Rolling love

Chapter 35
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Because this novel is from YLโ€™s POV, we never really understand what JYN thinks or feels. But sometimes , there are hints, and in this chapter we get some inkling of his real emotions. Enjoy, and , as usual, leave me your comments. Happy Friday !

Chapter 35

She felt more nervous than she had ever felt in her entire life.

She keenly followed the changes in his facial expressions. He scrunched his eyebrows but the expression in his eyes was unreadable.

Yan Liang was really worried that he would suddenly ask her ,โ€ Why did you suddenly change your mind?โ€If he did so, she would be speechless

Yan Liang was incapable of reading this manโ€™s mood, was he a little tensed? Was he eager ? Was he doubtful ? In favour? He was just indecipherable.

Silence reigned for a long time. Yan Liang felt like a prisoner who was about to receive the judgement in the final trial.Her whole body right from the hair in her head to the tip of her toes was stiff, and even her breathing was cautious.

Finally Jiang a Yu Nan straightened his eyebrows, his face relaxed as he laughed, โ€œ You.. you want to marry me?โ€

โ€œ......โ€ โ€œ...โ€

โ€œ......โ€ โ€œ...โ€

โ€ โ€œI ... ...โ€ Yan Liang took a deep breath to calm down her rapid heartbeats, โ€œ... ... Mr. Jiang, are you willing ?

โ€œ......โ€ โ€œ...โ€

โ€œ......โ€ โ€œ...โ€

โ€œOf course.โ€

His entire bearing was so gentle and easy, Yan Liang felt as if she had been granted amnesty. She was eager to move ahead to the next step, but maintained a nonchalant appearance, only smiling slightly, to prevent him from guessing her real reasons.

The necessity of this marriage arose from her calculations of her inheritance, if this man got to know the truth..

She had no courage to continue thinking any further on those lines.

They put on their coats before leaving the car. Even before she could shut the doors, the strong wind blew at her hair, and her hair got in her eyes. She looked up at the sky. In the cold weather, dark clouds were gathering in the sky, an ominous portent that today was not a lucky day.

Yan Liang tilted her head to look at Jiang Yu Nan on the other side of the car. He had a tall and straight posture, as if even the strongest winds could not shake him. All the uncertainty in her mind instantly disappeared, and she started walking towards the Civil Bureau.

It was lunch time. The marriage registration office was currently on a break. Yan Liang and Jiang Yu Nan waited in the corridor. Taking advantage of the wait, both of them made calls to arrange for the required documents.

Jiang Yu Nan asked Secretary Li for help. It must have seemed quite ridiculous to Secretary Li , but he was good at hiding his emotions. Maintaining his professional demeanour , all he said was ,โ€ Congratulations.โ€

Aunt Liang delivered the documents to Yan Liang. Her surprise was written all over her face. Before she handed the registration book to Yan Liang, she suddenly pulled it back, peaked sideways at Jiang Yu Nan and looking back at Yan Liang asked,โ€ Miss are you sure you want to be his wife ? Your mother doesnโ€™t even know ...โ€

...โ€ ... ... โ€

Yan Liang was determined,โ€ I will tell her myself.โ€

โ€œ......โ€ โ€œ...โ€

Aunt Liang finally failed to keep the book out of Yan Liangโ€™s hands.

They waited until the lunch break ended. There were two other couples in the queue. The form was filled, pictures were taken, fingerprints submitted , documents signed and sealed, nothing very cumbersome, and then they were married. All of a sudden, Yan Liang had a feeling as if none of this was real.

Jiang Yu Nan stretched out his hand to touch his shoulder and she shrunk instinctively. Her reaction was not like that of a joyous bride. As he held her hand, he realised it was cold as ice. Jiang Yu Nan looked at her , puzzled, โ€œ Whatโ€™s the matter?โ€

โ€œ I just feel as if,.. this isnโ€™t real.โ€

Jiang Yu Nan silently shook his head and laughed. He bowed his head to see the marriage certificate, then raised her chin to kiss her lightly in front of everyone.

The other couples watching Jiang Yu Nan and Yan Liang all reacted differently. One looked at his partner and smiled. One was fiddling with his tie from the tension. He relaxed, stopped the fiddling and pulled at his girlfriends hand.

When the short kiss ended, Jiang Yu Nan did not let go of her. With his chin close to her forehead, he softly asked her , โ€œ Does it feel real now?โ€

His chest was really warm. Yan Liang finally inhaled deeply.

She moved out of his embrace and extended a hand towards him,โ€Happy wedding.โ€

Her smile and gesture was similar to how one partner greeted another after a successful contract signing. Jiang Yu Nan smiled and held her hand ,โ€Happy Wedding.โ€

They shook hands.

But this contract was everlasting.

Although Yan Liang had specifically asked Aunt Liang not to say anything, when Yan Liang was still at work in the evening, her mother barged into the room.

She and her colleagues were deciding on the third set of designs sent by the design department. She was in fact listening to the statement of the product director and looking at the draft when they all heard a loud bang on the door, scaring everyone.

As Yan Liang rose from her seat, she heard a voice snapping,โ€Nonsense!โ€

This voice..

Nearly ten people in the room all turned their attention to the door.

Yan Liang knew it was her mother, she looked sullenly at the door.

Yan Liang had naturally expected her mother to be angry. Even though she had a good reason, her scalp was tingling with anticipation tinged with fear. She looked at the slightly scared expressions on her colleaguesโ€™ faces; silently sighing, she used her usual tone to suggest, โ€œ Please leave the room.โ€

Her colleagues looked at each other and reached a tacit understanding between them that this was clearly the best course of action. Picking up their documents, they left the room.

They all passed the lady standing at the door, their heads lowered and their shoulders hunched , as if they saw nothing.

โ€œWhy did you come here ?โ€

Yan Liangโ€™s question was completely ignored. Her mother walked towards her with measured steps, clearly in a rage. The blue light from the projector created a halo on the side of the faces of the mother and daughter.

โ€œ If I hadnโ€™t canceled my beauty treatment today and come back home early, if I hadnโ€™t seen Aunt Liang put your registration book back in the study, then would I have ever known that my daughter had gotten married?โ€

"......." โ€œ.......โ€

โ€œYou are too impulsive, how can marriage be so ... ...โ€

Yan Liang had expected her mother to react like this, she quietly heard her then solemnly replied,โ€ Mom, I have made this decision after much thought. Even you sung praises of Jiang Yu Nan. What happened now?โ€

Her mother listened to her remarks and became even more furious. โ€œ I was full of praises for him because of his ability to work, because he can help the Xu Group make money ! As for marriage, Lu Zheng is the most suitable for you. He can help you gain a foothold in Xu.โ€

Yan Liang could not help but sneer.

She reasoned with her mother,โ€ If I marry a person like Lu Zheng, I will only be an accessory by my husbandโ€™s side. My understanding of Lu Zheng is that he simply looks down upon Xu and itโ€™s mess. So you think he will spend effort on this mess for me?โ€

"......" โ€œ...โ€

โ€œ And a lot of people know that Lu Mingting has clearly announced that his future daughter in law will not get involved in business like men.โ€

Yan liangโ€™s mother frowned, clearly hesitating a bit.She had obviously heard this rumour as well. ๐™›๐™ง๐™š๐™š๐™ฌ๐™š๐’ƒ๐’๐“ธ๐’—๐™š๐“ต.๐™˜๐“ธ๐’Ž

Yan Liang wanted to pause for a few minutes in her efforts to persuade her mother, but she did not want to give her mother too much time to think, said she again continued quickly, โ€œ if I want only a huge monthly allowance to squander , then Lu Zheng is my best choice.โ€

"......" โ€œ...โ€

โ€œBut what I want is Xu, I want my own empire, not like my mother , a rich wife, who bet all her happiness on a man.โ€

Her mothers eyes saddened, she had ruthlessly drawn out the secret pain in her heart.

Betting all on a man...

The biggest pain that lay in the heart of a woman married for thirty years.

*** ***

Yan Mu looked silently at Yan Liang. Yan Liang could not meet her gaze.

She did not continue on the same lines, but changed her tack,โ€ Mom, I calculated, if Jiang Yu Nan and I get married, I will be able to get grandfatherโ€™s shares. This, together with the fact that Jiang Yu Nan. Is trusted by the directors, should enable me to get the support of at least half of the board. Then, for me to enter the company is just a matter of time.โ€ freewebn(o)

Her mother was quiet for a long time while the blue light from the projection screen continue to change shapes on her face. Because of the changing lights on her face, and the fact that her beauty regime to prevent wrinkles had limited her range of expression, Yan Liang was unable to make out if her mother was reconciled or sad.

Perhaps this was a motherโ€™s selfishness, โ€œ Yan Liang, you are using the marriage as a bargaining chip, one day you will get exhausted. I wanted you to marry Lu Zheng. One day, when you are tired and want to leave Xu, with Lu Zheng, you will be very stable.โ€

"......" โ€œ...โ€

"......" โ€œ...โ€

The marriage was a bargaining chip, but not just a chip, they also loved each other.

Yan Liang thought this, but she wanted to finally calm her motherโ€™s concerns completely, so she stated boldly, โ€œ I want to be successful, not stable.โ€

...... ...

โ€œ I want to be successful, not stable ... โ€œ

Concealed outside the conference room, Jiang Yu Nan silently heard the conversation and sneered

He decided not to stay any longer, he took a U-turn and left.

(Miumiu : oh gosh! And this is why you should not be eavesdropping at the door, you didnโ€™t hear her say in her heart that both of you loved each other did you?? Ugh!)

His footsteps, which were always vigorous and resolute were a bit awry.

When he reached the elevator, he called up Secretary Li.

โ€œMr Jiang ?โ€ Secretary Li was surprised to get a call from him.

He said coldly , โ€œWhen is the meeting with President Wu?โ€

Secretary Li responded immediately, โ€œ Didnโ€™t you tell me earlier that your trip for the next two days should be cancelled ? That you wanted to spend time with Yan Liang for the next two days ?โ€

Even before he was finished he was interrupted, โ€œ What time?โ€

Secretary Li now understood, there was a hint of pain and sorrow in the voice of his employer. After a pause, he replied ,โ€Four thirty.โ€

Miumiu :This pair of lovers is really star crossed. The pain in Jiang Yu Nanโ€™s voice clearly indicates he had feelings for Yan Liang as well. He probably rushed down to provide moral support when he heard that Yan Liangโ€™s mother was on a warpath. Then he hears this. Yan Liang is also to blame, probably because she had been in a dysfunctional family, she doesnโ€™t know how to emote naturally. Imagine shaking hands after marrying !!!

Now that he has misunderstood her , he will only hide it, making Yan Liang think, when she finds out his real mission, that he never loved her at all ! I feel sad for the pair.

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