Seeking Happiness

Chapter 1 part1
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n the scorching hot summer, the doors of the Sheng Mei residence were adorned by the red double words of happiness as the windows were tightly closed.

Inside the Sheng Mei Residence

The bright and shining candles reflected the room that was decorated in a ambiguous warm red, but dressed in Kyrgyzstan style, she tightly pulled her skirt while standing next to the sandalwood mirror which reflected a pale face in overwhelming red clothes.

Sweat dripped like rain, upon her face was exquisite heavy makeup. Her chest felt as if it was about to oppressed and explode; feelings of fear and panic washed over her. Her hands and feet were ice cold. As if it was the the twilight of the twelve lunar month, the season of snow, without the slightest heat.

This sentence above was very hard to understand. So I typed it in my own way.

The man on the bed.... He was.....

The temperature of hand was higher than hers, but his paper white face had no signs of breathing.

This is the man she married.

She was happy to be married, but she never thought of her husband’s death in the bridal chamber.

Shu Huan bravely stepped forward, reaching out her hand to find any signs of breathing. Really can not be true, really can not be true. She did not feel even a little bit of breath.

Shu Huan used her white teeth to bite her red lips very hard, until her lips drew blood. She was still shivering, too afraid to cry, too afraid to shout. On the bridal night, her groom died, how can she live it?

Resentment bore in her heart–

When father and mother forced her to marry, it was nice to listen to: “The disease is not heavy, it does not matter, when you have married, serve carefully for two days, sick men will naturally feel grateful. Moreover, even if the man’s disease is dragged on for while, you are married brightly with an eight man sedan carrying you to the doors of the Gu family. That Gujia may have dared to gossip about you and look down on you. It will be too late for the flattery! When you can let us eat meat and delicacy , why keep on letting this poor family eat chives and vegetables?”

She was so stupid to be coaxed by those words!

She was so stupid to have nodded to promise that she will marry!

She does not envy the glorious wealth, not corrupt of jade clothing, just to leave her house tormented her day and night. As long as her ears will have silence, she was even willing to manage the cattle and horses of the Gu family!

But she did not think that Gu Ergong’s disease was this heavy! His disease was so heavy that he made her a widow in a night!

This is really scourging disaster! Curse mother and father!

She was full of resentment in her heart. But then in a moment her heart became void of emotions.

There is no way she is this weak and easily bullied to the point of tears. Father and mother were so tired of her, so they married her off hurriedly, right?

Shu Huan wanted to cry, but somehow, her eyes dry and astringent, not shedding even a drop of tear. Her heart was filled with despair.

Married a man to kill him off. (This was so hard to translate, not sure if correct)

What will become of her when rumors like these spread.

It was enough to destroy all the hope of her life. She would rather be stabbed by a thousand spears than being forced to wear the stigma of killing.

Being alive is too hard for her, it is better to die cleanly!

The idea of suicide entered her mind, to entrenched lingering.

She is a person. When health is dying, death will naturally come to one. But for her it was to have clean reputation. (Something similar to this.)


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