Rolling love

Chapter 33
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Yan Liang finds out more than she bargained for. I really feel sad for her, she seems a lone warrior with no support from anyone at all...

For those of you who have been asking, the betrayal comes in chapter 45-46. Hopefully we will be there next week around the middle depending on my speed.

Chapter 33

“What happened?”

Having such a highly alert lover was sometimes terrible , the risk of being exposed as a liar was too high.

“Nothing really..”

She did not want to talk about it and he didn’t force her.

Jiang Yu Nan got up and walked toward the study, a moment later he came back and gave Yan Liang a business card: “This is ostensibly a financial company, but ... ... they can definitely help you. “

She looked at the card carefully, and silently took it from him.

Her mind was chaotic, she didn’t feel the least bit sleepy. Next to her , Jiang Yu Nan was sitting quietly. The interior of the house was silent and Yan Liang’s thoughts drifted away ,remembering the countless times Zhou Cheng acted as a shield to Xu Ziqing.

Yan Liang was jealous and resentful of the way Zhou Cheng treated Xu Ziqing. Her jealousy had reduced, but not her resentment, and her envy of their relationship was growing.

And then she looked to her side where Mr Jiang had almost fallen asleep.

He was so sleepy, yet he was willing to sit next to her in silence in the living room. But even then, some kind of sixth sense was warning her, she always felt that this man was a dangerous and unknown quantity.

Thinking of him, she turned side ways and raised her body over his knees to sit astride him. As soon as she sat,he was naturally woken up. All sleepiness was swept away from his eyes as he looked at her.


Yan Liang leaned over and kissed him, then looked up to see

his reaction, and then bowed her head.

Jiang Yu Nan smiled at her,”Why are you in this mood today ?”

She did not answer him, instead she asked, “ Are you tired?”

“A little bit.”

Her ardour was instantly cooled by his words. Swinging her legs to the side, she stood up from the sofa at the next moment, and extended her hand towards Jiang Yu Nan, intending to pull him up.”Then you quickly wash up”, she glanced at the wall clock, “ it’s almost three in the morning.”

Before she had finished, Jiang Yu Nan pulled her back. Instead of Yan Liang pulling him up , he pulled her back down to the sofa.

Before she could even sit on the sofa, he pulled her on to his lap.

With her head resting on his legs, she saw him bend closer to her, the distance between the two decreasing slowly till they were so close that she could see her reflection in his eyes. Jiang Yu Nan slowly said, “ Its very rare for Ms Yan to be in this mood, for this,Mr Jiang will fight his tiredness.”

Because it was winter, there were too many clothes, removing each piece was cumbersome. The floor next to the sofa was almost filled with clothing. Jiang Yu Nan kissed her shoulders as he unhooked her bra, then waited for her to raise her arms so that he could remove the bra.

Yan Liang was completely reluctant to move. She had been so busy for so long, she now knew what it was to feel weak and exhausted.

When he felt her not responding to his kiss, he stopped, then turned her face to look at him.

Yan Liang pouted, a rare pampered expression on her face, “ Don’t want to. Tired.”

Jiang Yu Nan continued to lie on her for a while, then got up and put on his shirt.

Most of the shirt buttons were open. When he looked to his side to fasten the buttons, he saw that Yan Liang was still lying there, one hand covering her eyes while the other clutched at her bra. Lying motionless like that, she looked quite funny.

He laughed silently , shook his head and picked her up.

Yan Liang put her arms around his neck as he moved into the bedroom. She did not even want to brush her teeth , she wrapped a quilt around herself and immediately prepared sleep.

Jiang Yu Nan sat on the bed and pulled the quilt off her head. This woman was so busy that she hadn’t even put make up on, her bare face was exposed.

“You tease me and then won’t do it. This is really tough.”

Yan Liang did not answer, she pulled the quilt to cover herself.

Jiang Yu Nan realised there was no way she was going to get up, so he went to the bathroom to wash up.

Yan Liang only heard him leave. Soon she was in deep sleep. When she woke up, she had no idea how long she had slept, she was only aware that Jiang Yu Nan’s arm was around her waist.

She turned back to see him sleeping.

This man was born handsome. As she listened closely, she could hear the sound of him breathing.

A long time ago, there was a saying in a book she had read, Yan Liang was suddenly reminded of it. It said: Love is not expressed through the desire to make love, but is reflected through the desire to just sleep side by side.

She turned her body to the side, closed her eyes again and took a deep breath. Her whole body was experiencing a sense of peace and calmness.

Whatever was bothering her, she didn’t want to think about it now. There were many things she would need to deal with, spend time on sooner or later..

In less than a week, the finance company gave her a detailed report on Xu Ziqing. During this period, Ziqing’s capital outflow was indeed a lot, mostly into some private investment projects. But this wasn’t much of an exception

The report was not only unable to dispel her doubts, in fact, it confused her even more. Since when had Xu Ziqing fallen in love with investments? And these were very generous investments, the risks associated would be quite high, she assumed..

As the financial company continued to dig deeper , Yan Liang’s doubts were gradually solved.These projects were mostly related to the Li Bo group. She guessed that Xu Ziqing and Jiang Shi Jun were investing together. With the news about her and Jiang Shi Jun , it looked like she wasn’t afraid to invest her financial resources with him as well.

But these were Yan Liang’s speculation only, the investigators could not help her there. She finally took these reports and went to the finance department

It was working hours at that time. She hastily walked through the finance department to the CFO’s office.

The door to the office was closed, Yan Liang opened the door without knocking. Sitting at his desk, Zhou Cheng was rapidly going through some documents while his subordinates were standing to the side.

Hearing her come in, the subordinates first looked behind.

Seeing Yan Liang, the subordinates were surprised. They were about to greet her when Yan Liang reached Zhou Cheng’s desk.

Zhou Cheng was busy reviewing the file. He did not notice her approach till a stack of documents was handed to him. He was about to set them aside when suddenly he looked scared. He pulled the documents back towards him.

He had only read two lines when his face paled, and he looked up at Yan Liang standing in front of him.

Zhou Cheng paused, then said to his subordinates ,” Please leave us alone.”

The subordinates left the office.

Zhou Cheng looked silently at Yan Liang, his fingers so tightly gripping the file that they were white.

After a long time, his grip loosened and he handed the file back to Yan Liang.

“You can say it now,’How did you find these?’”

“Mr. Xu found out from somewhere that Xu Ziqing had invested jointly with Jiang Shi Jun. You’ve also found that out, and it’s not a small amount. Jiang Shi Jun and your father have some bad history , Ziqing has really crossed the line this time. She wanted me to plead to your father on behalf of her. “

Yan Liang had earlier speculated something similar, seemed like she had guessed correctly.

She could not help laughing.

But she wasn’t totally convinced. “If it were only so simple, you would not be scared about me checking this out.”

“There..”, Zhou Cheng paused and looked at Yan Liang, a complex emotion reflecting in his eyes.

Yan Liang did not push him and waited patiently for him to continue. Seeing this, Zhou Cheng continued,”.. Your father had invited lawyers to draw up a new will where he wanted to increase Ziqing’s share. It is possible after this matter...”

Now she really wanted to laugh. But this time she didn’t. All of this had happened, and she was kept in the dark.

All of this...

In her home she was the biggest outsider...

“......” “...”

“......” “...”

After a long drawn out silence, she finally asked, “ So the reason why you did not want me to investigate is not because you were scared? You thought that if I got to know about the legacy to Xu Ziqing, I would be sad?”

Zhou did not admit. freew ebnove

Of course there was no denial.

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