Secret Marriage: Reborn as A Beautiful Model Student

Chapter 159: Digging for Treasure with Elder Brother Li (2)
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Chapter 159: Digging for Treasure with Elder Brother Li (2)

“What treasure?”

Ye Tianxin dragged Li Qingcang to the room.

Ye Tianxin pointed at the eight-step bed.

“The treasure is under the bed. I was trying to move it, but it’s too heavy!”

“Stand aside. I’ll do it.”

Li Qingcang pulled the sleeves of his white shirt up to his forearms.

He took the hoe from Ye Tianxin. “Stay there.”

Ye Tianxin obeyed Li Qingcang and stood further away.

“Elder Brother Li, do be careful.”

Li Qingcang lifted the hoe and smashed it down against the burned bedframe. The fire last night had damaged the bed.

Although the bed sustained some burns, the fire didn’t manage to fully consume it. Its structure was still complete. What Li Qingcang had to do was to break the bed apart.

As Li Qingcang smashed the bedframe with the hoe, black soot was everywhere. Li Qingcang covered his nose with his free hand.

“Oh, no! Elder Brother Li, are you okay?”

“It’s alright.”

Li Qingcang was very fast, and he managed to break the bed apart in less than three minutes.

Ye Tianxin wanted to help him, but Li Qingcang refused to let her.

“I will do it. Stand there. Here, put this on,” Li Qingcang handed Ye Tianxin his handkerchief. Ye Tianxin took it and use it to cover her nose.

Li Qingcang moved the pieces of the bed away one by one, revealing the bluestone tiles under the bed.

“Elder Brother Li, you take a break. I will move those tiles away.”

Ye Tianxin wanted to help out, but Li Qingcang did not allow her to do so.

“Be good. Stand there and don’t move,” Li Qingcang said softly.

“Elder Brother Li, I want to help you. Please let me help you. Besides, we can finish this quickly if we work together.”

Li Qingcang’s eyes were filled with affection for Ye Tianxin. However, he was firm in refusing Ye Tianxin, “It is my duty to serve the people.”

Li Qingcang removed the dry bluestone tiles away piece by piece.

Ye Tianxin then transferred them in the corner.

When she hired an interior decorator to design the new house, she hoped that the decorator would be able to use the bluestone tiles. After all, these tiles were also part of Grandmother’s memories of their previous home.

“Grandmother only told me that the treasure was under the bed, but she did not tell me where exactly it is.”

Li Qingcang started digging into the soil with the hoe.

Slowly but steadily, he managed to dig a large hole.

It was a very hot day and humid.

Beads of sweat trickled from Li Qingcang’s forehead.


The hoe seemed to have hit something hard. Li Qingcang and Ye Tianxin glanced at each other.

They said in unison, “We found it!”

The two of them laughed. They were excited.

“Let me take a look.”

Ye Tianxin bent down and looked at the object in the hole Li Qingcang had dug.

“You still can’t see it yet. I’ll dig a bit more. Stay where you are.”

Li Qingcang dug vigorously and swung the hoe with more force. He made a large hole in just a while.

There was a porcelain vat in the large hole. It was sealed with many layers of kraft and was sealed very tightly without a single crack.

“Elder Brother Li, what do you think is inside?” Ye Tianxin asked. She was eager to know what’s inside.

When Ye Tianxin saw the large vat, her suspicions about her grandmother’s death in her previous life had only been reinforced...that her had not been an accident.

That was because if anything were to happen to her grandmother, her grandmother would have told her about the existence of the vat.

In her previous life, Ye Tianxin had not known about the existence of the vat at all even after her grandmother’s death. Her grandmother had passed on without getting the chance to tell her about it.

“Tianxin, what are you thinking about?”

Ye Tianxin came to her senses. Finding out how her grandmother had died previously was no longer important.

What was important was that Grandmother was alive right now. Ye Tianxin would do her best to let Grandmother live a little longer. ‘Yes, she’ll live a little longer.’

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