Rolling love

Chapter 34
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I’m getting a little irritated with those annoying websites that steal my work with no credit to the translator. I mean I’m ok if they take it,but they should put the translator name. Anyway, I was wondering I could put up a mock post on Monday for a few hours and then put the real one a few hours later? Just a prank that makes me feel better. And for all those people who don’t bother to move away from those sites some gobbledegook to read ????

Here’s the new chapter. Yan Liang takes a drastic step to protect her interests when she hears about Xu Ziqing...

Chapter 34

Yan Liang gave it a little thought, then smiled. Her smile was like the winter scenery outside the window, bleak, almost desolate. “Or, are you worried that if I know about this, in order to safeguard my own interests, I will be really ruthless and kill Xu Ziqing?”

It seems her jab hit the mark, there was a trace of panic in Zhou Cheng’s eyes.

This is what he was really worried about.. Yan Liang nodded to herself. Her throat choked and she could feel the tears coming. She forced herself to smile, she even laughed and said , “ Yes. How dare I expect you to stand by my side?”

Zhou Cheng was stunned for a moment, then he hurriedly stood up and came around the desk to stand by her side. He put a hand on her shoulders and tried unsuccessfully to comfort her, “ Yan”

Yan Liang laughed again and brushed off his hand. She looked into his eyes and said coldly “All of you just keep watching me with your eyes wide open. Just see how I snatch everything back from her hands.”

As she said this, the determination in her heart was evident, her words relentless. Zhou Cheng grimaced ,” Yan Liang, don’t..”

Before he could finish his sentence, Yan Liang gave him a smile of ridicule. Then she turned around, picked up the file from his table and did not hesitate to leave. Staying would only increase her disdain for him.

After leaving the finance department, she did not go back to the office. Instead she left the company and she drove all the way to the official attorneys of the Xu Group, Kang Law Firm. They were not only the official legal advisors for the Xu Group, but they also served as personal legal advisors for the Xu family for many years and were responsible for their legal affairs.

The main lawyer was not in the country, which was very good for Yan Liang as the other partner of the firm greeted Yan Liang with a high degree of respect.

The purpose of going there was simple, “ I want to have a look at my grandfather’s will.”

The lawyer and the young lady had only met a few times in the past. Her sudden visit and strange request made him quite curious, “ If it’s not inconvenient, may I ask why you want to suddenly see this?”

Yan Liang just gave him a formal smile, she was reluctant to give him an answer. The lawyer had to respect the wishes of his clients. He did not ask anymore, and led her directly to the file room.

Because the will had already been read openly, Yan Liang was able to view the will without permission. She took out the original will. The paper was old, it’s edges had yellowed over the years.

When her grandfather died, Yan Liang had just learned to walk. She was extremely unfamiliar with the final signature in the document. While she had heard about the contents of the will over the years, she was not completely familiar with the terms.

She now personally checked, the contents of the will were not very different from what she had heard.

After reading carefully, she looked up at the senior lawyer, “My grandfather designated a part of his shares in Xu for me to inherit, but the succession of authority is only effected when I marry. As long as I get a certificate of marriage, these shares will automatically pass on to me, is that correct?”


“Why is this rule there?”

At her question, the senior lawyer was a bit hesitant , thinking about how to couch the answer in a diplomatic manner. “ This will prevent the shares going into the hands of people your grandfather did not like.”

“People he did not my father?”

The senior lawyer was surprised for a moment. He admired this young woman.

Seeing the lawyer smile, Yan Liang realised that her guess was correct. She continued to ponder over the provisions of the will and carefully speculated, “ If the stock were vested to my mother, then my father would get half. And finally what would come to me would be lesser. On the other hand, if I get married and get the shares after that, since I have reached the age of marriage, it can be safely assumed that I am no longer under my father’s control. So if the shares are given to me then, they are unlikely to go to him.”

Yan Liang finished, looking at the lawyer like a high school student asking for affirmation from her teacher. The lawyer did not say anything, just smiled. Yan Liang gave him the file back, “Thank you.”

“Do you need anything else?”


Yan Liang left the law firm. Standing downstairs in the building she took out her phone and dialled.

Jiang Yu Nan’s personal phone was switched off , so Yan Liang tried his secretary next.

“Ms Yan?”

Secretary Li had been to Jiang Yu Nan’s home several times on official work and had seen Yan Liang there. The relationship between Yan Liang and Jiang Yu Nan was a closely guarded secret*, but nevertheless, Yan Liang was a little bit embarrassed when she heard his voice on the other end. After a pause , she asked , “ Where is Mr Jiang ?”

*(Miumiu : really ? Closely guarded secret? The way y’all have been kissing all over the office thank the heavens it’s still a secret!)

“We are having lunch with the seniors in the Food and Drug Administration.”

Yan Liang looked at her wrist watch, it really was lunch time.

“I would like to meet Mr Jiang alone to discuss something. Can you help me arrange that?”

“Is it very urgent ?”


“Mr Jiang is scheduled to travel from next week. I can tell you..”, at this point, Secretary Li seemed to be checking the schedule, “ if he doesn’t work overtime tonight, he will be able to leave by 900 pm. Miss Yan can always go home and talk to him then.”

(Miumiu : Hmm..why do I feel this Secretary Li is not supportive of the relationship?)

With this, secretary Li threw cold water over her plans. She sighed, hung up and took the car to go back to the company. On the way, her cell phone rang.

She kept her attention on the road as she picked up her Bluetooth to answer the call, “ Hello.”

The other side responded very concisely, “ Where are you?”

*** ***

This translation for only. Please do not copy.

Yan Liang was surprised for a moment, then she reacted, “ Aren’t you having lunch with the seniors in FDA?”

Jiang Yu Nan was non committal, but asked, “ Didn’t you say this was urgent?”

“......” “...”

“......” “...” f(r)eeweb(n)ovel

In the silence, Yan Liang bit her lip. She stopped the car by the roadside, took a deep breath and said ,” I need to meet you.”

There was a little silence.” Where are you now? I’ll pick you up.”

“Isn’t your schedule for today full?”

“”You are more important.” Jiang Yu Nan said casually.

...... you...... freewebnovel.c(o)m

...... more important......

He said this in a relaxed and natural tone , as if to say there was nothing unusual in this declaration.

Such an understatement, but it gave Yan Liang’s heart a vicious blow. She froze for several seconds before recovering ,”No, I have a car,I’ll pick you up.”

Jiang Yu Nan told her the address of the hotel. Yan Liang hung up the phone and immediately took a U-turn, then accelerated.


It was rush hour , there was a serious traffic jam and it took half an hour to reach the street where the hotel was located. She called Jiang Yunan: “I have arrived.”

After hanging up, she drove into the hotel’s vestibular. Even before the car had stopped, she saw Jiang a Yu Nan walking out of the door.

He also saw the car, and came towards the passenger side.

In the peak of winter, he was wearing only a thin coat over his suit, his gloves, the same colour as his shoes, the only warm clothing he had on.

As he got in the car, the cold outside seeped in and Yan Liang turned the heater on high.

Jiang Yu Nan’s face was as chilly as the winter when she earlier saw him through the window,now on seeing her, it was obvious that his expression had thawed a lot,” Talk.”

It was chilly, and now her hands were like ice. She did not know how to start , so she started the car instead ,” First, we need to go somewhere.”

She did not answer, Jiang Yu Nan did not push.

All the way to their destination, Yan Liang gripped the steering wheel tightly. Jiang Yu Nan only asked her once, “Are you cold?”

“A little bit.”

He turned the heater to a higher temperature.

She drove smoothly as the interior of the car was in complete silence. Finally, after preparing herself mentally, although still looking at the road, she addressed her words to Jiang Yu Nan , she said, “ I don’t want to get engaged.”

She did not look at him, but obviously knew what his reaction would be.

She felt as if the car got colder, from thirty degrees, it seemed the temperature in the car plunged suddenly to freezing point

After a long while,” The reason ?” Jiang Yu Nan asked solemnly his voice low.

As he finished speaking, Yan Liang stopped the car. Jiang Yu Nan looked out of the window and was stunned,

A variety of unknown emotions passed over his face.

He had not yet recovered from when he saw the plaque that said “Civil Administration” when he heard Yan Liang’s voice.

“Let’s just get married directly.”

Miumiu : Jiang Yu Nan was so awesome in this when he said “You are more important !” I bet no one ever told that to Yan Liang or made her feel that way.This is why I like him so much. ????

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