Secret Marriage: Reborn as A Beautiful Model Student

Chapter 239: Young Master Li, Why Don’t You Do It? (1)
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Chapter 239: Young Master Li, Why Don’t You Do It? (1)

“Cut! All units, move on to the next scene.”

Ye Tianxin stopped her performance after Director Jin called cut. She accepted a hot towel from Guan Chenxi and put it on her eyes.

She had just cried, and her eyes were swollen.

“Tianxin, your acting was very good.”

Ye Tianxin smiled at Li Qingcang. “Really? Do you think I acted well too? I was worried that I won’t be able to act well, and I was so nervous last night that I couldn’t sleep.”

Li Qingcang reached out to pat Ye Tianxin’s hair gently.

“Perhaps you might even get the best newcomer award because of this movie.”

“Elder Brother Li, you are really good at comforting people.” Ye Tianxin smiled. “Oh, right. I’m glad you’re able to visit.”

Li Qingcang answered in a deep voice, “An elderly family member is celebrating their 100th birthday.”

“A centenarian? Then it should be a really big celebration.”

Ye Tianxin’s voice was full of longing. She knew that they would part again after this meeting. She wanted to tell Li Qingcang a lot of things.

“That elderly person used to treat me very well. I think that since that person is getting old, we don’t know what might happen even if they seem healthy now. I should go and visit them if I can.”

The production assistant entered and reminded Ye Tianxin, “Tianxin, it’s time to change into another set of clothes.”

“Sure. No problem.” Ye Tianxin shifted her gaze back to Li Qingcang. “I only have a few more shots left. Elder Brother Li, wait for me.”

Ye Tianxin went to the changing room. She put on the maternity dress that the production team had prepared for her beforehand. Inside the dress was a fake bump that was made especially for filming.

Li Qingcang was shocked when he saw Ye Tianxin walking out from the changing room.

“Is this the last scene in the script?”

“Yes, it’s the last scene.”

Ye Tianxin sat in front of the dressing table. The makeup artist started to work on Ye Tianxin’s face.

Li Qingcang stood beside Ye Tianxin, keeping her company. “I already got a restaurant outside to prepare lunch,” he informed Ye Tianxin. “They will send it in for you all later.”

Ye Tianxin turned around abruptly and asked, “Elder Brother Li, are you going to leave again?”

“My flight is in an hour.”

One hour.

60 minutes.

Why did they only have such a short time together?

Ye Tianxin could not bear for Li Qingcang to leave. She hoped that Li Qingcang could keep her company for just a while longer...a little longer.

“Elder Brother Li, when we read the script back then, we only saw the part where they got their marriage certificate. I forgot that there was a love scene. I am a little nervous.”

Upon hearing that, Li Qingcang took the script and earnestly looked for that particular page.

There were just a few words on the script describing that scene.

However, it might be a long one when played out.

The idea had only come to Ye Tianxin just then. She thought that rather than filming the wedding night scene with Yan Jun, who she was unfamiliar with, she would rather film it with Li Qingcang.

“Go and do your makeup first. I shall look for the director.”

Li Qingcang brought the script with him and left the dressing room. He went to Du Juan and Director Jin immediately.

“Director Jin, how do you plan to film this scene?”

Director Jin was shocked when he saw Li Qingcang. He said, “Young Master Li, do you want to take this scene out?”

Du Juan chimed in, “We cannot take this scene out. The previous scenes are all very innocent. If we take this scene out, it will be difficult to explain Ying Tao’s pregnancy later. We need to consider the accuracy of this story.”

“Tianxin is just 18 years old. How can she film this...this love scene?”

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