Sage Monarch

Chapter 1433: Chief of Police
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Chapter 1433: Chief of Police

Translator: Deathblade

Editor: Chesire Phoenix

After the book was opened and the ordainment complete, Yang Qi felt a tremor pass through him, and could then sense some of the destiny converging on him. A tiny, fiery stream flowed down from the overarching net, passing into him as he became part of the system.

The power in that destiny was enough to directly push an ordinary person into the peak Perfect God level. To a weak and unimportant person, it would represent an incredible amount of godpower. Unfortunately, it didn’t really provide much help at all to Yang Qi. After all, he was already on the verge of stepping into the peak Paramount God level.

However, being connected to this destiny was going to be very helpful, as it gave him a middling standing in the House of the Invincible.

He was now a supervisory inspector of the Land of Flowerhill. In other words, a police chief.

It was a position that involved overseeing various criminal cases and disputes in the land, as well as dealing with friction between different interest groups. Even in a tiny place like the Eternal-Life God-Dynasty, there were still numerous conflicts to resolve, so it was hard to imagine what was involved in administering a place like the Land of Flowerhill.

Of course, he wouldn’t have any authority outside of this place.

Right now, he was under the direct authority of his four agents. In fact, as soon as he received the destiny and became part of the system, he could sense that he was supposed to be literally under their control.

Yang Qi wasn’t worried about that. The God Legion Seal could negate all such forms of control, ensuring that he still had complete authority over his four agents.

Meanwhile, the Second Devil General was also ordained as a supervisory inspector, and as the destiny flowed into him, he initially smiled with satisfaction, then frowned. “This destiny is insufficient! Our power and authority is far too weak!”

“Don’t worry,” Yang Qi said. “We have time to work our way up. We’re only police chiefs now, so this level of destiny is more than sufficient. Going forward, we’ll throw ourselves into the infighting! Now, the four of you need to take this wealth and start building up the Land of Flowerhill. Improve its destiny, and at the same time, start stockpiling resources from the House of the Invincible. In the coming days, I'm going to refine my plan and figure out what to do going forward.”

“Yes sir!”

As a police chief, he wouldn’t actually command subordinates or handle day-to-day affairs. Right now, his focus was on ensuring that his agents could rise through the ranks. All he needed was an official position in the House of the Invincible, and he would be able to get to work furthering his interests.

During the days that followed, the Second Devil General worked on his cultivation, and Yang Qi familiarized himself with the House of the Invincible, including the resources available and its general structure.


Yang Qi opened an enormous book, causing the entire mansion grotto to tremble from the force.

The book was as tall as an average person, and glittered with golden light. Several characters were carved into its cover, revealing its title to be True Sutra of the Invincible. It was a record of everything related to the House of the Invincible, and was similar to the Great Classic of God Ordainment.

One thing he learned was that there were too many places like the Land of Flowerhill to count. And they rose and fell constantly, whether by warfare or because of other reasons.

Because of that, a new edition of the True Sutra of the Invincible would come out every year. And even then, it was never up to date, considering the changes that would happen on a daily basis. In fact, in the handful of days it took Yang Qi to study the book, it was likely that numerous territories on the same level as the Land of Flowerhill had sprung up throughout the sect.

The god world was huge, and the House of the Invincible was constantly expanding. But at least he had a basic understanding now. And he also knew which interest groups were in conflict with the Land of Flowerhill.

For the most part, the Land of Flowerhill was too small to have dealings with any groups other than those in the immediate vicinity. For example, the Land of Godscript, Land of Heavenclan, Land of Deadleaf, Land of Witherdrift, Land of Lilypads, Land of Amberflight, and others.

Some of those areas were more powerful than others. And some people within them were too important to be limited to one land.

For instance, of Yang Qi’s four agents, one of them was the viceroy. However, he was only the viceroy of a single land. Some viceroys controlled three, or even four lands. There were even some government officials who acted as viceroy of ten different lands.

And truly powerful individuals would control thousands or tens of thousands of them.

Obviously, someone who was a viceroy of ten thousand lands would be a peak Paramount God with a psychic scale and godhood rating of at least a billion.

Clearly, while the leader of a single land and the leader of ten thousand would both share the title of viceroy, they were completely different from each other. It was similar to how an elephant beetle and an elephant both shared the word ‘elephant’. Yet could they really be compared to each other?

Yang Qi’s immediate plan was to ensure that each of his four agents became the viceroy of multiple lands. Right now, the destiny they could provide was simply too negligible. It would only be when they commanded ten or more lands that they could start to make a difference.

He had already confirmed that the Invincible Dynasty was a feudal system in which power was relegated downward along with destiny. For now, he wasn’t able to even make contact with the truly powerful people, such as the emperor and the court.

Sprite Susu’s betrothed, Dugu Yunkong, was a high-ranking person like that.

While Yang Qi did his research, his agents remained at his side to answer any questions. At a certain point, Yang Qi pointed at a listing in the True Sutra of the Invincible and said, “This person. He's the one we’ll take out!”

His four agents responded with surprise. “A viceroy of ten lands? Dugu Nimou? He’s one of our most powerful adversaries, the same one who colluded with people from the Chiliocosm Dynasty to harm our master. You see, our Master learned of a major conspiracy involving the Chiliocosm Dynasty, and wanted to get hard evidence. Unfortunately—”

“I'm already familiar with the details. This is the person we’re going to target, since the higher-ups won’t ask any questions. They’ll just chalk it up to a personal vendetta. I've already read all his information. He colluded with the Chiliocosm Dynasty for the purpose of improving his destiny and cultivation base. Although he technically didn’t do anything treasonous, we can still claim that we're punishing him for his misdeeds.

“Let’s do it this way. Figure out a way to get your Master outside of the sect. There, the Second Devil General will subdue him and I’ll heal his wounds. Then we can start working on our master plan. We’ll figure out where Dugu Nimou does business with the House of the Chiliocosm. Then we’ll ambush them, rob him blind, kill the people from the other dynasty, and frame him for everything. Afterward, we’ll simply take over his lands. And in the end, both I and the Second Devil General will be viceroys.”

“Not bad,” the Second Devil General said. “Not a bad plan at all. Although, it's nothing but a small-scale conspiracy.”

“Things always start out small,” Yang Qi replied. “Besides, to us, it's not small-scale. Jumping up to a position of commanding ten lands is going to bring immense benefits.”

“Fine. Besides, you’re the one in charge of all the crafty plots and machinations. You really are full of wicked tricks, boy. You even fooled me in the past. I'm just going to continue focusing on getting my strength back. I don’t have the time to plot and scheme. I'll just get myself ready to destroy the House of the Invincible.”

“Considering how strong the House of the Invincible is, even if you were at full strength, you might not succeed in destroying it. In any case, the plan is set, it's time to get to work.”

“Yes sir,” his four agents said as they flew away.

Their Master was named Dugu Hong, and he wasn't a viceroy, but rather an imperial supervisory censor, in other words, an official in charge of the discipline of viceroys. Because of his position, he had offended many people.

Although imperial supervisory censors were of a higher rank than viceroys, in terms of general power in the sect, there wasn’t a huge difference between them. And as long as the censors had evidence of misconduct, they could punish the viceroys however they wished.

Dugu Hong had a powerful cultivation base. His psychic scale and godhood rating were around five or six hundred million, placing him high on Yang Qi’s list of targets to acquire.

“Let’s go, Second Devil General,” Yang Qi said. “We're leaving the House of the Invincible to handle Dugu Hong. Doing it in the sect would be just too dangerous.”

“Let’s go!”


Now that they had official positions and were part of the system, it was easy to come and go. The destiny didn’t cause any problem for them.

“By the way, Yang Qi, considering we're both police chiefs and the destiny won’t cause any problems for us, why don't we sneak deeper into the sect and try to steal some treasure? I know the bastard patriarchs of this place have stockpiled some amazing things. For instance, they used to have Invincible Gold Pills, which were born out of primal-chaos and are considered preheaven treasures. If we could get some of those pills, my cultivation base would be back to normal in no time. And that piece of the Mahātmā Jade is probably near those pills. Let’s just work together to steal them.”

Yang Qi gave an enigmatic smile. “If you’re so confident, why not go do that yourself? What do you need my help for?”

“I could if I wanted to. But that purrling of yours might come in very handy. If it could sneak around in the halls of heaven, then getting around in the House of the Invincible would be a simple task for it.”

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