Seized by the System

Chapter 32: The Orphan is Seized
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Chapter 32: The Orphan is Seized

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

“Xiao Fang, why are you daydreaming? Are you done with what you wanted to say before this?” President Zhao asked.

Just as Fang Ning wanted to make a decision, he heard the System’s voice.

The system prompted, [You are now at the beginning of an important outcome selection phase – please proceed with the selection: one, you suddenly bow your head down onto the ground and say, “Father-In-Law, please take this bow from your son.” You then enter the lives of the powerful snake-demon family. From then onwards, you become the full-time cook in the house, and you get a place to stay with them. The system will then end the mission, and the core will stop operating. However, on the second day, the find out that it was all fake because you can’t even cook. Under the advice of Old Man Zhao and his daughter, you flee the Zhao Family, embarrassed, believing that the snake demon you lied to has sent his men after to kill you; two, you decide to continue on with your obsession to staying at home your whole life. Hence, you decided that you will make a living on your own, having your own freedom so you reject President Zhao’s kindness. The snake demon who thinks he is humiliated would attempt to kill you once more. Even though the fight between the both of you ends with a tie, but, you can no longer be based in the city. All you can do is to throw away the foundation you built here, and flee; three, an episode of the last stages of your chronic procrastination suddenly hit. With such a huge decision, you decide to talk about it tomorrow. If you continue today, you will… Hence, you wrecked your brain and found another reason – if this continues to go on, then you’ll decide when the System has achieved the hundredth level. But here’s a reminder, one of the reasons is that before the girl awakens her type of unique bloodline, she cannot get married. If not, her bloodline will decrease in purity after the awakening.]

Tears filled Ning Fang’s face. He thanked his procrastination, and the severe stage! I, this homebody am not fit to make such agile decisions.

“Xiao Fang, are you daydreaming again? You still have yet to recover?” President Zhao asked.

“No, I am really grateful for President Zhao’s care and kindness. It’s just that I’ve heard some rumors saying that before the bloodline awakening, it is best not to marry anyone. If not, it will cause the purity of the bloodline to decrease. After the awakening, the strength will decrease. I couldn’t hide this information as I thought it would be unfair to your family.”

President Zhao was shocked, “Oh, then I understand. Xiao Fang, you really are an honest and good kid. Thank you for telling me. I will discuss with my wife after this.”


A meal took them a whole day to eat, from morning to night.

In the guest room, President Zhao found his wife leaning on the couch, resting after the meal. Then and there, he told her what had happened.

After Madam Zhao heard the news, all she gave was a faint smile, “Hehe! Husband, it seems like he has passed this last round. Let’s just leave it there for now. We’ll talk more when Yao Yao wakes up.”

President Zhao nodded his head. Thinking about his wife’s table manners just now, he was a bit worried. Hence, he opened his mouth and said, “Madam, although Xiao Fang really is a good kid, but, he is indeed lazy and playful. All he has is his strong culinary ability. Yet, it does not seem like such a rare value. There are so many other talented ones, so why did you choose him? You have not come to a point where you would sell your daughter for your own greediness, am I right?”

“Bastard, how there you talk to your wife like that,” Madam Zhao suddenly jumped up and twisted her husband’s ear.

“It hurts, Madam. I will never dare to do that again. I would never again,” Old Man Zhao begged for forgiveness.

“Humph, if I don’t say this, I fear that you will not be willing to, and because of that, you will ruin my plan. I’ll tell you, the memory in my awaken bloodline tells me that in the next few years, an inheritor would appear. Among those whom we need to take in, we can only accept those with high culinary skills. The level of inheritance is not high, and there aren’t some spectacularly precious magic skills. However, it is the things that are most useful to normal people that would give us an Immortality Pill that could extend our lives for another century or more. Furthermore, it can be directly used on mortals.”

“I, Liu Ru have eaten around the world for decades. There is nothing I haven’t tasted before. Yet the restaurant you opened has lately made a few dishes that are actually better than what I had before. Only then did I notice the existence of Fang Ning. Besides, since I’ve personally tried the dishes he made today, I can finally confirm that Fang Ning will definitely get the inheritance.”

“Xiao Yao and I can both awaken our bloodlines. Without the Immortality Pill, we can still live for another two hundred years. It’s only you, my half old man who does not have any qualification, no training, and you have no awakened ability. Are you going to leave us, mother and daughter, a never-ending loneliness when the time comes?”

Inside, Old Man Zhao was very grateful – grateful for Madam’s providence, but he did not acknowledge Madam’s kindness. He shook his head and said, “However, how can you exchange this for our child’s happiness? Before this, you gave me a list of the few good things about Xiao Fang to persuade our daughter. I also thought that at least it would be much better compared to those rich men’s son. I was also afraid that she might get tricked because of her innocence; that was why I persuaded her for you. But listening to your now, what you mean is that you want to give away our precious daughter for an Immortality Pill. No, that won’t do. I will not force my child. This will have to depend on their relationship. If she is not happy, then I will not persuade her.”

“Go! Look at the way she fought with me over the food today. You think she will be unhappy?” Madam Zhao was the one who understood her daughter best.

Old Man Zhao still shook his head, “Those are two separate things. Feelings are never simple. And Madam, even though you are ten years younger than I am, but why do I feel that you are the one thinking about those feudal ideas of how parenting should be. You do not consider Yao Yao’s opinion. You always think that you can make all the decisions for her.”

Madam Zhao was shocked. She then twisted her husband’s ear again, “What are you doing? Zhao Xiangwen, you talk about me like those old women in the Feudal Society who lives in grand mansions. Are you listening to yourself?”

“Madam, even if you twist my ears again, I will not listen to you on this matter. We cannot trade our child’s happiness for something else. It will be great if I can live a hundred years, but if our daughter will still have to live on painfully after two hundred years, then I’d rather die young,” Old Man Zhao shook his head.

Madam Zhao’s expression slowly became confusing as she carefully looked at her own husband. Although he was afraid of her, his eyes were determined – that expression was not fake.

That is a hundred years of life. As she transported herself back into her memories of the place where her bloodline was born, not to mention forcing a daughter to marry someone, but what was wrong with selling a daughter? What could they do if a daughter was killed? Even…

After thinking about that scene, a faint cold light flashed across Madam Zhao’s eyes: No matter whether you are holy or not, but if you are thinking of staying here, if you dare ruin my family’s happiness, I will fight with you till the end and chase you till the ends of the earth.

President Zhao felt a chill in his body, and wondered, “Why, why do I suddenly feel that it’s cold? Did the air-conditioning switch on?”

Madam Zhao held back her breath. She then proceeded to give her husband a rub on the ear that she twisted red just now and she warmed it with her breath. She said, “No, my comrade Old Man Zhao, you did well today. Taking into account that we both did not pick the wrong person, then very well, Yao Yao will decide for herself. At most, I will personally pass on the teachings of cultivation to the kid. By then, he will be able to rely on the cultivation longevity and we will not miss out on that longevity pill that could extend a hundred years of life.”

“I can also see that he is lazy, but he is also a person that would most definitely repay your kindness. Though he is lazy, surprisingly he does his work wonderfully. Since he’s so rich, he stays at home all day and only knows how to play. By that time, I must get you, my old bastard to urge him to practice from time to time.”

Old Man Zhao was impressed. As he wanted to reply, he heard his wife salivate and she continued, “Of course, if you happen to catch him cooking, remember to give me a call first. And also, you don’t need to inform your precious daughter anymore. Seeing that she’s eating so much of his food, he will definitely be embarrassed to ask her to pay the bill. Once is alright, but what will happen if it goes on for more than one time?”

Old Man Zhao heard, and thought to himself; my Madam, you think you were the one who did not have enough to eat compared to everyone else? Why do I have a feeling that you were the center of attention of today’s feast and not our daughter?

But he couldn’t say it out unless he really he did not want his ears anymore. This was fine now. He turned back and thought of twisting his wife’s idea around – it would not be easy.


At this moment, Fang Ning and Liu Yao sat alone in the dining room’s balcony, overlooking the stars.

Fang Ning sat three meters apart from her. He sat upright and looked forwards; this time, he was not distracted.

The System’s perspective was not opened. Nonsense, he knew that Liu Yao’s mother was a strong snake demon. Unless she was not related biologically, sitting next to him was the future snake demon. He wasn’t some God nor Chinese Dignitaries; no matter how pretty a girl is, his courage to sleep with a snake has now vanished…

Among all the animals, he was most afraid of the snake and nothing else. He would get goosebumps with just one look at a picture, let alone seeing a real body.

The two of them did not speak for a while.

Instead, it was the girl, Liu Yao who spoke first, “Excuse me, you seem a bit tense. Did my mother’s table manners scare you today?”

Fang Ning thought, yes, your mother has killed four of my System Options today. How am I not frightened?

Liu Yao said, “I am truly sorry. I have no idea what happened to me too. Once I saw all the good food, it was as if I was a different person.”

Fang Ning thought, no, no. You did not change into a different person. This is the pace of your transformation.

Liu Yao said, “Let me apologize to you on behalf of my parents. They have given you a lot of trouble for the past few days. My parents have good intentions. They always worry that I will get tricked by bad people. That is why they want to find someone for me to marry, at such an early stage.”

Fang Ning thought, no, no. You should be worrying about the bad person who would be lying to you…

Liu Yao proceeded, “Today, my parents did, in fact, eat a little too much, and it made you close your restaurant for too long. It must have cost you quite some extra losses too. My father said that we cannot take advantage of other people. So, I will transfer the money over to you.”

The System, [Oh, I’ve waited for this sentence for a day now. My WeChat account number is XXXXXXXXXXX. The total amount including service and food will be 1233244 yuan and 76 cents. Just round it off and you can transfer 1233244 yuan to me.”

Fang Ning was speechless.

Liu Yao replied, “Sure, I will transfer it over to you now.”

In the System Space.

Fang Ning said, “Hey, Sir System, you have crossed the line again. Why did you seize my body over to speak? I am still human, yet you still asked the girl for money. This is so embarrassing!”

The System replied, “Your ego isn’t worth anything. But those ingredients cost a few million. Besides, they were all specially prepared before. Not to mention that I’ve put in a whole day’s effort. At first I thought it was just a feast to return the favor, but in the end, they ate for the day and onwards till the night. They’ve eaten it all. Considering that and we still don’t ask for money. Your money is my money. Since you have no money to pay, don’t take money as generosity.”

Fang Ning said, “Sir System, under your seizure, I do not have to wait until your System level reaches a hundred to decide. From here onwards, I will definitely be an orphan…”

System notification: The WeChat account number, XXXXXXXXXXX on your phone has received an unlimited transfer of the full amount of 1233244 yuan from a special account XX.

The System said, “Oh, she is an innocent child, not even give us extra…”

Fang Ning replied, “Please shut up for a moment. If you don’t feel embarrassed, then I have nothing else to say anymore.”

The System, “You did not even say a single word just now. You only toyed with the thoughts in your head. You humans do not think and speak the same thing. Should I help you to tell her now? Your thoughts just now were too strong. I read it all.

Fang Ning, “If you’re not a human, then don’t speak for others…”

Once again, the two of them sat there quietly, overlooking the stars. In the end, President Zhao and his family left, leaving Fang Ning waving in the shop, watching them get on a car and drove away.

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