Secret Marriage: Reborn as A Beautiful Model Student

Chapter 238: Elder Brother Li Is Here! (3)
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Chapter 238: Elder Brother Li Is Here! (3)

Yan Jun thought about it. He had better hurry off before Li Qingcang sees him.

Otherwise, he would be a lost cause if he were to be discovered.

Yan Jun felt guilty and hurriedly crept off.

Yan Jun had only just left when Director Jin yelled, “Cut.”

Ye Tianxin’s performance had already ended. However, she was still immersed in the sadness she felt while she was acting.

Guan Chenxi walked over to Ye Tianxin and helped her up from the floor.

“Tianxin, you acted really well.”

Guan Chenxi had cried the most out of everyone. The man she once loved had also died in service.

Back then, when she received news that her lover had died, she felt as if she had been struck by lightning, as if she was going to die. She only managed to move on from the pain of losing her lover after a long time.

Ye Tianxin walked to the monitors. Guan Chenxi was supporting her.

Director Jin looked at Tianxin and said, “Tianxin, you did great in the last scene. You managed to complete this scene well. There are a few shots that we have to film again later. Do you want to take a break?”

Director Jin had been a director for many years, and he understood that Tianxin was still immersed in her role as Ying Tao.

Her entire person was still immersed in the scene.

“No need. I will rest after finishing this scene.”

Director Jin nodded and started to instruct Ye Tianxin on what they would be filming next. He talked about how Ye Tianxin should enter and leave in the next shot.

Director Jin used several cameras at the same time, so he had to explain everything to Ye Tianxin so that she wouldn’t get confused.

Otherwise, they would film the whole scene again if something were to go wrong.

Filming such emotionally charged scenes was especially draining.

Ye Tianxin listened to Director Jin seriously. She tried her entrance and exit once and made sure she knew where to stop and where she had to stand for which shot, as well as whether the shot would be filmed up close or from a distance.

Director Jin was a very strict director.

He not only wanted Ye Tianxin to act well, but he also needed the other members on the set to work well together with Ye Tianxin.

“Later, when Ying Tao is eating, remember to shoot a close up of Zhou Hong’s bowl and chopsticks. Also, when Ying Tao is eating, the close up on her face is very important. What is most important in this scene is not just Tianxin’s performance, but also the cameramen. Your shots have to look beautiful and also touching. Think about which angle she looks best or stunning.”

The cameramen gathered by the side and listened to the director’s instructions intently.

“Do you understand what I want to happen?”

“We understand.”

“Alright, then. Get into position.”

Director Jin walked up to Tianxin and asked, “Tianxin, are you ready?”

Ye Tianxin took a deep breath and nodded. “I’m ready.”

After saying that, Ye Tianxin’s gaze landed on Li Qingcang who was standing with the crowd.

Her eyes sparkled when she saw him. However, she quickly gathered herself and sat in her original position.

After getting into place, Ye Tianxin lowered her head and covered her face with her hands. She was immersed in her role by the time Director Jin called, “Action.”

Ye Tianxin seemed to be in an even better condition this time than before.

She was completely immersed in her role before the camera.

From then on, she was not Ye Tianxin.

She was Ying Tao.

She was Ying Tao, a girl who had lost her most beloved.

She was Ying Tao, who needed to raise her unborn child alone.

Her performance was impressive.

She was stunningly brilliant.

She was like the stars in the sky that no one could look away from.

Li Qingcang stood by the side. All he could see was Ye Tianxin.

Even though he did not know much about acting, he felt that she had played her role very well.

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