Shadow Hack

Chapter 33: Not Human
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Chapter 33: Not Human

Translator: Mercurial Editor: TheRealSeal

The strategy of this battle squad could be roughly divided into three steps, first was to use infrared life detection systems to probe the dwarf witch guards hidden within the Mountain Ridge forest, then quietly getting rid of these guards.

Afterwards, consecutively attacking the small patrol squads in the surroundings by using despicable sneak attacks. When sufficient amount of dwarf witches of a tribe have been killed, only then would they brazenly launch an attack towards that dwarf witch tribe.

During the whole afternoon, everyone followed these three tactics, fighting from place to place within a radius of 10 miles in the surroundings and easily exterminated more than ten dwarf witch monster tribes in the surroundings.

Although the amount they had killed didn’t reach a thousand, it should still reach six to seven hundred. Even more frightening was the fact that before the energy of the silver base equipment was used up, they could continue to fight with high intensity for eight hours without rest. Therefore, while everyone was excitedly shouting, they had no idea that because of this weak squad, Lucky Wind City’s position has surprisingly maintained its position within top 70 from the start.

Ling Shuang had been silent the whole time. Although she said she wouldn’t do anything unless a monster at the black crystal grade or above appears, but after being in contact with her, everyone became aware that she acted cold but had a warm heart. At some unknown time, the long sword in her hand had already been switched with a radium string battle bow.

Precisely because she had taken up the temporary role of a ranged attacker, Li Yunmu and others could let loose and kill monsters. Whenever any dwarf witch who used poison arrows appeared in their vision, it would be shot down in the first moment by her radium string bow.

The colour of the sky had turned slightly dark at some point in time.

When big bear battle squad was trampling a small scale dwarf witch tribe, the sound of system’s notification finally echoed in Li Yunmu’s mind:

[Ding, the update of Supreme Shadow Hack System has been completed, the new update has assimilated the Fifth Dimension’s genuine hack locations.]

[Ding, because the present dimension is too big, the system request the host to personally learn to use the additional radar map function of the system.]

When Li Yunmu finally heard system’s notification, his heart began to thump even more excitedly.

After the current update of the hack system, it contained the genuine hack locations assimilated from the Fifth Dimension. Although it only contained locations within a radius of 1000 km, it was a huge jolt to Li Yunmu’s mind.

"Big Xiong, we have been hunting for too long, let’s stop killing for today."

Since the system’s update was already complete, Li Yunmu also wasn’t in the mood to act as the meat shield anymore. Although using the Violent Blade felt extremely good, he still presently he attached more value to the hack machine.

"No problem, our silver base equipment’s energy is also more or less consumed. Just in time for us to set up a campsite to rest and recharge."

Big Xiong and other promptly stopped the hunt.

Five of them found a comparatively safe peak and released the fort type 3 battlefield tent.

Fort type 3 battlefield tent was taken out from the storage badge. Initially, it looked like a large stone fortress formed of liquid metal, but when four-eyed brother thin activated it, it swelled as if filled with a large amount of gas.

Within a few minutes, it had successfully changed into a completely sealed metal fortress. This tent could endure the simultaneous full strength attacks of three silver crystal grade dimensional beasts, sufficient to protect them at this Great Lamu River Basin.

Apart from this, with its outstanding defense, this battlefield fortress also had thirty-six automatic warning and defensive orbs.

Thirty-six automatic warning and defensive orbs, once activated, took their positions automatically. Twelve of them stopped over the battlefield tent in the air, another twelve were distributed in the surroundings of the battlefield tent and the final twelve drilled into the ground surrounding the battlefield tent.

Sky, ground and underground, altogether, the protective orbs were deployed in all three dimensions. Everything in surroundings of the battlefield tent whether in sky or underground in every direction were included in the first warning list, instantly forming an inescapable net such that even a small mosquito could not hide from warning orb’s protection.

When the entire alert and guard system had been activated, Li Yunmu discovered that all the protective orbs were emitting a bluish light. With each orb acting as a node, they had formed a blue net which enveloped the entire fortress from air to ground in all directions.

Li Yunmu clearly understood that apart from alerting, this blue net also possesses the ability to discern the flux power strength of the intruder. He couldn’t help but think that the Alliance’s present security and warning technology targeted towards the dimensional world’s wilderness had already advanced to an astonishing level.

"Haha, security just to guard against the unexpected, but still, for tonight, crooked teeth you are on sentry duty, the others will go and get a good rest."

Big Xiong fully displayed his authority as squad leader and directly arranged for crooked teeth Qiang to act as the night sentry. The miserable crooked teeth Qiang was completely betrayed by big Xiong, who called both his role as tracker and his contribution to the squad as the least.

Originally, these odd jobs were going to fall on Li Yunmu, but after Li Yunmu displayed his military might today, who would dare to consider him as useless, thus, these odd jobs were obviously given to crooked teeth Qiang.

When the camp had been properly installed with all the security traps in place, darkness had completely covered the sky.

Their evening meal was a horned luo swine beast, with a healthy body of wild boar and sharp pointed horns, its weight reached a thousand tons. It was the most abundant beast in the vicinity of the dwarf witch race and was just the perfect choice to roast and eat as dinner.

With the plentiful barbeque as well as the drinks they had bought, this meal was simply delicious.

However, everyone’s mind was somewhere else, waiting for the time to count the harvests of their battle squad.

Everyone took out their big bear battle squad’s star information marker, which recorded the information about the number of monsters they killed and general trends. It was convenient for both the fluxers and Cloud City Castle, as the battle squad members could see the amount of monster they hunted and this information could also be transmitted to Cloud Castle as statistical data.

This battle squad’s star information marker also had a tracking ability apart from recording information about the type and number of monsters killed by the battle squad. If the battle squads travelling in wilderness encountered a critical emergency, they could send the signal for help and wait for the guild to rescue them.

Thus, this star formation marker was an extremely important locater, every member of the battle squad was handed one, Li Yunmu also wasn’t an exception.

But after lightly going through battle squad’s recorded information, Li Yunmu didn’t look so good and once he saw his own information, he almost jumped with fright.

Today the members of the battle squad have killed 756 dwarf witches in total, apart from this, they had also killed 38 general crystal dimensional beast.

Among this, he alone had killed 210 beasts and occupied the first place in the squad in the chart of killing monsters. Coming in next was Ling Shuang, Ling Shuang had killed 180 poison arrow dwarf witches as a ranged attacker and was at second place.

Ranked third was the terminator big Xiong, relying on his flux power infused machine gun, he had launched a wave of horrendous bombardment on the dwarf witches while hiding behind the front line. He had ruthlessly killed 150 dwarf witches.

Four-eyed brother thin and crooked teeth Qiang occupied the fourth and the fifth place respectively.

"Dang, little Mu, are you still human? That wild blade of yours is also extremely fierce, even with my terminator machine gun, I couldn’t catch up to you!!"

Big Xiong complexion dampened. He had become completely depressed.

If they had fallen behind Ling Shuang that was still acceptable, after all, she was a Black Crystal Flux Disciple, moreover, she also had many formidable battle skills.

But what about Li Yunmu? Only relying on one war blade, he, who was considered as a frontline meat shield, had surprisingly obtained the first place in the whole battle squad in killing monsters?

But this wasn’t enough to shock them. When the idiot trio moved forward to check the team contribution percentage data, this time, even Ling Shuang became slightly despondent.

Li Yunmu, number one in battle squad contribution notice, contribution at frontline 90 points, contribution in monsters killed 28 points, assistance contribution 6 points, overall score 43 points!

Altogether, the battle squad only had 100 battle contribution points. He, a frontline meat shield, had obtained 43 points. In other words, he had a 43% contribution rate in the whole squad. Oh my god, this data was too exaggerated, it should be bogus, right?

Big Xiong and others refreshed the battle contribution data several times, they didn’t dare to believe that this was real. Damn it, would he or would he not allow them to even live?

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