Seeking Happiness

Chapter 12
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Chapter 12 Mischievous young master

Plum Flower pavilion.

Gu Xiran’s body was weak and he was prone to being worn out. After Shu Huan left, he went back to take a nap. When he woke up, he heard people whispering outside, so he couldn’t help but ask, "Who is there?"

After a while, concubine Yun lifted the curtain and came in, "Second young master is awake? Do you want to wash up?"

Gu Xiran nodded and looked at Zisu who followed her inside.

Zisu paid her respect first and then smiled, "Old madam said that she will keep second young mistress at her place to keep her company. She will let her come back at dinner time. Second young master and concubine Yun can eat first."

After Gu Xiran heard this, he was in deep thoughts for a moment and then said, "I got it. You go back and pay respect in my stead."

Zisu conceded and went out.

While concubine Yun was busily asking the maids to bring water, she also helped him get out of bed. She said, "Second young master doesn’t have to worry anymore. You also know old madam’s temper. If it was someone she didn’t like, she would’ve already sent that person far away. Since she let second young mistress stay, presumably she likes her."

Gu Xiran stood up firmly by supporting himself with his hand on the bedhead. He frowned, "Let Qiaoyun go inquire."

Concubine Yun was startled. Only now did she understood that he didn’t listen to her at all. She couldn’t explain what her heart was feeling. She forced a smile and let Qiaoyun go inquire.

Qiaoyun was often lazy when doing errands but inquiring about gossip was her hobby and she was good at it. She only left for a short moment. When she entered the room again, she said, "Second young master, this is bad! Old madam punished second young mistress by letting her kneel inside the yard. It was said that she had to kneel a day before she can get up."

Concubine Yun personally made bird nest porridge. She just came in with it when she heard this. She got distracted and almost burned her hands.

Gu Xiran gave her a look, "Be careful."

It was a very simple sentence. However, ever since he had taken a wife, she didn’t know whether it was because he considered the feelings of the main wife, but he treated her, the concubine, coldly. Hearing such words with concern in them, she immediately burst from joy. However, she didn’t show it on her face. She smiled shyly and gently said, "Mhmm." When she saw that he didn’t say more and was just contemplating while staring at the bird nest porridge, she knew that he was still worried about Shu Huan. She couldn’t help but sigh in her heart and asked, "Doesn’t second young master want to go plead?"


Gu Xiran shook his head. If he went to plead, old madam would get angrier.

He raised his eyes and looked at Qiaoyun, "What more did you hear?"

"Nothing more...," Qiaoyun was someone who couldn’t hide her thoughts. When she answered, her eyes looked elsewhere. She was obviously saying one thing but meaning something different.

Gu Xiran smiled, "The rule of this yard is that things can’t get out, but if you heard something from the outside that you feel is important, you should just tell truthfully and don’t have to have any worries."

Qiaoyun hesitated for a moment, "It is just some irrelevant gossip. Second young master, don’t get angry after I say it."

Gu Xiran nodded.

After this did she say, "I heard the lower-ranked maids in old madam’s room talk about second young mistress being punished. They also said that the day before yesterday, when second young mistress’s family came to send the gift on the third day of the marriage, they were blocked by the doorkeeper and didn’t report to you."

"The day before yesterday?" Concubine Yun said, "Wasn’t that the day old madam ordered to keep watch on second young mistress?"

Qiaoyun nodded, "Yes."

Concubine Yun said, "These keepers of the household should be punished. They looked down on people the most."

Gu Xiran looked at her once but didn’t say anything.

Qiaoyun hesitated for a moment and then told them the scene of the quarrel of fourth young master and Shu Huan. She also said, "Fourth young master’s temper had always been bad. Old madam also pampered him. If he said some bad things without thinking while paying his respect, presumably second young mistress..."

She didn’t continue, but Gu Xiran already understood. After he asked some more things, he called Huiyun inside. He whispered something to her. Huiyun nodded and went away.

At Pine Crane Hall, Shu Huan was already full of sweat from kneeling. She somewhat couldn’t take it anymore. She raised her eyes and saw that there was no one in the courtyard. So, she changed kneeling to sitting. It was just, she didn’t even have time to take a breath, when she saw Gu Xihe rush out of the room like a locomotive. She had to kneel with a straight back again.

Gu Xihe rushed to her side. He first gestured with his hand to let the two maids who kept watch retreat. Then, he walked to her. With his hands on his back, he circled two times around her. He smiled eerily, "Old madam let me come keep watch on you to see whether you were kneeling well."

A brat who liked to put on an act!

It must be that he made an excuse to slip out and came to poke fun at her.

Shu Huan raised her eyes and saw that the nanny didn’t follow him. When she recalled the hedonistic behavior he showed just now, she couldn’t help but reveal a bitter smile. She said helplessly, "Fourth young master, I’m not free at the moment. Can you go play elsewhere?"

Gu Xihe turned a deaf ear to her words and said, "So, you aren’t a mute?"

Of course not...

Shu Huan was speechless for a moment. She tried to coax him, "You don’t have to go study?"

"Study?" Gu Xiran snorted and said disapprovingly, "Who has the patience to study? Those old teachers are so long-winded. Last time, this master gave one a hard time and he resigned. After one month or so, father invited another teacher. This time, it had been two months already. The shadow of the teacher isn’t even seen yet. This young master will be free and unfettered for a while first!"

Shu Huan sneered and insincerely praised him, "Then, you are really amazing..."

Gu Xihe was young and had been spoiled from an early age. He was naughty and mischievous but didn’t understand much about human emotion. He also didn’t have profound thinking or scheming thoughts. He just took it as if Shu Huan was truly praising him. He liked to hear beautiful words and proudly raised his head, "Of course."

He also asked, "Do you want to see how this young master mess with someone?"

Shu Huan quickly shook her head, "I know you are very amazing. There is no need for a demonstration."

Gu Xihe got in the mood. Why would he care whether she agreed or opposed? His gaze turned and fell on the pair of cranes in a distance. Then, he rushed over.

Presumably, the cranes had been tortured so many times by him that they became afraid. When they saw him approach, they ran chaotically in the yard. But in the end, he still caught one. He reached out and plucked two feathers, making that crane cry out loudly.

Shu Huan looked at it and felt bad for the crane. Plus, she knelt for a long time. Her knees also hurt. She sweated even more.

The cry of the crane alarmed the people in the room. A maid came out to see what was the matter. When she saw that Gu Xihe was torturing the cranes again, she couldn’t help but say with headache, "Fourth young master, please have mercy. This crane had been brought home by master last month from outside. The other ones that were raised had already been scared to death by you."

Gu Xihe said violently, "Go! Mind your own business. Wouldn’t it be fine as long as you did as if you saw nothing?"

The maid was stunned by him and bit her lips while feeling aggrieved.

At this moment, Zisu came out of the room. She grabbed her hand and walked to the room. She said, "Old madam said that these few days, fourth young master doesn’t have to go to school. Presumably, he is very bored. Let him play."

After Shu Huan heard that, she was truly speechless.

Animal cruelty! They didn’t even bother with this?

Really spoiled him with no boundaries!

When this fourth young master grew a bit older, presumably he would murder and commit arson!

She could only lament. She had no place to meddle in other people’s business. Moreover, when Gu Xihe saw that the maids went away, he put his hands behind his back, smiled evilly while he came closer to her. It looked like an evil young master trying to take liberties with a woman from a good family on the streets. If it wasn’t because she knew that he was still young and didn’t have such dirty thoughts, Shu Huan almost blurted out the word hooligan.

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