Seized by the System

Chapter 22: Still need to Listen to the Host
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Chapter 22: Still need to Listen to the Host

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

One of the advantages Fang Ning had was that he had a bizarre imagination, that he thought too much (but did too less), and never despaired. He recovered quickly from his breakdown and decided to move on. His System was not as powerful as other Systems, and has no Marketplace, nor a Reviving Cross. It was understandable that it would do something like that.

Since the System had spent so much time explaining, the matter should come to a close. Fang Ning was extremely lazy in the first place, and he could now no longer be bothered by this issue any more; he had so many novels and games that he yet to cover…

However, when he returned to the System Cyber Cafe and prepared himself to play, he was struck with a sudden idea that had shocked him into his right mind. There was no way he would let this stupid System off the hook like this…

He suddenly realized a serious problem. Even if the System did a good thing by taking parts of him for backup in case of a serious injury, but he should never let this bad practice of it altering his body parts continue. No matter what, it did think of taking a part of his ‘little brother’. What if one day, it was struck with manic inspiration that cultivating the martial arts of?Sunflower or the Evil-Avoidance?1?would rapidly improve his martial abilities?

This problem was so serious that Fang Ning squeezed his brain to come up with some questions.

“Hey, System, aren’t you afraid that you altering my body parts would affect the movements of internal strength in my body, which would lead to a fall in my abilities?”

“Of course not! The eight extraordinary?meridians?2?are not grown within your skin and flesh, but at a level way beneath them, woven together but not visible to the material eye. As long as you do not lose an arm or a leg, then it won’t have any effect on our abilities. We’re not the same as others; others would face a huge problem during cultivation once they’ve lost their internal organs, where it will be highly possible for them to lose all of their internal strength. You wouldn’t understand the intricacies of it even if I explained them,” chided the System. It was not timid with familiar topics.

Even though the System had spoken as such, Fang Ning was still able to extract the message and understand it. Being the System, it will always be different than the average heroes, and matters regarding the circulation of vital energy and inner strength will always work as long as it fulfilled the rules of the System.

However, there was no way for him to give it up like this. If one question could not trap this idiot, he’ll shoot another question its way.

“Also, I’ve managed to comprehend a new Life Skill – Medical Expertise when I was cultivating in isolation days before. I still couldn’t gather my wits around cutting off a head or digging out a heart, but prying out some of your parts and assembling it back was not a problem to me. Of course, if I do it to someone else, the consumption will definitely increase, but it will be as easy as picking up sticks if I did it for you. The internal strength and vital energy had been circulating for so long that it has long reached every nook and cranny in your body. It’s almost too easy to control the gathering and separation of cells in your body. Not only will there be no hemorrhage, reassembling of parts will also be possible…”

‘Oh, right. I nearly forgot that my body had been seized by the System since long ago. It probably knows almost every part down to its cell, and can take or put anything it likes… Okay, this question was not effective and not challenging enough for this idiot. Alright, here’s another one.’

“Oh, so you’ve placed the parts you’ve gotten in the System Space? Why haven’t I seen them before? Is it safe there, and is there a possibility that it would deteriorate?”

“I’m just being kind and didn’t want to scare you, that’s why I hid them. I specially opened up a Preservation Area for that, and time does not move in there. I can guarantee that it would be as fresh as it can be when I assemble them back in you.” The System was not even hesitating in its answer.

However, the System felt something was off by the number of questions Fang Ning was prefacing. Did he not want it to continue with its backup? That was non-negotiable! It immediately interrupted Fang Ning, who was gearing up his next question, and spoke, “Wait, stop trying to drag everything into the conversation. Let’s get back to the point; I said I wanted to take one of your testicles down to freeze, do you agree with the notion?”

“I do not agree with that.” Fang Ning shot out immediately. He felt like a failure; the three questions he tabled could not even pose a challenge to that usually idiotic System. Would it be that I’ve been playing too many games that my imagination has worsened? No, that’s not possible, that should never be possible.

“Alright then, I’ll start to get it out then,” finished Sir System, and immediately Fang Ning felt that his groin has become lighter, as if something had left him.

So it could be felt after all. Then, the System must’ve been doing this for the parts he had lost already.

“Didn’t I say that I refuse?” Fang Ning was enraged.

“Oh, I just said, I was just informing you. I didn’t say that I wouldn’t do it if you disagreed,” the System answered offhandedly as he inserted the valuable part into a certain Preservation Area in the System Space.

Fang Ning, who lost one of his balls, was angry. He righteously criticized the System, “Hey, you’re crossing the line here. Overlooking the fact that you literally took over my body and took some organs of mine that do not affect my everyday functions, but you’re now taking away my masculinity! Aren’t you worried that I’ll be a shemale?”

“Don’t worry. I’ve researched on this early on, and losing one testicle would not affect your characteristics as a man. I wouldn’t have done it otherwise! When have you heard of eunuchs or shemales being labeled as heroes?” The System was not bothered.

Even though Fang Ning was slightly comforted, he continued to think. What other hidden problems might crop up down the road?

Just as he glimpsed the newly crafted middle-level mechanical puppet, lightning flashed and struck his mind. He bellowed, “You idiotic, presumptuous dumba*s!”

The System was stunned. Since when had this scaredy cat developed a courage to scold it like this? Was he not afraid that it would alter his relief time to 0? Or it retracting the System Cyber Centre?

Fang Ning was most definitely afraid of these two punishments from the System. However, he was confident in this; that stupid System had forgotten about one essential problem.

“It’s great that you’re thinking of a backup, but do you remember our initial aim when we crafted this mechanical puppet?!”

Still slightly stunned, the System answered slowly, “Of course, we wanted to hide our true identity. There’re too many powerful people in the world, and if we’re not low-key when we develop ourselves, we would die very soon.”

“Exactly. You only considered about not touching my visible organs, but you’re not aware of the existence of an ability called penetrative vision. You’ve never been to a hospital, and you’ve never seen those medical devices. You could, however, refer to my memory on this. They could easily identify the fact that I’m lacking half of my internal organs. The liver could regenerate, no problem, but what about the others? If these devices found out that both I and the Vigilante A have lost the same organs, they would most definitely be suspicious, no?”

The System thought that was the extent of Fang Ning’s argument. It became furious immediately and rebutted, “It’s not like the Vigilante A would go to those places! No one would know which organs he doesn’t have. If he were caught to undergo those tests, then there wouldn’t have a need to hide our identity anymore. As long as the Vigilante A isn’t exposed, then there’s no problem whether you go for those checks or not.”

Fang Ning was not done, oh no. He smiled coldly, and he felt that he could finally pretend to be great in front of this stupid System once again, “You idiot, you don’t know how many supernatural abilities are there in the world. Why wouldn’t there by someone with penetrative vision as their ability? Don’t tell me that it would not work with your vital energy defense; one day, we’ll face a stronger opponent that could see through it…”

“So what?” the System blurted, and regretted immediately. It thought of a particular scene, and before it could say anything, Fang Ning jumped to point it out.

“Haha, don’t forget, the enemy would have many chances to use penetrative vision on both identities, me and Vigilante A… ”

“Alright, alright, I know now. If someone coincidentally had used penetrative vision on our real identity and found out that we’ve lost some organs, and then used penetrative vision on Vigilante A when they met him and consequently found out that Vigilante A also lost some organs, there will be a high possibility for them to realise that both identities have lost the exact same type of organs in the same place. There would not be a need to suspect anymore; it’s almost confirmed that two identities are played by one person.”

At the end of its words, the System sounded quite dejected.

This led Fang Ning to notice something he never thought of before. Technically, Sir System is not a human, so it shouldn’t have any emotions. Why would it be disappointed, then? It was probably because it took over his body for too long now, and was slowly influenced by him.

Judging from its dejected tone, he should probably comfort this idiot; it would be problematic if it started to lose its will to live…

Frankly, Fang Ning was thinking too much into it. Sir System’s first rule was to survive. Losing the will to live was out of the realm of possibilities.

“Alright, I’ll put it all back now. I’ve wasted so much time on this, thinking that I’ve gotten every aspect covered this time, but I could not be independent of your suggestions after all, host. I’ll get your agreement if anything like this happens again.” The System sounded disappointed.

“It’s good that you’ve acknowledged it,” Fang Ning smirked, and the next thing he felt was a weight back in his groin, as if something was added onto his body. In that instant, the delighted Fang Ning was reminded of the feeling when his testicles was taken away, and his wild imagination occurred to him again.

He suddenly thought of a major issue he blurted. “Wait, what you said was wrong! This was not a waste of time. This skill that you’ve mastered might be able to give us great benefits.”

“What benefits?” The System asked.

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