Rolling love

Chapter 30
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Jiang Yu Nan says the three words.. but are these the words Yan Liang wants to hear?

Chapter 30

Yan Liang did not raise her head as she walked back to her office. Although she pretended to be indifferent, her ears were perked up to hear if Jiang Yu Nan had, in fact, followed her to her office.

Back to her office, Yan Liang closed the door. Within two seconds, the door was pushed open from outside.

Jiang Yu Nan looked at her calmly, “You’re not really upset with me , right?”

“......” “...”

“Because of the guard?”, Jiang Yu Nan gave her a questioning look.

Seeing him like this, Yan Liang bit her lips. Hesitating slightly, she tried to make her tone indifferent. “You are always so busy. During such a long business trip, you never called me. Now I am also very busy. And I wouldn’t want to bother you.”

Although she tried, she failed to hide her anger. Jiang Yu Nan narrowed his eyes and smiled, “Didn’t I rush here to find you?”

Yan Liang recalled her feelings when she saw him suddenly appearing outside the office door. Her heart beat rapidly. Obviously this answered his question to his satisfaction.

She closed the door to her office. Jiang Yu Nan pulled her by her wrist, then hugged her, his hands wrapped around her waist, and asked her, “How long will you take?”

Yan Liang looked back at the table full of documents and estimated, “ About an hour.”

There were dark circles under his eyes and he had clearly had a rather long commute. Yan Liang assumed he would be really tired. In his arms, Yan Liang looked up at his face and gently asked, “Do you want to go home now? “

He rubbed his forehead and nodded, but did not mean to leave. Reluctantly, he moved away from her. “ I will sleep on the couch. When you are done, wake me up.”

Saying this, he really lay down on the sofa in the corner.

He was 180cm tall. As he lay on the couch, there wasn’t the slightest margin. In fact, he curled up his body slightly to fit in. From her vantage point, he looked like a large, gentle dog. Yan Liang did not want to care about him, she was afraid of her feelings towards him. As his eyes closed, with a heavy heart she returned back to her desk.

The clock in the corner quietly ticked away the hours.

The office was always bright as day. The scattered light of the desktop lamp created a smooth silhouette of Yan Liang on the desk.

Outside, the darkness of the night gradually lightened to reveal the first rays of dawn.

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Finally finishing her task, Yan Liang breathed in deeply and closed her computer. She closed her eyes and stretched , then suddenly remembered there was another person in the office.

Turning towards the sofa, she saw that Jiang Yu Nan was still sleeping. Even in sleep, his eyebrows were drawn together. Yan Liang looked at the clock , unknown to her, she had been working for five hours straight.

She stretched lazily and then walked over to shake his shoulders and wake him up. But then she changed her mind and squatted next to the sofa to carefully observe him.

Yan Liang had never seen him sleeping. He was always the one who woke up first.

She felt strange seeing him like this. She could not help but want to smoothen his eyebrows and remove the look of cynical hostility he wore even in sleep.

Her lips touched his forehead.

Jiang Yu Nan opened his eyes, his look strangely vigilant.

Yan Liang panicked slightly as he looked at her with a hard expression.She instantly propped herself up from the ground and sat on the sofa opposite. Jiang Yu Nan also recovered his smile. Raising his hand, he touched his forehead, “ I was just pretending to sleep.”

Seeing that she was silent, he put on his jacket and came towards her. With one hand in the back of the sofa, he raised her chin with the other hand, “Why are you scowling?”

Yan Liang looked at his gentle face. Her brain rehashed that sudden watchful expression on his face when he woke up and her feminine intuition was warning her about something.

So she didn’t laugh, she dropped her eyes downward and asked, “ What exactly is our relationship?”

Jiang Yu Nan was taken aback.

As he delayed giving her any answer, Yan Liang raised her head and looked at him. Her heart seemed to have been caught in a vice, “Just a physical relationship?”

As her voice wavered, Jiang Yu Nan frowned fiercely.

Yan Liang could guess there were hidden emotions behind his solemn face that she could not fathom. She saw him looking at her, then he scowled. “ You think, just to get you in bed with me, I would spend so much time and energy on you , worry about you having an affair with another man, tolerate your temper, listen to you incessantly complain, try to please your father, meet your sister, rush to meet you after a long night ?”

“......” “...”

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Yan Liang had never seen him in such a towering rage before. This situation had happened for the first time, she was unsure how to handle it. Nothing had ever stumped Jiang Yu Nan, yet he seemed to be stumped by a woman’s feelings.

“Or am I supposed to understand that a woman passionately in love will always suffer like this?”, Jiang Yu Nan whispered.

This time Yan Liang was shocked. “.. I..”

Yan Liang had no clue what to say next and shut her mouth. She picked up her bag and walked towards the door, “Lets go.”

Jiang Yu Nan looked at her moving ahead, his eyes blinked.

He did not rush to keep up with her; rather he dialled the number of Secretary Li and spoke to him for a few minutes while walking to the door.

At this time, early in the morning, Jiang Yu Nan was responsible for driving them back. Yan Liang closed her eyes as she sat in the co-pilot’s seat.

If she went back home and slept, she could only sleep for an hour. Yan Liang estimated that by the time she had a bath and breakfast, it would be time to come back to work again.

Yan Liang was awakened by the ring of the phone. She woke up and realised this was not her phone that was ringing. She squinted her eyes to look at Jiang Yu Nan. He put on the Bluetooth to answer the call.

She did not know what the other side said, but Jiang Yu nan answered with an angry ‘ OK” and hung up the phone. Then he made a sharp U turn.

Seeing him suddenly changing the direction, Yan Liang wondered what the reason was. Finally she asked, “Are we not going home?”

Jiang Yu Nan’s voice was tight, “ We need to go somewhere else.”

Her intuition said this had something to do with the phone call he had just answered. She could not help but ask, “ Who called you just now?”

“Secretary Li.”

He was so serious that Yan Liang suddenly lost the urge to have any more conversation. She leaned her head on the window and settled in to sleep again.

She didn’t know when the car stopped.

Half asleep, her body bumped at the sudden deceleration. Fully awake now, she glanced out of the window. There were only a few pedestrians on the road, even fewer cars and all the shops were closed with their shutters down.

Not all the shops were closed, there was one shop where the gates had just opened and the shutters were half raised.

By her side, Jiang Yu Nan said, “Get off!”

The staff were waiting anxiously for the shutter to go up fully. Jiang Yu Nan pulled Yan Liang and walked towards the shop.

The shop staff immediately saw them and called out , “ Mr Jiang?”

Yan Liang was completely woken up when she saw the signboard.

And she was completely confused.

This was a jewelry store known for its customised wedding rings. This was not the usual business hours, the staff had rushed to open the doors specifically for them.

Jiang Yu Nan saw her surprised expression when she noted the name of the store. He saw her wondering, but before she could think of anything, he pulled her hand and entered the store.

The shop assistant hurriedly switched on the lights of the display.

Another shop assistant trailed after them, softly explaining, “Because Mr Lee only gave us notice a few hours back, my colleagues are now in the vault to retrieve the pieces that are more than two carats. Please wait for twenty minutes.”

Yan Liang stood in front of the brilliantly lit showcase, her brain was blank. By her side, Jiang Yu Nan chose two rings, the assistant took them out of the display.

Jiang Yu Nan picked up one of them, he seemed quite satisfied when he looked at them and turned towards Yan Liang.

Yan Liang frowned as she looked at the gold ring in Jiang Yu Nan’s hand, and then looked up to see his face.

She saw Jiang Yu Nan preparing to say something to her .

Yan Liang had really been waiting for this man to say three words.

But, this time, he didn’t say the three words that she had wanted to hear for so long.

Instead he said ‘ Lets get engaged.”

Will Yan Liang agree? Or will she hold out for the three words that she wants to hear? Find out tomorrow ????

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