Seized by the System

Chapter 40: Difficult Mission Director Mo
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Chapter 40: Difficult Mission Director Mo

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

The human-faced spider was indeed no more, for because Fang Ning was looking at the notifications that popped up.

[ The System was equipped with the mantra of internal strength –”Flame Dragon Mantra” and was in True Dragon Mode. “Flame Dragon Mantra” temporarily evolved into “Flame Dragon Celestial Arts”.

The System used Esoteric Skill: “Flame Dragon’s Breath”.

The System attacked the Lord of Seven Emotions’ Human-Faced Reckless Ghost.

Human-Faced Reckless Ghost suffered an attack of the Yang Attribute, multiplied by the True Dragon’s Celestial Aura. Morality attack was fatal.

Defense ignored! Crit! Super Critical Attack! Killing Attack!

Human-Faced Reckless Ghost is dead.

The System used Esoteric Skill: “Flame Dragon Devours The Sky”!

The System attacked Lord of Seven Emotion’s true body.

Lord of Seven Emotions suffered an attack of the Yang Attribute, multiplied by the True Dragon’s Celestial. Morality attack was fatal, attack engulfed completely!

Lord of Seven Emotions was swallowed by the Flame Dragon.

The System eliminated an enormous threat to the local citizens.

The System obtained a massive amount of Heroic Fame, Reputation Module officially unlocked. Current state: reputation improved by one segment. Buffs obtained: 1, Morality Bar increased by one, currently equipped with two Morality Bars; 2, Active Skill “Deterrence” Primary level learned, all enemies of the System will suffer different levels of inhibition depending on mental strength and determination.

The System obtained a massive amount of Morality, first level and second level Morality Bars replenished to full amount. ]

After reading the long wall of notifications, Fang Ning was both shocked and elated. It was no wonder the System didn’t want to switch places for farming monsters, once you farmed a place to its limit, it would not only unlock the Reputation Module, but also obtain one more Morality Bar.

As for the power of the Morality Bar, Fang Ning witnessed it just now without suspicion.

He still had one question, though, “So, what’s the situation with that dead spider?”

The System answered, “Thank god you reminded me just now or I would have pummeled it to bits. After I swallowed it and had it deposited at the forge’s storage, a notification on it appeared. It can be used to craft a rare equipment. Remember the Celestial Weapon that we used to lure monsters from before? It’s mere trash with a few extra modifications compared to this rare equipment.”

“No wonder no notifications on experience points appeared. But then your dream of growing 15 levels in one go can’t be fulfilled.”

“Experience points can be farmed, but this equipment is just too rare to miss out.”

“What equipment is it exactly? You keep emphasizing how amazing it is.”

“I can’t tell you its name for now. All you have to know is that once we equip it, our Aggro Bars will be much more bounteous.”

“Does that mean we can stop worrying about not having enough Aggro Bars to use in the future?”

“It’s not unlimited of course. But there is one more possibility: just like when I was fighting just now, you triggered and maintained Fury Mode. We didn’t know about it before, but now that we have some experience dealing with it, you should go and think about it.”

Fang Ning broke out in cold sweat. From the looks of things, he has been tasked with adding buffs during important battles. He could no longer be like before – goofing off by the side, reading novels, playing video games. If Fang Ning was right, with the addition of this battle buff, the important battles in the future would also act as stages for Sir System to be even more dramatic…

“Haha, at any rate, I’ve completed the Aggro Bar task that you gave me before. Where is my Mission Reward?”

What System Reward? Didn’t I cook for you in advance before?”

Fang Ning dismally said, “Then forget about the mission reward. What about my reward for killing the monster this time? I helped out quite a lot.”

“That eunuch author who got split into half is still lying there, he’s not dead yet. Aren’t you into crazy about novels, so go ask for the remaining chapters from him. Other than that one time where you gave me the reminder, you maintained Fury Mode throughout the entire battle; because you contributed so much, I’m giving you an hour of Relief Time. Go get his drafts from him as your reward.”

Fang Ning vomited a mouthful of blood and thought to himself, ‘You inhumane system. The only thing on his mind before he died was to update; now that he’s dead, all you can think of as my reward is his drafts! Shouldn’t you be trying to save him instead? Don’t forget that you’re still in your True Dragon form, so I’m sure you have a way.’

Mo Xing stood next to the dumbfounded author Shao Han, his eyes glazing over, ‘This fellow has just been split into half, and not even sending him to the ER would save him. But after being spit on the entire body by that dragon that Vigilante A had turned into, he started growing back in just a few minutes!

‘This world really has changed!’

He bent down and patted Shao Han on the head, “I said before that this would truly be a difficult mission. I wasn’t wrong, right?”

Shao Han was still slightly dumbfounded, so he answered subconsciously, “Of course. I just received a guillotine-like punishment while on this mission, I almost died.”

“Then if somebody were to ask you about what happened? What would you answer?”

Shao Han didn’t know where the Director was coming from and so he answered tentatively, “I’ll say that a hero turned into a dragon to save me?”

Mo Xing was unsatisfied with the answer. “I heard that you write novels. Who would want to read such a cliché thing? Think again.”

Shao Han suddenly realized it and went, “Oh, I know. Under the amazing leadership of Director Mo, the battle with the monster went on for hours. As the battle drew to a close, we were tired and many were heavily injured, the heavens were moved by our righteousness and sent a True Dragon to kill the monster. The True Dragon was also moved by our struggle and made healing rain pour down on us, which cured our wounds…”

Mo Xing nodded his head in satisfaction before turning his body to roar at the personnel, “Did everyone hear that?! That is the standard answer for today’s mission, memorize it! Vigilante A or dragon transformation or whatever are all fake! Nothing of that sort happened!! They are not to appear in the mission reports!! If they appear in the video recordings, cut them out!”

Hearing his orders, the personnel stood at attention and answered in unison, “Yes, Director!”

Right after they finished, a loud “bang!!” reverberated loudly around them.

Everyone shifted their gaze towards the source of the sound; an unknown object that had fallen from the sky onto the middle of the plaza. It made a crater in the ground, and dust flew up from the impact.

They were all shocked, was this thing sent from the heavens to punish them because the heavens had heard Director Mo not only teaching them to lie but, also teaching them to use heavens’ name in vain?

What was happening? Mo Xing was shocked too. That Vigilante A had returned to his human form and left. He probably wouldn’t return for another hour and a half, if it were a monster they would be in deep trouble!

Thankfully, nothing of that sort happened at all. From amongst the dust cloud a man slowly stood up, his face was swollen, his hair was a mess and he was covered in dirt, but he was expressionless. The sword in his grasp was hard to miss as well. Right after he stood up, he limped over to Mo Xing.

Mo Xing took a while to recognize him, but when he did, he relaxed and asked tentatively, “Relentless Swordsman Xue Feng?”

Xue Feng slowly padded over before asking, “Where is the monster?”

“It has been dealt with.”

“Oh, then I’ll leave now.”

“I bid you a safe trip.”

Xue Feng took a few steps before suddenly turning back around.

Mo Xing was shocked. Did he see something?”

Instead, Xue Feng questioned, “Who is Vigilante A?”

Mo Xing answered immediately, “It’s the nickname of an awakened individual with martial arts prowess from our city. Your Truth Department’s ‘God’s Gaze’ Hai Cheng gave him an F for his power level. He’s nothing out of the ordinary.”

Xue Feng nodded his head. It seemed that he trusted ‘God’s Gaze’ Hai Cheng, as he limped away without saying anything else.

‘He had quite a fall’, thought Mo Xing to himself while he dabbed at his sweat.

After the monster was dealt with, he was busy with the mission report. He was also shocked at Shao Han’s miraculous recovery, which was nothing short of a miracle. He must’ve forgotten to inform the Truth Department that the cleanup mission was done, so Relentless Swordsman must’ve jumped from a jet.

Thankfully, at least it was Relentless Swordsman they had met. His intelligence wasn’t all that great. If it were anybody else from the Truth Department’s mobile operations team, they might’ve easily seen through the whole situation and then things wouldn’t be finished with so easily.

Mo Xing’s orders to his personnel weren’t solely out of personal greed, he would still credit the monster’s defeat to the True Dragon in his report.

What was more important was just how fast his heart had changed. He originally thought that Vigilante A wouldn’t be able to make it, and had wanted to abandon him before the battle started. Today made him realize that the good life of picking up corpses after Vigilante A could be continued…

As long as nobody came to snatch Vigilante A from him.

He thought of it like this – screw reputation or whatever it was; his first clean up operation had already ended like this, everything that could be messed up had been messed up, but as long as he maintained Qi City’s model city status, he would still be able to rise to the top.

The nickname “Difficult Mission Director Mo” was just because he had good leadership and was good at delegating his people without any sacrifices…

Truth Department’s headquarters somewhere in the north.

“Elder Xu, there was a sudden explosion of extreme power in Qi City just now. It was extremely overpowering and overbearing, and entirely different from the data of the aliens that we have in our database. Initial reports have estimated it to be at least above grade A+.

“What?! What could be so powerful? Could it be? Let’s not care about that, what’s the situation with the monster that arrived?”

“Elder Xu, the monster’s aura has disappeared for some time, and it was followed by the disappearance of that extreme power as well. We will have to wait for the reports and video recordings from the Special Affairs Department to check the details.”

“Okay. Immediately start analysis as soon as they send their reports and video recordings over. By the way, what is Relentless Swordsman’s current position?”

“His pilot reported that he had jumped from the jet.”

“When did he jump?”

“After both auras disappeared…”

“He’s still no match for Hai Cheng, he’s not sensitive enough towards power auras. Although his sword is relentless, but his heart is one of justice; it seems that he was sent there pointlessly. When he returns, give him a week off for training and cultivation. When will he pick up sword driving?”

When the flame dragon had appeared, Madam Zhao, who was investigating the reason behind the sudden quitting of her workers at one of Xing Sheng Group’s farms, suddenly paled, before turning towards the general director of Qi City’s city center.

“That’s without a doubt the True Dragon’s aura! How is that possible? The Celestial Dragon Form was still being bred by the country’s citizen’s psychokinesis, it couldn’t have entered the realm so soon, especially in this age, where vitality had just been restored to the land. However, no other creature would have such an aura. Unless somebody knew the skill, and with the massive disaster that had happened, both aspects must have collided and awakened the Celestial Dragon Form. Even if one’s Dragonization Ability was honed to its peak, one must pass through numerous hardships before one could manage to at least become a lizard. The Celestial Dragon Form is the bane of my existence. I have to return at home so that I can figure out just what is going on.”

She of course did not suspect Fang Ning, who was but a mere chef to her. Fang Ning was still far from understanding the complete text, and she had merely taught him the first level of Dragonization; even if he had finished the text, he wouldn’t even be able to turn into a lizard, let alone a dragon.

If that wasn’t the case, how could she guarantee that the other party would let her husband consume the Immortality Pill once they obtained it? Snakes are cold-blooded, so they never completely entrust the success of a matter to human nature.

Right after Madam Zhao finished speaking, her cold gaze swept across the farm once more before she turned to leave.

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