Rolling love

Chapter 36
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After Yan Liang sent away her mother, she asked her assistant to call back the colleagues and the meeting continued

After nearly one hour of discussion, the team finally decided to use the third set of designs. Once the samples came out, Ya Yan’s new herbal range would be formally put into production. The launch activities would also start after that. fr eeweb novel

( Miumiu: Ugh I hate translating these corporate parts. I should just summarise. “Meeting happened and some decisions were taken. End” ..ha ha)

In addition to this meeting, Yan Liang had no other things to attend to today. She specifically left work early to take the marriage certificate to the law firm. Again she was received by a senior lawyer.

The senior lawyer was in awe of Yan Liang, not because he admired her, but because he thought she was crazy.

Tomorrow morning he would be able to formally transfer the shares to her. Relieved, Yan Liang could finally give herself a vacation.

When she came out of the Civil Bureau, both Jiang Yu Nan and she had appointments. Both had decided to get off early from work. It was the first night of their wedding. Even though they weren’t travelling and there was no honeymoon, they couldn’t waste the first night on overtime.

As she was driving, suddenly her cell phone rang.

She looked at the phone. It was Secretary Liu. This surprised her. Secretary Liu was the former secretary of her father, but now this number was being used by Xu Jin Fu’s new secretary. Secretary Liu’s long career in Xu had been completely wrecked by Xu Jin Fu

Yan Liang wanted to ignore the call, but on second thoughts, she answered the phone. There was an unfamiliar voice on the other end, “Ms Yan.. .”

“Yes”. freewebno(v)el

“Your father has just received a law ...”

There was no need to listen to her anymore. She immediately interrupted her, “If my father would like to express his views on my marriage, then please tell him that this is a private matter and he need not worry. If he cannot bear to part with the shares, then I can only say that without my grandfather, there would be no Xu, my grandfather will not allow the company to fall in the hands of a bastard.”

The secretary at the other end could not put in a word edgeways as Yan Liang resolutely blocked her again and again. She did not know when the phone had been handed over to Xu Jin Fu who responded in an angry voice , “ Xiao Qing is your sister. How can you call her a bastard?”

Yan Liang did not answer. Her face was expressionless as she sat in the car, there wasn’t even the mildest upheaval in her heart.

Enraged by her silence, Xu Jin Fu’s roared, “ How did I give birth to someone like you who has no manners and a poisonous heart!”

Yan Liang silently hung up the phone. Her father’s next words were lost.

Before she could pull off the Bluetooth, the phone rang again. It seemed her father had not scolded her to his heart’s content, Yan Liang ignored the call.

She was still wondering if she should take some pre-emptive measures. Today, she had really cornered her father, he might take vicious actions against her

She called her assistant and instructed, “ Put out this message to the media – Xu Jin Fu’s daughter Xi Ziqing and the family’s rival, Li Bo group president Jiang Shi Jun are now in a relationship . This is a conspiracy by Jiang Shi Jun. The Xu family is strongly opposed to this, and Xu Jin Fu has severely punished his daughter.”

Her assistant, ignorant of the heart of the matter said, “Ms Yan, all this.. “

“Do what I say.”

Yan Liang hung up the phone and immediately switched it off.

The world was finally quiet, tomorrow there would be a showdown, but that was tomorrow.

When she came home, it wasn’t even six. Since her mobile phone was switched off she used the home phone to call Jiang Yu Nan. His private phone was soon picked up, but it was Secretary Li.

“He’s in a meeting?” Yan Liang asked in surprise.

Li replied, “Yes.”

“Wasn’t this cancelled?”

“I am sorry Mrs Jiang. This is too important for Mr Jiang to decline.”

The title Mrs Jiang felt strange to Yan Liang, but it sounded very sweet. Unknowingly, she smiled to herself. After a pause, she said, “ Then please tell him on my behalf that he should come home directly after the meeting is finished. He should not have dinner outside; I am personally preparing dinner for him.”


After hanging up the phone, Yan Liang suddenly realised she had boasted too much.

Personally cook? She had no such skills.

This was a home of two workaholics. The refrigerator was naturally empty. She wore a jacket and went to the nearby supermarket to pick up groceries.

While pushing the cart, she consulted some recipes on her mobile phone. She picked up a lot of ingredients and felt satisfied.

However, when she was in the kitchen washing and cutting the vegetables, she felt at a loss.

By the time the steak was fried and thrown out, the fish was fried and thrown out, the day was getting darker. This was no better than overtime. Yan Liang was aware that it was quite late; when she looked up at the wall clock it was 8 PM

And all she had was scrambled eggs with tomato.

She looked at the empty table, then at the pile of food in the trash cans. She dumped all the food on the chopping board as well.

Standing on the side of the table, she massaged her forehead. She sighed and gave up. She turned around and went back to the living room to call the restaurant

Half an hour later, the table was filled with food. As she sent away the delivery staff and looked at the table, she smiled. She looked at the clock again, it was 9 o clock.

He would probably have finished work by now.

She went back to the sofa to wait for Jiang Yu Nan


10 O’Clock......

...... ...

...... ...

She was awakened by the sound of the door opening.

She half raised her body from the sofa, and looked questioningly at the door.. Jiang Yu Nan had finally come home.

At one o clock – when she looked at the clock, her expression turned ugly.

“ You haven’t eaten? “ Jiang Yu Nan was surprised.

Yan Liang kept quiet.

Jiang Yu Nan approached the table and looked at all the dishes that had turned cold. Then he turned back, and sat on the sofa next to Yan Liang with a very apologetic smile, “ It’s our wedding night, and my wife is alone and hungry. I plead guilty.”

Yan Liang looked at him, “ How will you apologise?”

“......” “...”

“......” “...”

“ Should I eat all the food that has gone cold?”

“ That is a good idea”. Her fingers gently lifted the cuff of his shirt to see the watch. “ I will give you half an hour to eat it all.”

He did not expect her to agree. Jiang Yu Nan frowned but ultimately resigned himself to his fate. “ Okay”.

Half an hour later, Yan Liang came to the table to check.

He had really eaten it all.

Jiang Yu Nan elegantly patted his mouth with the napkin and then praised her with a light smile, “So, my wife’s cooking skills are so good?”

Thinking of all the food that had been thrown away, Yan Liang started laughing

Before she had stopped smiling, Jiang Yu Nan added, “ Or is it the skill of the chef in the opposite restaurant?”

Yan Liang’s smile froze.

Jiang Yu Nan was still smiling. He got up and came to her from behind and embraced her. He moved her long hair to the side, exposing her neck.

With his chin resting on her shoulder, his hands slowly dipped into the hem of her clothes, “ I am full, now it is my turn to feed you..”

I am full..

She was fed well...


When she woke up the next day, it was already late. Jiang Yu Nan had already risen.

He had left a note and deactivated the alarm. “Your husband is working to make money.”

After looking at the note, she looked at the watch and was alarmed. It was ten o clock!

She quickly got up and dressed. At the same time, she looked for her phone; yesterday she had turned it off so it took some time to reboot.

The alarm setting on her phone had been deactivated as well. Was her husband’s behaviour too intimate?

Yan Liang rushed to wash up. She occasionally looked at the mirror at her own face. Her cheeks were glowing slightly, her lips were bright red and moist like flower petals.

She smiled and shook her head. Last night’s activities had addled her brain

After she finished her bath, she heard the phone ring

It was her assistant calling

She had told her assistant yesterday to update the media; presumably today she would be able to see that in the newspaper.Today would surely be an uneasy day.

She assumed her assistant was calling to tell her about the results, so she quickly answered.

“ Ms Yan!” the assistant’s panic stricken voice immediately reached Yan Liang’s ears.

Yan Liang was taken aback for a moment.

“ Something big has happened with Ya Yan!”

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