Rise of the White Dragon

Chapter 37: Stolen Kiss
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Chapter 37: Stolen Kiss

'My God! What did I do?!' Ingrid was about to pull her hair out. The moment Luan fell asleep, she thought he was so handsome asleep that she ended up admiring him for a few minutes, and then, she ended up kissing his lips and ran away from there as soon as possible. 'I must be going crazy!'

With her back against the door, Ingrid's heart was beating like a drum. She thought she would be so bold as to kiss a man who was sleeping. She scolded herself and after calming her agitated heart, she let out a few sighs and took a few deep breaths. After patting her cheeks twice, she went downstairs, going to the first floor.

Returning to the living room, Ingrid saw that only Cristina and Catharina, who were drying her beautiful white hair, were in the living room. 𝗳𝒓eℯ𝘄𝘦𝚋𝙣o𝚟𝗲Ɩ. 𝑐𝒐𝘮

Catharina looked in Ingrid's direction and asked, "How's my brother doing?"

"He'll be fine." Ingrid blushed a little as she remembered what she did before, but quickly returned to normal and continued to say, "He took a pill that helps restore Qi. He said he just needs to get some sleep now, and he will be fine."

"That's nice." Catharina sighed, relieved. She was concerned that what her brother did before might have been too demanding for him. She knew him and knew that for a long time he blamed himself for breaking her arm while protecting him in the accident.

"Big sister, Catharina," Cristina said suddenly.

"Yes, my little sister?" Catharina, who always wanted a little sister, was full of love when talking to Cristina. She even made Cristina call her older sister, since she would be adopted by her mother and be her younger sister.

"Now that I'm going to be adopted by your mother, should I call Master Luan a Master, or Elder Brother Luan?" Cristina blinked her big eyes innocently when she asked.

"Oh, about that... Well, you said that he became your Master on the path of cultivating, right? So, just when he is training you, you can call him Master, but in other situations, treat him like an older brother," Catharina said with a sweet smile as she rubbed Cristina's head lovingly.

"I understand." Cristina nodded strictly, and said with a lovely smile, "Thank you, big sister!"

"Hehe. You don't have to thank me for that. Now, you're part of the family." Catharina stopped drying her hair and hugged this adorable girl, placing her head in the middle of her breasts.

Cristina raised her head or else she would be choked by Catharina's breasts and looked with her big adorable eyes in Catharina's direction, almost making Catharina have an attack of cuteness!

"My God! How can you be so cute?!" Catharina hugged Cristina even tighter and then kissed her perfect face several times.

Cristina, who has never been so appeased before, felt shy, and a slight flush washed over her face.

"Catharina, you will scare her if you disturb her so much." Maira's voice resonated along with a gentle laugh. Maira, who had just taken a shower, was feeling very well. She hadn't felt this good in a long time.

"..." Catharina didn't want to admit it, but she also knew that she had crossed the line. She stopped hugging Cristina and showed her tongue to her mother.

Seeing this, Maira sighed and smiled. She knew that her daughter was happy to have received a little sister, so she couldn't blame her for being so excited.

"Have you eaten yet? Are you hungry?" Maira asked when she felt a little hungry herself.

"I haven't eaten yet. I am hungry," said Catharina.

"Yes," Ingrid said. She still felt a little out of place. She couldn't get used to the idea of ??having to stay in a big mansion that was worth thousands of dollars. If it weren't for the fact that she had stayed for a long time in a luxury suite along with Luan and Cristina, who came later, she would be even more shaken.

"I'm hungry," Cristina answered sincerely.

"Okay, I just hope that I'm going to cook a hot pot for us to eat," Maira said with a smile. Although she was a businesswoman, an owner of a multi-billion dollar corporation, while she did not need to cook because of it, Maira always liked to cook for her children. She had no greater satisfaction than seeing her children eat the food she made with a smile on their faces.

"Can I help you?" Ingrid volunteered.

"Oh, a beautiful young woman who can cook? It seems that my son chose well..." She did not complete what she was going to say and laughed a little.

"I only know how to cook a little." Ingrid understood what Maira wanted to suggest. Her cheeks were flushed with embarrassment and nervousness as she looked at Maira, who was smiling at her.

Catharina often helped her mother in the kitchen, but knowing that something was going on between her brother and Ingrid, she decided not to get in the way as she thought it would be easier for her mother to talk to Ingrid.

In the kitchen, Ingrid was helping to wash and cut the vegetables. Maira had already washed the rice, seasoned it, and put it on the fire. She wanted to make beans, but it would take a long time, and because of that, she was making white sauce to eat with the rice.

After all the vegetables were washed and cut, Maira, who finished seasoning the steak, looked at Ingrid and asked, "Ingrid, do you like someone?"

Ingrid was taken by surprise; she was totally unprotected from such a question. Taking a deep breath, she answered sincerely, "Yes..."

Maira was glad to hear that, but she still wanted to confirm. "Is it my son?"

"Yes." Ingrid knew she couldn't hide her feelings for long, and seeing Luan's mother ask this with such interest, she answered honestly.

"I knew it!" Contrary to what Ingrid imagined, Maira held her hands and looked genuinely happy, she even said, "I'm rooting for you both! I super support you."

"But... Really?" Ingrid didn't seem to believe what she was seeing. She worried that because she came from a humble family, she would not be compatible with Luan.

"Of course, yes." It seemed that Maira had realized what Ingrid was thinking and said, "It doesn't matter what family you came from, as long as my son loves you and you love him, I will support your love."

"But... I don't think Luan feels the same way about me." Ingrid said with her head down.

"Ingrid, if he didn't like you at all, do you really believe he would bring you here and even ask me to find you a job? I know my son. Even though he says he remembers a past life, he is still the same. Although it is a little difficult to read what he is thinking, just him giving so much attention to you shows that you have a special place in his heart." Maira had a gentle smile while saying this to Ingrid.

Hearing that Luan felt something for her and that she had a special place in his heart, Ingrid felt like she was up in the clouds; her heart was beating very hard, and her face flushed with happiness.

Seeing this, it became clear to Maira that Ingrid really liked her son, and it wasn't because she was after money. This made her see Ingrid in a good light, having a good impression of her - unlike that girl named Carol, who looked like a greedy shrew who only saw her son as a thick thigh that she wanted to hold.

"Okay, we have procrastinated a lot. I'm going to bread the meat again," Maira said with a smile as she dropped Ingrid's hands.

"I'll help." Ingrid, although she was feeling shy, steadied herself and started to help bread the meat in breadcrumbs.


A delicious smell spread through the house. Luan, who was sleeping, was awakened by the smell. He rubbed his eyes and stood up. Remembering that he had slept while still sweaty, and even depended on Ingrid's help, he went to his private bathroom to bathe.

Minutes later, he left. After changing, he went down the stairs. Laughter and voices reached his ear. In the living room, Ingrid, Cristina, Maira, and Catharina were chatting happily.

"Yes, that's when Carol asked, 'Luan, what are you doing in Florianópolis?' Then Luan replied nonchalantly, 'Because I wanted to.'" Ingrid very well imitated Luan and Carol's conversation the day they met at the mall.

Hearing what Ingrid said, Catharina laughed a lot until her stomach hurt. She always hated that girl. Even Maira laughed quietly.


"Luan?!" Ingrid stood up suddenly when she was startled by Luan's arrival. 'Did he hear what I said?'

_ _

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