourth layer had become enormously important for Li Yunmu at this instant. Soon, Tang Ruochen’s fist gushing with terrifying silver coloured energy attacked. Li Yunmu first faintly sidestepped using Arrow Evasion Step, then madly used Insect Step to crazily dodge and retreat. In the end, he was surprisingly successful in dodging it.

"Holy Sh*t, how is this possible? He dodged the Tang family’s Devil Dragon Tyrant Fist."

"Impossible, doesn’t he only have the strength of an Ordinary Crystal Flux Disciple?"

"Good strength, eat my blade now."

After dodging this oppressive and fierce fist, Li Yunmu’s anger overflowed, "Ding" sound echoed and he finally used this chance and started using Violent Blade with his battle intent surging violently.

At this moment, if Ling Shuang had been here, she would have certainly understood that Li Yunmu’s Violent Blade must not be received cleanly and his rythm must be broken, otherwise, if he could execute it properly, then each of his subsequent strikes would become even more terrifying than the last for the next eight strikes. But Tang Ruochen didn’t know about the hegemony of Violent Blade and soon became ready to receive his blade.

He coldly snorted and raised his hands in a cross-shaped pattern in front of his chest. That’s right, he surprisingly wanted to use just his hands to forcibly resist Violent Blade. However, none of the spectators were surprised because the majority of Tang Ruochen’s battle strength was concentrated in his hands. He had repeatedly strengthened the flux points in his arms and because of this, his arm and fist skills had become extremely terrifying. Otherwise, when he previously matched fists with Li Yunmu, it wouldn’t have resulted in a simple pain in his hands.

"Cross-Shaped Arms Tyrannical Skill."

"Heavens, when did Chenchen train in the Cross-Shaped Arms Tyrannical Skill."

Many Spectators outside the stage were astonished.

"But where has this Li Yun come from, he was surprisingly able to force Chenchen to use his trump card, this battle is extremely fierce."

Cross-Shaped Arms Tyrannical Skill, this was one hegemonic and stable resistance skill, but like its name, it was difficult to practice. The training of this skill is mainly focused on arms, it requires for arms to be passed through a large amount of medicaments and hard training, this training continues until the arms reach a certain level of toughness, moreover, repeatedly strengthening all flux points in his arms was another requirement. The final requirement was that the person must have the perception and comprehension to understand the essence of this battle skill.

Strictly speaking, this was a considerably formidable battle skill which uses both arms to resist, but it was not purely a resistance skill, behind the resistance was the extremely terrifying amount of energy in his hands, if the user could resist the enemy’s attack using Cross Shaped Arms Tyrannical Skill, then the attacker would next face resistor’s even more formidable and fierce attack formed from the energy stored up during defense.

If someone experienced has complete understanding towards this battle skill, then he would certainly not attack Tang Ruochen. Unless someone has absolute confidence, no one would give him the opportunity to store energy.

But Li Yunmu was a complete newcomer, how could he know such a secret detail. Furthermore, he was filled with aggressive and indestructible confidence towards his second layer Violent Blade and would never withdraw.

"Peng." sound echoed, Li Yunmu landed the first strike of the twelve continuous strikes of Violent Blade on Tang Ruochen’s arms. The backlash of the attack from opponent’s majestic strength nearly caused Li Yunmu to lose the blade because of the sudden and violent shock in his both arms where he hadn’t opened any flux points.

Nothing could be done here, this was the enormous difference between outcomes due to the difference in strength, but fortunately, Violent Blade’s strength increased slowly, finally, he wasn’t interrupted and moved onto next strike.

"Second slash!"

When Li Yunmu once again continued to use Violent Blade’s twelve consecutive strikes, this time the resistor Tang Ruochen was thoroughly frightened by the unknown challenger confronting him!

Only he had realized how much pain both his arms were suffering because of forcibly resisting enemy’s thunderous chop. Li Yunmu continued executing Violent Blade with each blade heavier than the last and each strike faster than the last and had completed the eighth strike.

Tang Ruochen could already sense that he would soon be unable to resist. Even if the Cross-Shaped Arms Tyrannical Skill was formidable, he was still being pushed back step by step by the enemy’s formidable chops with each blade becoming increasingly more stronger.

"Ninth strike..."

Li Yunmu quickly moved like wild electricity and chopped down his ninth strike.


Tang Ruochen finally coughed up blood from his mouth, but relying on his tenacious and sturdy battle strength, he had blocked Violent Blade’s first layer attacks.

However, he also deserved to be out of luck, because at this moment, Li Yunmu was not the same as he was one day ago when he could execute only nine strikes rather than the current twelve strikes. Among the last three strikes, each strike was much stronger compared to previous nine strikes.

"Tenth strike."

Silver coloured strength aura erupted out from Tang Ruochen’s whole body. This was the final boost in strength with nothing in reserve, however, the tenth strike was more ferocious compared to ninth strike, the Cross-Shaped Arms Tyrannical Skill, which had been defending him until now, was smashed by this strike which created a nick in his defense.

"Eleventh strike."

Li Yunmu coldly gazed at the opponent and chopped down the eleventh strike of the Violent Blade. Next instant, under the dazzling edge of the blade, Tang Ruochen’s whole body was chopped into two parts and the audience had gone quiet.

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