Sage Monarch

Chapter 27: Hostility from the City Magistrate
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Chapter 27: Hostility from the City Magistrate

‘What a pity,’ Yang Qi thought. Now that Yan Feixia was here, he knew that nothing would come of the fight with Luo Hun.

Although, that was also a good thing. If he killed Luo Hun, it would arouse the wrath of the city magistrate, and might force the Yang Clan to go to war with the Yan Clan.

And it went without saying that the Yang Clan wasn’t truly ready for something like that. The city magistrate, and the Yan Clan itself, had spent generation upon generation building their power, and the Yang Clan wasn’t even close to being able to assemble a force to reckon with them. Yang Zhan’s bloodline was just not in the position to win a victory against the Yan Clan.

Yang Qi immediately began to come up with other plans. ‘Just wait until I advance my cultivation base a bit more. When I’m in the Energy Incarnation level, there will be nothing to worry about. I’ll definitely be able to destroy any opponent, even a Master of Energy. For now, the best thing is to keep things civil with the Yan Clan. Considering I saved Yan Feixia, the city magistrate probably won’t do anything against the Yang Clan for the time being.’

Ever since he started cultivating the Strength of the Hell-Crushing Godmammoth, he had started thinking things through more clearly, and being more flexible.

“Miss, allow me to explain,” Luo Hun began, bowing his head. “Yang Qi mortally crippled a young one from another aristocratic clan. It’s a stain on the reputation of Yanhaven as a whole, and therefore, I took it upon myself to teach him a lesson.”

Yan Feixia remained silent in thought for a moment, then said, “Very well. The matter is over now. You’re dismissed, Luo Hun. This is an issue between the Chen and Yang Clans, so there’s no need for the city magistrate’s mansion to get involved. Understand?”

“Yes, Miss,” Luo Hun said. He instantly understood what she was thinking. If the Yang and Chen Clans fought amongst themselves, they would grow weaker, which would make the Yan Clan’s control over Yanhaven grow even stronger.

‘Well, she’s definitely a disciple of the esteemed True Dragon Institute,’ Yang Qi thought, nodding in admiration. Going forward, he would definitely not make the mistake of underestimating Yan Feixia.

Although he had saved her life, clan interests superseded that, both for the Yan Clan and the Yang Clan. It was only normal that she would do everything she could to further the interests of her family. Clearly, disciples of the venerable True Dragon Institute were not the type to be taken lightly.

Obviously, the fact that Yang Qi had crippled some of the elite young ones of the Chen Clan would quickly be reported back, and most likely, open conflict would erupt between the two clans on this very day.

“Very well, everyone,” Yan Feixia said. “The fact that conflict has erupted on the day of our banquet seems to indicate the city magistrate’s mansion is not being a good host. Please, let’s go in.” Waving her hand, she said, “Luo Hun, escort these Chen Clan members back to their headquarters.”

“Yes, ma’am.” Luo Hun gave a meaningful look to Yang Qi, eyes flickering with a bloodthirsty light as he licked his lips. Then he led a group of city guards over to escort the people from the Chen Clan away.

All of the other elite young ones entered the mansion.

Yan Feixia waited for Yang Qi, and then began to walk by his side, “Brother Yang, your cultivation base continues to advance without letup. Congratulations!”

Although she didn’t show it, she was actually very surprised by what had played out. Although it had been remarkable that the sixth phase Yang Qi had defeated the seventh phase black-garbed man, the fact that he then went on to stand up to the eighth phase Luo Hun further went to show how much he had advanced. It seemed likely to her that someone in the Lifeseizing level must be giving him help.

In response to her congratulations, Yang Qi waved his hand dismissively. “Oh, it’s nothing special. What’s so amazing about an occasional breakthrough? Miss Yan, did you ever uncover the truth about who was behind the incident with the House of Shadowblight? As it turns out, some members of my Yang Clan were also set upon by them. Apparently, they’re in league with the Chen Clan, which makes me wonder if they plan to remove the Yan Clan from a leadership position in Yanhaven.”

“The House of Shadowblight? In league with the Chen Clan? Are you sure about that?” Yan Feixia’s eyes glittered for a moment, then went back to normal. Nodding, she continued, “Well, I’ll definitely report the matter to my father for further investigation. After all, he oversees matters in Yanhaven, not me. I’ll be returning to the True Dragon Institute soon to continue my studies.”

‘This Yan Feixia is no simple girl,’ Yang Qi thought, a faint smile playing out on his face. Even if the Chen Clan was working with the House of Shadowblight, the Yan Clan and the city magistrate’s mansion probably wouldn’t do anything about it. They would wait until the Chen and Yang Clans fought it out. When the smoke cleared, the Yan Clan would be perfectly justified in picking up the pieces and absorbing the wealth and manpower of both clans.

Right now, many city magistrates throughout the Rich-Lush Continent were trying to establish their own nations. For example, Yundale-by-the-Sea, which had become the State of Yun. Obviously, Yang Qi wondered whether Yan Gufeng had similar plans. If Yanhaven became the State of Yan, then the Yan Clan would be its royal house.

Smiling, he put aside the matter of the Chen Clan.

The talented young ones from the other aristocratic clans noticed that Yang Qi and Yan Feixia were chatting like old friends. That, coupled with the show of might he had just put on, further reinforced the fact that they were likely going to play supporting roles during the banquet, and little more. Not only did it cause them to sigh inwardly, but considering how ambitious most of them were, it caused their jealousy of Yang Qi to grow stronger.

A short time later, they arrived at the banquet hall, which was already buzzing with activity. Beautiful women were everywhere performing songs and dances, and exquisite delicacies were being served.

The ultimate ruler of Yanhaven, Yan Gufeng, sat tall and straight at the front of the chamber, looking like an emperor inspecting his court officials as the elite young ones entered.

Whoever his gaze touched, no matter how much of an arrogant genius they were, would be forced to bow their head meekly.

Seeing such reactions caused Yan Gufeng to nod in satisfaction. But then he caught sight of Yang Qi, and his sharp gaze stabbed into him in an attempt to analyze how his true energy flowed.

Shivering, Yang Qi looked up, and met Yan Gufeng’s gaze.

In the blink of an eye, it felt as though the brilliance of the sun and the moon were coursing painfully through his meridians, causing immense pressure to weigh down on him, both psychological and from energy arts.

“Concealed by hell, as cryptic as the Yellow Springs….” he murmured to himself.

The Strength of the Hell-Crushing Godmammoth instantly went to work, ensuring that all Yan Gufeng saw inside of Yang Qi was a blank emptiness. He had absolutely no way of locking down onto the true energy flowing inside him.


Yang Qi suddenly heard an explosive snort in his head, causing his mind to tremble. It was Yan Gufeng, and the outright hostility in the sound could not have been more obvious.

Yang Qi could tell that his show of strength outside the gate had provoked a rancorous response from Yan Gufeng.

However, he pretended not to notice, and simply let Yan Gufeng stare at him. He even plastered a carefree smile onto his face.

A moment passed, and then Yan Gufeng looked away. Looking around at all the elite young ones, he waved his hand in grand fashion. “Greetings, everyone.”

“Greetings, exalted City Magistrate….” they responded in unison.

All of the young ones could sense the power rippling off of him, the power of ninth phase energy arts, that of a Master of Energy.

Every word and action on his part could influence the hearts and minds of others, and the mere wave of his hand made it clear that he was a leader of men, an expert who had practiced cultivation to the pinnacle of the Energy Arts level.

‘The Master of Energy level is incredible,’ Yang Qi thought. ‘But after that is the Lifeseizing level. I wonder how terrifying that is? Supposedly there are even higher levels past Lifeseizing. I wonder what they’re like?’ In that moment in which he had experienced Yan Gufeng’s gaze, and felt his hostility, he had also been able to sense how profound his energy arts and cultivation base were.

Yang Qi could defeat eighth phase experts in battle. But as for the ninth phase, the Master of Energy level, their profundity was as deep as the sea. They were on a completely different level than the eighth phase.

They were the true grandmasters of energy arts.

“This banquet is being thrown so that I can personally assess the prodigies of Yanhaven. There’s no reason for any of you to hold back in the competition to come.” As Yan Gufeng looked out at the crowd, his eyes once again turned to Yang Qi. By this point, there was no way he didn’t realize how outstanding Yang Qi was, and that none of the other elite young ones were a match for him.

Earlier, he had been looking forward to the martial arts competition. But now, all of that interest had faded away.

“Feixia, I have some matters to attend to. You preside over the banquet.” With that, Yan Gufeng stood and walked out.

The assembled elites all rose to their feet. “Take care, City Magistrate.”

Each and every one of them was feeling very blank inside. Before the banquet even began, Yang Qi stole all the thunder. There could be no more depressing thing in life than to be relegated to a supporting role.

Some of the more dispirited elites only sat around for a few minutes before saying farewell to Yan Feixia and leaving.

Yang Qi sat there, watching coldly.

Yan Feixia didn’t have much of a reaction either. After one young elite after another left, the mood in the banquet hall was less than cheerful.

At one point, Yan Feixia suddenly raised her drinking vessel to Yang Qi in a toast. “Brother Yang Qi, it looks like you really stole the spotlight. By leaving, all of the other young elites in Yanhaven are all admitting that they can’t fight you. Before long, you’ll definitely be known as the top prodigy in Yanhaven.”

“Yanhaven’s a tiny place,” he replied, “so that’s not saying much. I’m just a frog in a well who has never seen the wider world. Miss Yan, you study at the True Dragon Institute, one of the top places of learning in all of the Rich-Lush Continent. What types of geniuses have you seen there? Perhaps you could help me to understand the world a bit better.”

Yang Qi was rejecting her flattery, but at the same time, probing for information.

“Hm. Well, there are some geniuses of your level at the True Dragon Institute. After all, we produce spectacular individuals, the type who can dominate the world and everyone in it. If you have a chance, Brother Yang Qi, you should go there and see if they have a spot for you.”

It was impossible for Yan Feixia to cover up the pride she felt regarding the True Dragon Institute, which was typical among the students from there.

Just when Yang Qi was about to ask some more questions about the place, an old man rushed in, who was none other than the Yang Clan’s steward.

“Third Young Master, something bad has happened. The Chen Clan has put together an army of experts and are heading toward the Yang Clan mansion this very moment. First Young Master and Second Young Master aren’t going to be able to hold them off. Your father is in a critical juncture of cultivation. You need to go back to coordinate the defense!”

“What?” Yang Qi said, rising to his feet. “The Chen Clan made their move already? They sure take clan affairs seriously.” Clasping hands toward Yan Feixia, he said, “There’s a situation with my clan, so I’m afraid I can’t accompany you any longer. I’ll take my leave now.”

“Good luck, Brother Yang,” Yan Feixia said, a faint smile playing out across her face.


Yang Qi vanished.

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