Secret Marriage: Reborn as A Beautiful Model Student

Chapter 240: Young Master Li, Why Don’t You Do It? (2)
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Chapter 240: Young Master Li, Why Don’t You Do It? (2)

She was 18. She had just reached the legal age.

How was she going to film a love scene?

What if the other party tried to take advantage of her?

“Young Master Li, I can understand how you are feeling. Tianxin is, indeed, still very young. But we can’t take out this scene. How about this, why don’t we find a body double?” Du Juan suggested.

Director Jin thought to himself, ‘Body double? What is she talking about?’ Director Jin found the idea ridiculous.

Li Qingcang thought that another guy would not be able to do it well.

That’s simple. Why don’t Li Qingcang do it himself?

They did not need Yan Jun for this scene. They could just get Li Qingcang to do it. They could get shots of Yan Jun’s face for close-ups later.

“Young Master Li, we cannot take out this part of the story. There are only two ways going forward. We can find a suitable body double, but you know it is difficult for us to find a body double who has a figure like Tianxin’s. Otherwise, you can do it.”

Li Qingcang frowned. He asked, “Director Jin, what do you mean by that?”

“What I mean is that, if you don’t feel assured of the male actor’s performance, you can act in the scene with Tianxin. Only you know the limits. Even I do not feel safe if we use another male actor, much less you...”

Director Jin’s suggestion stunned Li Qingcang.

He had always treated Tianxin as his younger sister.

Was he going to film a love scene with his younger sister?

Du Juan also understood what Director Jin meant. She supported Director Jin and said, “Actually, we are not going to really film the scene as it is. We are going to make use of the mosquito net and the lighting to create a hazy image of the scene. What we had originally planned was that we were going to put a thin layer of plastic over Tianxin’s lips if we are going to film a kissing scene.”

Li Qingcang felt that this whole thing was ridiculous.

“Tianxin will not be filming a love scene.”

This was something that Li Qingcang was insistent about. He just couldn’t let Ye Tianxin be compromised.

“Young Master Li, I understand that you are trying to protect Tianxin. But please understand that we are not going to make that kind of film. This may be a romantic movie, but we will not go overboard. We will not film scenes that will make one’s pulses race. I suggested that you film this scene because you are also a man and you know what the limits are. However, we cannot guarantee this if it were some other male actor. If that person were to do anything, Tianxin would already be hurt by the time we find out about it.”

Li Qingcang of course could not bear to let Ye Tianxin get hurt.

However, he had also never imagined that he would be filming with Ye Tianxin either.

“Young Master Li, your physique is actually good. The most that we will film is your physique when we shoot the scene. Why don’t you think about it? We can film another scene first.”

Director Jin gave Du Juan a look, and they left together.

“Why did you suggest that?” Du Juan asked.

Director Jin harrumphed and said, “We’re both men. I know how he feels. He will agree to it.”

“I am still worried that Tianxin might get hurt,” Du Juan remarked.

Director Jin smiled and assured her, “Du Juan, you have to trust that a man would not bear to let a woman get hurt if he really loves her.”

“Then what will we do if he doesn’t agree?”

Director Jin replied, “If he doesn’t agree, we will find Tianxin a body double. Tianxin is also my goddaughter. How can I bear to let my own goddaughter suffer?”

“What nonsense are you saying? I haven’t agreed to marry you yet!” Du Juan retorted.

Jin Xin responded, “Juan, I’ve put in all that I have and myself as the bride price. Are you still not willing to marry me?”

“You are sly and crafty.” Du Juan shot him a piercing look.

Jin Xin held Du Juan’s hand and said, “I missed your youth. I don’t want to miss out on the rest of your life anymore.”

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