Secret Marriage: Wife Spoiling Husband

Chapter 14 The audition
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Chapter 14 The audition

" Li Xiaolu next time someone tried to bully you just take my name or Marvellous Universe... no one would dare bully you... " Yang Mi said.

Li Xiaolu saw that Sister Yang Mi was still a little angry. She smiled, " Don't worry Sister Yang Mi.... Next time I would definitely take your or Boss Hu's name... "

"Good.... "

"But why did you not let me sue that Xifeng. I would have shown her the true strength of power.... " Yang Mi complained.

" Sister Yang Mi it's fine.... Let it be.... "

" Xiaolu you can't be this sweet and forgiving to anyone.... Otherwise they will take advantage of you.... You should always be the one to bully others not the other way around. "

Li Xiaolu helplessly looked at Sister Yang Mi. She felt a happy feeling deep inside her heart. She smiled, " Thank you Sister Yang Mi...."

Yang Mi stopped complaining. She looked at Li Xiaolu shining eyes and that enchanting smile." You are my artist and also I have taken you my younger sister, Hence I will always protect you.... "

"I know... " LiXiaolu nodded. Yang Mi glanced at the people who had come for the audition...

She grabbedLi Xiaolu hand, " Don't worry if you are not selected.... I have many other roles for you... "

"Sister Yang Mi don't worry.... this role is going to be mine...." One sentence from Li Xiaolu calmed the worried Yang Mi.

After the incident nobody dared to look at them....Also the troublemaker Xifeng sat quietly. Soon one after the other girls went in and came out with a dejected faces.

Only Xifeng and Li Xiaolu were remaining. The assistant called Xifeng's name. Xifeng stood up and giving a glance at Li Xiaolu she confidently walked in.

After some time, she walked out with a cheerful smile on her face. Looking at her face, many started whispering, " Hey look at Xifeng's face.... it looks like she did very well.."

"Yes... looks like she would get the role.... "

"She is experienced and her acting is good too.... Maybe the judges liked her too.... "

Hearing them, Xifeng stuck her chest out and proudly sat on her seat. That's right... How can a mere rookie compare to me?

Even if she had signed with Marvellous University and has Miss Yang Mi, then so what? She is just a rookie....

Next it was Li Xiaolu turn. Li Xiaolu stood up when her name was called. Seeing Sister Yang Mi was even more nervous than her, Lu Xioulu smiled. She placed her hand on her shoulder in assurance, "Everything will he fine, Sister Yang Mi... "

"Ofcourse... ofcourse... All the best... Now go..go... ". Li Xiaolu calmed walked in.


Inside, the atmosphere was quite tense. The director, writer and the judges panel were irritated and frustrated.

They wanted the pyscho sister role to be done with perfection. But whoever gave the audition had such a poor acting. Don't know who allowed them to come here?

They wanted a person who could display the transition from sweet to pyscho perfectly. But everyone only showed their sweet side. Nobody could act the pyscho part.

Right now everyone was frustrated as they were in a heated discussion. "I don't think we are going to get perfect candidate for this role.... " Director Ye said.

Judge 1 : " I don't understand what all this people were thinking when they came here for the audition.... Not a single person could act properly.... "

Judge 2 : " You're right.... I felt as if I was sitting in an auditorium listening to someone's book reading... "

Judge 3 : " Yes,we want someone who canbring the character to life... not a piece of log who only knows how to read the script.... "

Judge 4 : " Hm... the previous contestant... Xifeng was okay... I think her acting was good... What do you guys think about her?"

Director Ye : " Hmm... Xifeng's acting was good but I didn't get the vibe from her. It felt as if something was missing... "

Everybody pondered hard when they heard the door opening. They saw a beautuful girl walking in and their eyes immediately lit up.

Director Ye and the others nodded their head in approval looking at her attire. She was dressed on point and also had the lily flower pinned on her dress.

But what about her acting? She looked like the character but can she bring it to life? Everybody thought....

Calmly standing in the middle, Li Xiaolu gave a bow as she greeted, "Hi... I'm Li Xiaolu... "

Without wasting anytime Director Ye shouted, "Action... "

Li Xiaolu looked down and closed her eyes. She took a deep breath as she straightened her body. Suddenly, everybody felt the aura around her change.

Everybody shivered as they felt the temperature in the room had cooled down. They looked at the girl in anticipation.

Suddenly, Li Xiaolu lifted her head and glanced at everyone. Everybody felt a sudden chill when they looked at her eyes. It was as if their souls have been sucked out from them.

Li Xiaolu was enacting a scene where the male lead is unconscious and she confesses her love to him.

Li Xiaolu gave a creepy smile as she moved her hand looking down. Everybody felt that the male lead was unconscious whereas Li Xiaolu was carrassing his face.

"Lui Wei... you look so handsome when you are sleeping... I feel like keeping you hidden... So that nobody can lay there eyes on you... "

Then Li Xiaolu gave a beautiful smile which made everybody feel enchanted, " I love you so much Lui Wei but why don't you love me... " she pouted as her eyes were getting watery.

If made everybody feel like they want Del get close to this beauty and hold her. When the expression on Li Xiaolu's face changed. She gave a sadistic smile which made everybody shiver and get away from her.

" Don't worry... Lui Wei.... I know you also love me.... It's just that my sister doesn't want to leave you.... right? " Li Xiaolu curled her fingers as if she was grabbing somebody's collor. "You also love me right? .. Yes... Lui Wei.... loves me... How can he not? I am better at everything than my sister.... Yes... yes.... he only loves me.... he can only love me... " she laughed.

Then a charming smiled bloomed on Li Xiaolu's face " Right Lui Wei.... You don't have to worry about my sister. I have taken care of everything.... We will go away very far from here.... then we will get married.... We will go to place where their is only two of us.... Isn't that romantic Lui Wei... "

Again a sadistic smiled appeared as a cold glint appeared in her eye, " If we cannot live together.... then we die together.... Anyhow the only one you will have is me... " she laughed.

Suddenly she heard something and turned back. Everybody jumped in their seat looking at that direction when they saw Li Xiaolu turning and giving them a bow, " Thank you... "

It's over.... That's it.... Hey continue acting.... We want to see more.... Was everybody's thought.

They all looked at Li Xiaolu while Li Xiaolu also looked at them waiting for their judgements. Their was a pindrop silence as even the sound of breathing could not be heard.

Why aren't they saying something? Did they not like my acting?

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