Seized by the System

Chapter 33: It Seems Like It’s Lost
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Chapter 33: It Seems Like It’s Lost

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

At 8 o’clock at night, in the base of Qi City’s Special Affairs Department.

At this moment, the base was undergoing a full martial law. The team members of Special Affairs Department, who were dressed in black suit with sword and badge, were ready to attack. They were standing on a field within the base in a formation. They did not utter a single word, and their expressions looked solemn.

Not long after, the Director of Qi City’s Special Affairs Department, Mo Xing were walking towards these people. Behind him, he was followed by three assistant deputy directors, the College of Engineering Education’s Principal Zhang, as well as some of the students from College of Engineering Education.

It didn’t matter whether it was Mo Xing or the people behind him, all of them had the same solemn expression while they followed behind him with a firm pace. No one made a single noise.

As he arrived in front of the team members from the Special Affairs Department, Mo Xing stood still.

Those students from the College of Engineering Education behind him quickly ran towards the left side of the Special Affairs Department’s team formation as if they had practiced this a many times. Just like the rest, they went in the line and stood still.

Mo Xing straightened his glasses. The light in a distance shone on its surface, and reflected a ray of cold light.

In his eyes, he even revealed a cold and menacing look, “Everyone, you will be carrying out a very tough task today! Among you, there might be a lot of you who won’t be coming back. Or, your bones might not even exist anymore!”

At this moment, no one made a single noise. Everyone was listening attentively.

“Any wars that wish to win must come with sacrifices! No one is excluded! What we’re facing right now is the toughest survival war! Anyone, from the elderly to the youngest ones, and from the terminally ill patients to the newborn babies, must be aware of this sacrifice! It is not for anything else, but only for the living”

Up until this point, he swept a glance across everyone’s expression and stopped with the encouragement. If they did not have strong wills, those who feared sacrifice would have been eliminated from tonight’s mission.

The Truth Department has just sent an emergency notice. The network has estimated the 77th occurrence of the special incidents. There is a powerful species that is extremely good at hiding under camouflage. It is extremely aggressive and has a fierce characteristic. It will arrive at Qi City today at 12 o’clock midnight. This incident would be the first official clean-up task since Qi City’s Special Affairs Department has been set up two years ago!”

Mo Xing’s eyes were cold, “Nobody should underestimate it! Even though there is only one of it, and 123 of us fighting tonight!”

“Its power is different than the guns, cannons, guides, and bombs! In such a densely populated city, any heavy weapons cannot be used. That’s why the weapons you will be using are only the light weapons that are specially made. Furthermore, these special weapons might not even have an effect on it!”

“You might even need to use your own body, or your own life in order to replace the sacrifice of the people. All of you are superpowered individuals. Since you’ve gone through the first stages of cultivation, your vitality and mental strength should be more exuberant compared to laypeople. The attraction to it will also be stronger than laypeople.”

As he got to this point, he suddenly bent down from the waist and bowed in front of everyone.

“I thank all of you, especially those of you who have grasped the extraordinary power, yet you are still not afraid of making sacrifices. And to those superpowered individuals who personally took the initiative to participate in this mission, it is very rare. Once again, the effects of the engineering education are remarkable. After this incident, you will receive an improvement in rating, and you will be able to live freely in this city. You would only need to report your whereabouts regularly.”

After that, he opened his mouth once more and spoke to Principal Zhang, “Principal Zhang, please do say a few words.”

Principal Zhang looked at the people in front of him. Each face was still so young. Many of them had listened to his lectures, he had made their lives difficult for many times. No one had dared to disagree with what he had experienced in his three-piece suit.

However, he did not want to say anything at the moment. He did not want to give a lecture.

Because he knew, that among a lot of them, this might be the very last time he would see them.

Those Superpowered Individuals who willingly participated in this mission did it for the freedom. Maybe some of them would be lucky, but no matter what, since they decided to participant in this action, it shows that they are aware of the sacrifices they are making.

“All of you have to come back.”

Once he said that sentence, it was very hard to continue on.

“Follow the plan. Let’s move!” After Mo Xing said that, he was the first one to leave.

Among everyone, other than elderly Principal Zhang who still stood on the field, everyone else had gone. There were no exceptions.

Principal Zhang looked at the shadows of these people getting further and further away. Despite all the hardships he had experienced in his life, he couldn’t stop his tears from flowing out. He raised his hand up high, firmly waved towards their shadows and muttered, “All of you must come back…”

They had already entered the darkness. It would not be long until voices of the engine starting would come from a distance.

However, Principal Zhang still stood there, not moving. Although it was late autumn and the night winds were cold, he still stood there, watching towards the direction of them leaving…


With one slap from Vigilante A, the thief fainted. Vigilante A shook his head. Ever since he framed a monster the last time, he had been promoted up a level. After that, he would often fall into standby mode. During most of his time, he could only practice in isolation, cultivate his skills, and polish his vital energy.

The System asked, “These monsters get lesser and lesser each day. Why don’t we go through those yellow-ed names?”

Fang Ning was very happily reading his novel. But after hearing about business, he quickly rushed out of it. He was afraid of breaking the net.

Fang Ning, “Alright, we’ll listen to you, sir.”

The System, “Let me look at the System map first. This is not good. It’s too dark and too small. With one look, you can see that it has no experience points. Whereas this, it is bright enough, and the head is big enough. However, that light is not red. It seems like it has not done evil things before. If we farm it, it would drastically lower your chivalrous virtue…”

Fang Ning, “Once you’ve done choosing, then let me know…”

After a while, Sir System was done picking and choosing, “This is the one – his head isn’t big, and the brightness is not too high, but there is yellow mixed in the red, and red mixed with some purple. He must have done something very evil. His experience points isn’t a lot, but at least you would be able to gain quite some chivalrous fame. It is also good to start the reputation module early. When the time comes, you can increase your strength.”

Fang Ning said, “As long as you are happy…”


In a shabby residential building on the East side of Qi City; in a normal room.

The floor was covered with a blood-red color and was outlined a strange octagonal pattern. There were seven edges. Every edge depicted a face, either happy or angry, sad or worried. Seeing it gave people a strange feeling.

At this very moment, there was a man in black robe kneeling in the middle of the seven corners. He had a dagger in his hand that was dripping with blood, and he was reciting something in his mouth…

Vigilante A suddenly appeared behind this man, without making a sound.

However, this man was so focused that he was still reciting, “The shrine of seven emotions, I summon the Lord…”

Whereas Fang Ning was not exposed at all. Everything was entrusted to Sir System to make the decisions.

When Sir System was controlling his body, Vigilante A entered from his window. He was then frightened by the strange atmosphere in the room that he put down the novel he was reading, and hid in the blacksmith’s forge in the System space.

There was no other way. With just one glance, this was a strange ceremony. Furthermore, it was also spiritual. This was one of the species that he was especially afraid of.

After some encouragement, he slowly came out. The world now had indeed become much scarier. If Sir System did not host his body, never again would he come out when the sky was dark.

Sir System did not feel a sense of fear as he was controlling Fang Ning’s body. He did not even look at his surroundings and he did not say a single word while he fluttered behind his opponent. Immediately after, he slapped the man across the top of his head.

The man fell onto the floor with a thump. His brain split open and died without making a mess.

Fang Ning was scared, as well as uncertain, “Well, why didn’t you reveal me before killing this yellowed name monster?”

Only then did the System said, “Oh, when we first came in, you were so frightened that you hid in my blacksmith’s forge. On the System map, that guy’s color was already turning from red to purple… It looked like you were very afraid of this guy. But I find it weird that when we met the snake demon the last time, you were a little more afraid than before. But that snake demon did not even turn red?”

As Fang Ning and Sir System started a conversation, his fear faded, “Nonsense. She just wanted to recruit me. As long as I didn’t agitate her, there won’t be any threat. The guy looked like he wanted to engage in the goods without making an attack – all those easy tricks that made me overthink…”

The System said, “Alright, that wasn’t a lot of experience, but your chivalry reputation did increase a little too much. It is really weird.”


Special Affairs Department base’s field. Standing on the field was Principal Zhang who was currently daydreaming, who originally waited for the return of the attack team.

All the attackers returned, intact in their bodies, after two hours. Other than the sweat on their foreheads, it seemed like not a single hair was missing.

“How did all of you complete your mission so quickly? Wasn’t the monster supposed to arrive at 12 o’clock? Unless it appeared earlier than expected and all of you has killed it?”

Mo Xing was speechless.

The deputy director of Special Affairs Department said, “Principal Zhang, it all went down like that; after we set out for the mission, we rushed to the location given by the Truth Department and were prepared for battle. After waiting for a while, the Truth Department sent out another emergency notice, saying that the strong and cunning killer species could not find the landing coordinates. It would take them at least one week to arrive.”

Principal Zhang said, “That means, that monster is lost…”

Mo Xing shouted, “Retreat! Today’s case is closed!”

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