Secret Marriage: Reborn as A Beautiful Model Student

Chapter 327: I Like Only You (2)
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Chapter 327: I Like Only You (2)

“No matter whether the world was good or bad, the world is beautiful in my eyes because of your existence.”

Ye Tianxin took out a sketch of Jin she had drawn from the book and held it close to her chest. She felt the sharp pain in her chest.

Li Qingcang saw Ye Tianxin when he entered the bookstore. She let down her hair and stood in the light.

Li Qingcang was so scared by what he had seen that he took several steps backward.



Li Qingcang could not help but try to recall the dream he had last night. He could not remember what it was all about. He just recollected that in his dream, a woman was standing with her back facing him, and she had long black hair.

Right at that very moment, he had thought that the woman who had appeared in his dream last night was Tianxin.

How could he possibly have such a disgusting thought?

From when she had bravely offered her his blood...

From when she had whispered, “Be gentle, it hurts”...

He had sworn to himself that he would treat Tianxin as if she were his biological younger sister.

It was just an illusion.

It must definitely be a trick of the mind.

Li Qingcang breathed in the fresh air and turned around quickly. He walked up to Jing Zhichen and said, “Drive me back to get some clothes.”

He needed some time to be on his own.

He could not face Ye Tianxin at a time like this.

Jing Zhichen did not realize anything odd about Li Qingcang.

Li Qingcang had always kept his feelings to himself. Even his expressions were always under control. Other than being gentler and warmer when he was with Ye Tianxin, he was always cold when he was with other people.

“Yan Jun, your bro and I are heading out for a while. You stay in the bookstore,” Jing Zhichen instructed.

Yan Jun was very excited. Boss was great. He was creating an opportunity for him to spend time alone with Ye Tianxin.

“Thanks, Boss.”

Jing Zhichen slapped Yan Jun’s back. “Stop making things up in your head. I am afraid that you won’t be able to take it and might be disappointed.”

Yan Jun thought that his Boss was a great person. He was so considerate toward him, unlike Jing Zhichen. Jing Zhichen was like a stern old man.

When Ye Tianxin came out of the bookstore, Yan Jun was already sitting down and relaxing under the wisteria tree.

“Tianxin, you look beautiful today,” he greeted. “You are like a fairy.”

Ye Tianxin looked around and did not see Li Qingcang.

“Yan Jun, where are the two of them?”

“They might have something to do and went off first. They asked me to stay and take care of you.”

Ye Tianxin nodded and sat down across Yan Jun. She suddenly said, “Yan Jun, you like me, right?”

Yan Jun was a little nervous. Deep down inside, he had an ominous feeling.

“Tianxin, don’t say anything else anymore,” Yan Jun pleaded.

“Yan Jun, I think you are still immersed in your character in the movie. You still think that you are Zhou Hong. I don’t think you really like me. I think you like Ying Tao, not Ye Tianxin.”

When he heard that, Yan Jun replied softly, “Tianxin, I can clearly tell whether the person I like is you or Ying Tao. And I like you. Out of everyone in this world, I like only you.”

“Then I am sorry. I’m sorry that I can’t reciprocate your feelings. Yan Jun, you are really outstanding, but I just... I don’t like you.”

Ye Tianxin thought about the dream she had last night and could not help but smile bitterly.

“Besides, I am not as good as you imagine me to be. Look, I may seem like I am smiling every day and look like a sweet and naive girl. But, Yan Jun, deep down inside, I also feel sadness and despair...pain that I cannot and will not tell others.”

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