Shadow Hack

Chapter 10: Dimensional Store
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Chapter 10: Dimensional Store

Translator: Mercurial Editor: TheRealSeal

"Dimensional battlefield!"

Li Yunmu had heard about it countless times from other people. Every time his father spoke of it, it would make Li Yunmu’s blood boil.

Previously, every time he heard about this, it always felt like hearing a myth within a legend. The main character and others within the tale, everything seemed so far from him, so far that he couldn’t even touch it, but now, he had personally entered this mythical world, moreover, he himself could become one of the protagonists.

It had to be said, the dimensional battlefield within the Virtual Dimension World was considered a sacred temple in the hearts of all common people of Zhong Continent. All the people wanted to personally come and participate in it, even if just as a spectator and take a look.

As the name implied, the dimensional battlefield was a virtual battle system closest to reality. Every person’s virtual avatar is bound with the real strength data and can thus fight as if they were the avatar itself.

Here, all the Flux Disciples could abandon all apprehensions and fight recklessly. After engaging in one fight after another, they could temper themselves and increase their strength.

Thinking up till here, Li Yunmu became lost in the fight between the two fighters on the big screen. For him, all this excitement had been too far away.

"Presently, I have awakened flux energy completely, but what would be my level in this dimensional battlefield?"

An urge rose within Li Yunmu’s heart.

Next instant, using the Flux Disciple badge, he entered within the dimensional battlefield.

"Strength detection, enter Flux Disciple. Personal accomplishments: none; Combat skills: none; Bloodlines possessed: none; Affiliation with fighting team: none. You have entered the virtual battlefield first time, the system requests that you choose a training battlefield according to your requirements."

Without a doubt, he was a complete rookie here, the core found out all information related to Li Yunmu’s avatar.

Li Yunmu quickly received all the paths to enter the dimensional battlefield; low density of low-level monsters environment; medium density of low-level monsters environment; high density of low-level monsters environment; ocean battlefield with low-level monsters. Apart from this, there was still a list of choices of battle matches compatible with personal battles.

Without hesitation, Li Yunmu chose a battle match battlefield with monsters. He had already been practicing killing monsters with the hack system, but after becoming a Flux Disciple, he hadn’t genuinely battled with someone similar to him.

Matched successfully.


Next moment, Li Yunmu randomly appeared in a tropical rain forest. Once he inspected his surroundings, he seemed to be on a jungle island with a diameter of one kilometer.

The matched enemy couldn’t be seen anywhere. A small blade had randomly appeared in Li Yunmu’s hand. After he completed his preparations, he entered deep into the jungle; suddenly, a sharp arrow revealed itself, rushing towards him with frightening strength.

"Youngster, aren’t you a rookie? Haha, how brave of you to dare come to battle, just wait quietly to be crushed."

The same time as the arrow arrived, a sinister laugh came from the jungle.


However, when Li Yunmu, this complete rookie, saw that this arrow was going to pierce through his skull, his body instinctively leaned and dodged the deadly arrow.

Li Yunmu stayed foolishly at the same place after dodging. Clearly, he hadn’t expected this situation as he believed that he would have been killed by the opponent’s sneak attack.

Only then did he realize that his body had responded instinctively.

"Could it be that these past few days, while risking my life and blood to kill monsters using the system, I have subconsciously developed some kind of battle instinct?"

Thinking about this, Li Yunmu’s confidence was greatly boosted. He began listening to his surroundings with rapt attention like when he was controlling the shadow in the neighbourhood lawn, calmly listening to any sound of activity within the grass, removing all distracting thoughts.

"I found you."

Li Yunmu smirked and within an instant, his whole body like a tank and charged towards the location where the enemy was hidden.


An arrow was shot towards again him. But Li Yunmu who was prepared this time instantly decided on how to dodge it.

*Xiu* *Xiu* *Xiu* ....

While he was charging, the enemy successively changed locations a few times and fired multiple arrows. The final arrow was even covered with flux energy, the arrowhead radiated a pitch black ray, the strength was even more formidable. But after experiencing the attack of the enemy several times, even if it was a formidable flux energy arrow, it was still in vain as the arrow missed.

Li Yunmu dodged left and turned right, he was still charging directly, but it carried a unique and profound rhythm, dodging enemy’s arrows one after another.

"You lose, rookie."

Li Yunmu put the blade to the enemy’s neck.

Both of them could see the matched enemy’s basic information. Li Yunmu became aware that the other party was also a new Flux Disciple, but how did the enemy move with such dominance? Could it be because it was his first time entering the dimensional battlefield, the enemy wanted to belittle him?

"How is it possible? Are you really a rookie who had just entered the dimensional battlefield for the first time?"

The enemy asked with both shock and amazement mingled in his voice.


Li Yunmu didn’t reply back, he just slashed down the blade without much thinking. The enemy avatar lost support and shattered, gradually disappearing.

Within the dimness, not knowing whether it was real or an illusion, Li Yunmu kept looking at the enemy’s disappearing image, it shattered into several light granules and entered into his body.

[Ding, you have defeated the enemy in the Virtual Dimension World, you have absorbed 3 space element points from the enemy’s body.....]

[Ding, host has comprehended the initial level of Arrow Evasion Step evasive foundation skill during the fight just now, you are at the first stage of Arrow Evasion Step evasive skill, which is classified as an independent skill, if the host wants to increase the proficiency of Arrow Evasion Step skill, then he would be required to practice by himself.]

Li Yunmu turned lifeless, he was certain that these two system beeps were not from the core system of the Virtual Dimension World, but from the Super Shadow Hack System.

"System, what is this space element? Why can I absorb the space element from the enemy by defeating them? Furthermore, what is this Arrow Evasion Step skill?"

Li Yunmu was a little agitated at this moment.

It should be known that this was the first time system had introduced it. After using the hack system for so many days, he believed that there were only experience points and ability points.

[Space element is source power from the nucleus of the space dimension, its full name would be space essence element force. After the host defeats or perhaps kills an enemy possessing elemental space energy, then a portion of space element would be absorbed into the host’s body. The higher the opponent’s space element strength, the greater the amount of space element will be absorbed....]

The system promptly replied.

"Cough cough, system can you explain in human words."

Li Yunmu couldn’t help himself, he really couldn’t understand the complicated words used by the system.

After a moment of silence, system replied again:

[In accordance with the host’s world’s understanding, the host only needs to defeat fluxers which would allow the host to absorb a particular amount of flux energy essence from them.]

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