Secret Marriage: Reborn as A Beautiful Model Student

Chapter 456 - Lu Jijun Is Dead!【1】
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Chapter 456: Lu Jijun Is Dead!【1】

“Elder Brother Li, are you going back with us? You haven’t seen the new house yet.”

Ye Tianxin tried her best to persuade Li Qingcang to go back with her. be young and in love... To spend time together 24 hours a day...

When Li Qingcang was about to answer, Xie Xuning quickly spoke. “Lu Jijun is dead. He was burned alive.”


Ye Tianxin felt her heart sunk.

Qin Lili was dead.

Lu Jijun was dead.

Why did he have to die at this crucial time?

“Lu Jijun had pursued my mother before, so I was wondering whether he had something to do with what happened that year. Moreover, he was a doctor, but he went to Shenhai City to start a company. There are a lot of things we’re not aware of.”

Lu Jijun’s death once again made Ye Tianxin suspicious of Qin Lili’s death. Her death might not have been a suicide.

It could be murder. Lu Jijun could have killed her.

It was even possible that Qin Lili knew what happened back then and threatened Lu Jijun, and that caused Lu Jijun to kill her.

Speaking of which, Ye Tianxin still blamed herself for her lack of foresight.

If she knew that Qin Lili and Lu Jijun were both key figures in this matter, she would have never agreed to let them be alone in the same room.

“It is possible. So Xiao Cang might not have time to go back to the Town of Jiameng with us. He has to stay and deal with this matter.”

Ye Tianxin looked at Li Qingcang. She was a bit reluctant.

She couldn’t bear to part with Li Qingcang.

“It’s okay. You won’t be staying there that long anyway.”

Ye Tianxin smiled and warned cheekily, “Elder Brother Li, you are mine now, so stay away from other women! I will be really sad if I find out.”

Li Qingcang stretched out his hand and gently patted Ye Tianxin’s head.

“I see, little green-eyed monster.”

Xie Xuning saw how intimate Li Qingcang and Ye Tianxin were, and it was an eyesore for him.

Why was his family’s princess so smitten with Li Qingcang?

It was really hard to be a father.

“Well then, Tianxin, I will ask the doctor later how your health is.”

“All right.”

Ye Tianxin hesitated. She wasn’t going to tell Xie Xuning that she had starred in a movie called “Red Cherry.” She wanted to surprise Xie Xuning.

However, it might shock him instead.

Shortly after, Qie Wenyang came and assured them that there was no problem with Tianxin’s health. She could be discharged from the hospital.

“Grandmother, please look after Tianxin for a while.”

Li Qingcang motioned to Qie Wenyang to come out. He wanted to ask Qie Wenyang about Tianxin sleeping under the bed.

Xie Xuning knew that it concerned Ye Tianxin, so he followed them.

“Yangzi, I once saw Tianxin sleeping under the hospital bed. Why was that?”

Qie Wenyang replied earnestly, “This may be a certain form of psychological trauma. We don’t know what happened after Tianxin was abducted. So you should be with Tianxin most of the time. You must observe Tianxin’s condition carefully. Any small details might prompt her to recall previous events. Also, she must be feeling extremely unsafe during this time.”

Li Qingcang noted Qie Wenyang’s explanation.

He wanted to say that it would probably be best to accompany Ye Tianxin back to the Town of Jiameng. However, he also knew what Ye Tianxin and Xie Xuning would do when they got there, so he didn’t push it.

“One more thing, there is a condition called smiling depression.”

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