Secret Marriage: Reborn as A Beautiful Model Student

Chapter 455 - My Tianxin, This Is a True Kiss【2】
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Chapter 455: My Tianxin, This Is a True Kiss【2】

“Tianxin, is your health better?” Sticking out his head, Yan Ge greeted her.

Ye Tianxin smiled sweetly at him and said, “Brother Yan Ge, I’m much better.”

“Tianxin, don’t worry, that Liu Xu who splashed water on you have been sent back to Capital University,” Yan Ge related.

How she would be dealt with afterwards wasn’t Yan Ge’s concern.

However, one thing was certain. Neither Li Qingcang nor Xie Xuning would easily let Liu Xu off the hook.

“Thank you, Brother Yan Ge.”

Yan Ge was quick to give Li Qingcang credit. “Don’t thank me. These were all arranged by the boss.”

Li Qingcang had just finished taking a shower and came out of the bathroom. He heard Yan Ge’s words and said, “What are you praising me for?”

“For being kind to Tianxin.”

Yan Ge blinked his eyes as he thought, ‘Boss, since you see that I’m so obedient and sensible, won’t you reward me?

“Little Tianxin knows I’m the best, right?”

Li Qingcang stretched out his hand and gently touched Ye Tianxin’s face in front of Xie Xuning.

He wanted to compete with Xie Xuning in terms of spoiling her.

“Yes, Elder Brother Li is the best.”

Ye Tianxin bit Li Qingcang’s little finger, and the tingling sensation, like an electric current, immediately spread throughout his body.

This was the same feeling that Li Qingcang experienced when he decided to reduce his time alone with Ye Tianxin.

He was scared that if Ye Tianxin was placed in front of him, he would transform into a beast and grab her.

“It seems that I have to work harder. Otherwise, in my daughter’s heart, I wouldn’t have any weight at all.”

After Xie Xuning finished speaking, he looked at Li Qingcang with blatant provocation in his eyes.

The interaction between these two alpha males stunned Yan Ge, and he was afraid that he would accidentally miss out on some important information.

“Boss, by the way, this is the military medal you asked me to bring over.”

Li Qingcang took the military medal, and then he directly handed it to Xie Xuning. This was Xie Xuning’s military medal. All subsequent matters needed to be handed over to Xie Xuning to find out what really that year.

As for Li Qingcang, his arms were nonchalantly around Ye Tianxin. They seemed to be really in love.

“Here, Uncle.”

The brocade box with the military medal didn’t even last a minute on Li Qingcang’s hand.

He immediately handed it to Xie Xuning.

Yan Ge thought, ‘Had I known, I would have given it to Xie Xuning directly.’

“It’s okay. I’ll go back first.”

Yan Ge had a lot on his plate at present. After Li Qingcang handed over his position as chief instructor of military training to him, he was now in charge of all the freshmen.

He also found out it difficult to deal with those teenage boys and girls.

“Brother Yan Ge, fight on.”

Yan Ge cheered him on. “Yep, fight on.”

His heart had long become a vast ocean.

He would rather return to the army than be the chief instructor of the military training.

After Yan Ge left, Grandmother said to Ye Tianxin, “Tianxin, if there’s nothing wrong after your physical examination, let’s go back to our hometown.”


Ye Tianxin was a good and filial girl, so she naturally agreed with what her grandmother said.

If her grandmother wanted her to go back, she would go back.

“Your dad is coming with us as well.”

“Also, let’s ask Aunt Zhu why she was talking nonsense.”

Ye Tianxin was also angry. If it weren’t for Aunt Zhu lying back then, their family wouldn’t have been separated for so many years.

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