Shadow Hack

Chapter 12: Extreme Defense
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Chapter 12: Extreme Defense

Translator: Mercurial Editor: TheRealSeal

Thousand cuts Thirty-Six forms, Li Yunmu dodged 3 stabs by relying on his battle instinct and evaded 2 more stabs with the Arrow Evasion Step Skill, but his resistance ended there.

That girl had clearly grasped a very high-grade battle skill. In this Thousand cuts Thirty-Six forms, each stab was progressively stronger and quicker compared to the previous one, even though she had now produced only 13 stabs with her full strength.

And in the next moment, Li Yunmu’s body was pierced by 8 stabs, with each more formidable than the last. The whole process lasted less than two seconds.

13 blades stabbing within two seconds, let alone their strength, they were even 2 to 3 times faster than Li Yunmu’s stabs.

"This is an offensive battle skill? Is this the flux energy battle skill of this world, created by improving upon ancient martial arts?

"Too strong!"

At this instant, Li Yunmu understood that awakening flux energy to become a Flux Disciple was only the beginning, his future path was much much longer.

*Ding* *Ding* *Ding* *Ding* *Ding* *Ding* *Ding* *Ding* ....

8 successive stabs pierced through his body like torrential rain. Just when Li Yunmu thought that he had lost, he surprisingly discovered that even after taking on the attack of the opponent, he was still standing?

Oh? He was indeed still standing!

"Ha ha ha, I’m fine? Only my stomach hurts a little...."

Li Yunmu managed to laugh. But while he was in a daze, he realized something.

From the start, the damage reduction ability of the Admiralty Cover was too heaven-defying.

With the ability points that he had earned these past few days by killing monsters unceasingly, Li Yunmu had already upgraded the Admiralty Cover to the fourth level. With the Admiralty Cover reducing damage taken by 34 percent, he had only suffered 66 percent of the damage from the opponent’s hurricane attack.

In other words, within a split second, the strength of opponent’s attack had been weakened by almost a third. Moreover, Li Yunmu had chosen the chainmail defense suit, which provides great defense.

Oh gosh, this time, Li Yunmu discovered that when the cultivation method, Admiralty Cover, joined together with the defensive suit, it simply took his defense to a whole new pinnacle.

This type of peak defensive power simply didn’t have a match because the protective effect of both of them was not simply added upon one another, rather, the effect was multiplied.

It was indeed worthy of being called the ancient time’s first-rate defensive cultivation method!

"How is this possible?"

Her rookie opponent should have fallen a long time ago, who could have thought that after receiving 8 of her stabs, none of which could be treated as a joke, he would be able to stand up and laugh like a madman.

The girl was startled and fury soon appeared on her good-looking face. She decided to use the Thousand cuts Thirty-Six forms against Li Yunmu again.

But the outcome completely stunned her, this time, her opponent neither dodged nor did he avoid it. He directly received all 13 stabs and then, this repulsive person began to laugh savagely again.

By now, this girl understood the situation clearly. As it turned out, the dimensional battlefield didn’t make a mistake when matching. Rather, this person’s body was extremely frightening, he even had a defensive cultivation method which she had never seen before. This would explain the reason why the dimensional battlefield had matched this ordinary fluxer as her opponent.

"Girl, you tired? It’s my turn now."

After failing to break opponent’s defense twice, this time, her opponent threw back the same words which she had previously used to taunt him.

Chu Qingyu’s mood had never been so vile before. Even a rookie fluxer was taking liberties with her?

What made her even more enraged was that, after that, Li Yunmu raised up his blade and shouted her family’s famous battle skill.

"Thousand cuts Thirty-Six forms....."

Li Yunmu burst out laughing. Imitating the girl’s actions, in a moment, he advanced forward and stabbed her continuously with one stab quicker than last.

But how could his blade skills be as swift as his opponent, he was just recklessly slashing with all his might. However, the outcome startled everyone on the dimensional battlefield.

"How is this possible?! How can Chu Qingyu lose to this youngster! What is going on? Isn’t this too ridiculous?"

"It’s over, little Yu is going to be so angry. But who is this youngster, his defensive cultivation method is so formidable-ah."

Two of Chu Qingyu’s sisters had also come to the dimensional battlefield to spectate the match, but they hadn’t expected that this dimensional battle would be so unreasonable and weird.

When Chu Qingyu had unleashed all of her attacks, everyone discovered that she was unable to break Li Yunmu’s defense. After that, everyone could anticipate the outcome.

The fight lasted 37 minutes. Finally, when Li Yunmu chased after her without caring about the others present, it was more than the girl could bear and for the first time, she had to admit to something which she felt lost her all of her face, defeat!

[Ding, you have defeated your opponent. You have absorbed 76 space element points from your opponent.]

[Ding, your Arrow Evasion Step Skill’s proficiency had increased by 13 points. To upgrade to the next level, you still need 87 proficiency points.]

[Ding, within the dimensional battlefield, you have comprehended the basic level of ‘Violent Blade’ Offensive Skill...]

When Chu Qingyu took the initiative to admit defeat in a fit of fury, Li Yunmu finally heard a series of notifications from the system informing him about his gains.

"I have surprisingly absorbed so many space element points?"

Li Yunmu sucked in a deep breath, both of his eyes opened widely.

Previously, when he fought against his first opponent and defeated him with great difficulty, he had only received 3 space element points. But now, after defeating this little girl, he had surprisingly absorbed 76 space element points? What was going on?

What surprised him even more was that not only did the proficiency of his Arrow Evasion Step skill increase from this match, he had also comprehended the Violent Blade Offensive Skill?

Bliss, this was really blissful.

"Humph, I will remember you. Next time when we meet, I, Chu Qingyu, will definitely destroy that tortoise shell of yours, I......"

The little girl was furious but before she could complete her rant, she discovered that her opponent didn’t pay any attention to her ridicule and walked away from the scene, completely ignoring her.

"Li Yunmu...."

That girl stood in place gnashing her teeth, then swiftly walked away.


After retreating from the battlefield for the second time, Li Yunmu consolidated the two gains from this time’s battle, when he suddenly discovered that this dimensional battlefield was made for him, it was simply a great bliss! In just two fights, he had gained great harvests.

With just thought, his personal information appeared within his mind. As expected, the stats in his personal information had increased.

Host: Li Yunmu

Rank: Flux Disciple

Cultivation Method: A Grade Admiralty Cover (fourth level)

Battle Skill: Arrow Evasion Step Evasive Skill (basic stage), Violent Blade Offensive Skill (basic stage).

Experience points: 36 points

Ability points: 29 points

Space Element: 79 points


The above mentioned was Li Yunmu’s current stats. It has to be said that his foundation was getting stronger and stronger.

As for that girl’s final threat, he didn’t care about it. the time they meet again, this elder brother’s Admiralty Cover would have been upgraded by who knows how many levels.

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