Scandal Supermodel

Scandal Supermodel

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    To be a good mistress:

    Lesson 1: The location does not matter; all that matter is whether he wishes to.

    “This is an exchange for money and not a game of love.”

    Yet, he is eventually addicted to spoiling her and sending her to cloud nine, giving her whatever she wishes for.

    “Young Master Huo, Ms. An said that she wants to be the world’s top supermodel.”

    As a result, news of the Huo Conglomerate entering the entertainment industry shocks the entire world.

    “Young Master Huo, Ms. An said that she wants to get married at the age of 28.” The man’s gaze deepened as he replied, “That’s too late.”

    The little bun behind him secretly hands him a household registration book and declares with a nasal and innocent-sounding voice, “Daddy, I will pay for your nine-dollar marriage registration fee!”

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