Rise of the White Dragon

Chapter 38: Base Building Pills.
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Chapter 38: Base Building Pills.

- In the living room -

The girls were startled by Luan's arrival. Their reactions were similar to a cat whose tail had been stepped on, especially Ingrid's. She looked at Luan with embarrassment, afraid that he had heard what she said earlier.

"It's okay. I don't care if you talk about that woman," Luan said, indifferent. It looked like he had read Ingrid's thoughts.

All Ingrid said was "Oh..." She was quite surprised, and although Luan told her not to worry, Ingrid was not so bold as to continue talking about Carol.

Luan approached Ingrid and patted her on the shoulder, then he put his hand on her face, making Ingrid's maiden heart race. He then said, "Why are you so surprised? Didn't I say before that woman doesn't mean anything to me anymore?"

"Hey, my dear, brother. Did you forget that we are also here?!" Catharina said with a playful snort. She didn't imagine that her brother would treat them like the wind, and then start to act so intimately with Ingrid.

"Oh, I didn't see you." Luan cast an indifferent look.

"Bastard! Got yourself a girlfriend, and now you treat your sister like this?" Catharina stood up and crossed her arms beneath her breasts, and complained.

The moment she heard the word "girlfriend", Ingrid was stunned. Her eyes took on an even more dreamy look as she blushed violently.

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"Stop... Stop! These fights are ending our family!" Maira screamed suddenly.

"Pffft - Hahahaha!"

Catharina and Luan couldn't stand it and started laughing.

Catharina, who laughed so hard that her stomach hurt, said breathlessly, "Mother... Your performance was terrible! But I loved it!" She raised her thumb up.

Cristina and Ingrid who had been startled, seeing that it was just a joke, started to laugh together, although they were more reserved.

Maira blushed a little ashamed, but she returned to normal very quickly and said, "Okay, enough jokes; the food is ready. Now that your brother has arrived, let's eat."

"Yes." Catharina took a few deep breaths to steady herself, and agreed.

As they walked towards the dinner table, Catharina tapped her brother on the shoulder and said, "Brother, your performance was very good."

"Humph! But of course," Luan snorted playfully. Only when he was with his family would he act so relaxed.

"Tsk. Sure~!" Catharina said with a click of her tongue and smiled softly.


- March 5, Friday -

It was a hot and sunny day, a good day for swimming. In front of the Dimas mansion, the beach already had some local people sunning themselves, even some cooling off in the sea.

Luan woke up to the sunlight that reflected from his window. He opened his eyes, stood up with a yawn, stretching, and went to the bathroom.

Luan had promised his mother and sister that he would teach them more about cultivating the next day. It was mainly because during the day it was better to train, and also his mother and sister had just recovered; before starting to train, the two needed to strengthen themselves. This made him want to create pills in the morning to give them. In order not to be interrupted, Luan placed a warning sign in front of the bedroom door.

The pill that he intended to create was superior to others that he had created earlier... at least, in the matter of basic construction. The name of the pill itself was a Base Building Pill.

Leaving the bathroom, Luan put on comfortable clothes and took the oven that was close to the wardrobe. Inside the wardrobe there was a box. Luan took out the box and carried it to the middle of the room. Inside the box were all the medicinal herbs he had collected over the last few days.

Another thing that was inside the box was the energy crystal with all the fire powers of the Zing Clan. Luan intended to use the flames of the energy crystal to create the pills. This would be even more efficient, with more chances of success.

Some of the medicinal herbs were weak in energy, as the world presently did not have that much Heaven and Earth Qi. However, Luan channeled his Qi in a special way, which he learned over the years, and was able to nourish medicinal herbs. He even made a bottle of pure water become spiritual water. Although the quality was poor, the result would be considered significant for the present times where it was almost impossible to find spiritual water.

The Base Building Pills consisted of just 5 ingredients, however, this did not mean that it was easy to create. Often the fewer ingredients one had, the harder it was to create a pill. Of course, the quality of the medicinal herbs was very important, as well as the quality and control of the flames that would be used.

Luan specifically chose to do this just now, because he was confident of being able to create high quality Base Building Pills of at least mid grade. Below that, it was not a good choice to do this, as the amount of impurity that would build up in the body would be excessive and very difficult to remove afterward.

After Luan prepared and nourished the ingredients, he separated them into 10 batches.

'My chances of creating Top Base Building Pills is 70%.' Looking at the ten lots of herbs as well as the spiritual water, Luan analyzed it roughly, but precisely.

For a second, Luan closed his eyes, remaining calm in soul and spirit. When his Qi had become serene and smooth just like a boat on a day without a current, Luan opened his eyes and started preparing the pills. In the beginning, he started by slowly creating the pills in detail. It had been a long time since he had made this type of low-level pill, so he needed to do it slowly and accurately if he wanted to maintain high quality.

After pouring the spiritual water into the cauldron, Luan held the fire energy crystal and began to boil the water until it bubbled... Bouncing the fire crystal on his legs, and controlling the fire through his mental power, it was then that he slapped one of the medicinal herbs with his two hands, crushing them all at once. If looked at by someone else, what he was doing might have seemed illogical and rude, but if one were a professional alchemist, they wouldn't be able to help but admire Luan. With this simple slap, Luan had made the herb grind in the perfect state, because when he slapped it, in his hands thousands of thin blades were made from his Qi.

As soon as the herb was crushed, not only was it done excellently, it also increased the quality thanks to Luan's Qi that was directed through the Qi blades. Opening the lid, he poured the medicinal herb into the boiler and closed it. This same process was done with the other three necessary medicinal herbs.

Afterward, Luan returned to hold the fire energy crystal in his hand and the control, under the crystal, became even greater. The flames were condensed in a pure and gentle manner, but at the same time they danced wildly. If it weren't for Luan's self-control, he could have easily set fire to the room or even the house. Energy crystal was not easy to control, and now that it had the fire energy of more than 300 people, it was even more difficult.

As it was the first time he used the flames of the fire energy crystal, the flames for a second had escaped from his control.This caused the cauldron to sway a little and the lid to shake. Dark smoke came out of the breaches in the lid. Luan took a deep breath and stabilized it soon after, but he already knew that due to this small flaw, the quality of the pills that were being created should have decreased.


Like it or not, they were flames from more than 300 people and all in one place. As good of control as Luan had, it still had escaped a little from his control. Luckily, it stabilized in time before the cauldron exploded.

Using his mental power, Luan tightly closed the lid and continued the process of creating the pill. He had already reached the stage that burned off the impurities of the herbs and began to fuse everything with the bubbling spiritual water.

When he reached the last step, which was to divide it into parts and create the pills, Luan divided it in a total of 3 pills, since if he increased it more than that, the quality would drop due to the fact that he had made a mistake earlier.

Seconds later, a muffled sound echoed in the room. Luan took a deep breath and opened the lid of the cauldron. The moment it opened, dark smoke came out roughly, leaving an unpleasant smell. However, it did not last long before being replaced by an aromatic smell of medicinal herbs. When Luan looked into the cauldron, three light green pills were at the bottom.

Taking his hand, Luan was slightly disappointed to find one of mid-quality but he had also managed to make two of superior quality, so it was not a total loss.

In reality, there was no reason for Luan to be disappointed. After rethinking, he recalled that he still had 9 batches of medicinal herbs to create Base Building Pills. If all went well, in the end he would have approximately 20 Superior Base Building Pills.


Outside, in front of Luan's room, Maira, Luan's mother, saw the warning that her son was creating pills and didn't want to be bothered. She then warned the other three girls not to disturb Luan now. Since they didn't know how long it would take, Maira and the three girls started eating without him.

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