Secret Marriage: Reborn as A Beautiful Model Student

Chapter 454 - My Tianxin, This Is a True Kiss【1】
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Chapter 454: My Tianxin, This Is a True Kiss【1】

When Ye Tianxin woke up, Li Qingcang was still sound asleep. His face looked calm.

Ye Tianxin looked at Li Qingcang’s lips, and she couldn’t help but to lean closer and kiss them.


Ye Tianxin only wanted to give Li Qingcang a peck.

She had no idea that the sly Li Qingcang was just pretending to be asleep.

When she kissed him, he kissed her back.

He kissed her so passionately that Ye Tianxin’s heart softened, and she wished to always be with him.

“My Tianxin, this is a true kiss.”

Li Qingcang endured the discomfort somewhere on his body and let go of Ye Tianxin.

“From now on, you can kiss me as much as you want. No need to do it sneakily.”

Ye Tianxin pulled the quilt and covered her face.

She was embarrassed.

He discovered her trying to steal a kiss from him.

“Little Tianxin, I want you to kiss me. Your mother really gave you a good name. Tianxin, a delicious Tianxin, I can’t help but want to eat you...”

“I hate it!”

Ye Tianxin tried to smack him under the quilt.

Ye Tianxin just so happened to hit Li Qingcang’s private spot, and he snorted in pain.

“Tianxin, are you trying to kill your fiancé?”

Li Qingcang cried out of pain, and Ye Tianxin was both worried and shocked. She seemed to have hit the wrong spot.

She poked her head out of the quilt anxiously, and her dark eyes looked at Li Qingcang innocently.

“Elder Brother Li, I didn’t mean it.”

Li Qingcang stretched out his hand and touched Ye Tianxin’s face. “Then, you must be punished. You must kiss me just as how I kissed you a few seconds ago. Don’t tease me. Kiss me well.”


Ye Tianxin didn’t know what to say. Words simply escaped her. She was extremely embarrassed by Li Qingcang’s weird punishment.

Li Qingcang raised his chin, closed his eyes, and waited silently for her kiss.

Ye Tianxin was a little nervous. Then she leaned closer and gently kissed Li Qingcang’s lips.

His minty scent was intoxicating. She savored it.

Her kiss was awkward and clumsy.

However, Li Qingcang felt his blood boiling.

He felt like he was playing with fire right after he woke up.

She would kiss him and be fine, but he had to deal with some ‘issues’ later, such as those experienced by men when in a situation like Li Qingcang’s at the moment.

Kissing and being kissed by a loved one was a wonderful feeling.

“Is it all right now?” Ye Tianxin asked anxiously.

She sat upright and looked at Li Qingcang’s lips that were slightly red from her kiss. She was so embarrassed that she clasped her flushed cheeks.

Ah... She felt so self-conscious.

“It’s okay.”

Li Qingcang sighed. “However, I need to go to the bathroom now.”


Ye Tianxin held her reaction until she heard the rushing water from the bathroom. She couldn’t help but bury her head in the pillow.

Knock, knock.

Someone was knocking on the door.

Ye Tianxin quickly tidied her clothes and said, “Come in.”


Grandmother and Xie Xuning called out to Tianxin at the same time. They had big smiles on their faces as they entered the ward.

Ye Tianxin greeted them sweetly, “Grandmother, Dad.”


Xie Xuning was extremely happy. Ye Tianxin calling him ‘dad’ felt like a tickle on his heart.

He felt an inexplicable sweetness when he heard it, and that made him extremely happy.

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