Rise of the White Dragon

Chapter 36: Deactivating the Sense of Pain?
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Chapter 36: Deactivating the Sense of Pain?

"Ingrid, do you also have powers, the same as my son?" Maira was still digesting everything she had heard before. To be quite honest, she was a little confused and could hardly believe it all, even after seeing her son lift something so heavy and make fire come out of his hand. After all, she lived her whole life believing that the supernatural did not exist; there was no way she could believe something like that so easily or quickly.

Catharina had a bit easier time managing to believe what they had witnessed, but she was still upset and trying to come to terms that the supernatural existed. What left her most upset, and very scared, was that her brother said that in a few months something like an apocalypse was about to happen.

Ingrid thought about how to answer Maria's question and replied, "Luan taught me a little. Although I am not as strong as he is, I can easily lift something that weighs a thousand pounds. However, I only know how to use brute force; I can't make fire or anything like that."

"Ohh, but that is also amazing!" Maira smiled. She thought that being that strong was, in and of itself, sensational, especially for beautiful women who were constantly harassed by men, and if they were not fortunate, could end up being abused.

"Being strong enough to lift a thousand pounds... It's hard to imagine myself doing that..." Catharina murmured. She looked at Ingrid and saw that she was quite thin and beautiful. She didn't look like a macho woman full of muscles.

"I, on the other hand, can only lift something around 300 kilos," Cristina said. She started cultivating a short time ago and was only able to have grown stronger than 6 ordinary men.

"This is already surprising too!" Maira exclaimed, "It is very difficult for me to lift something that weighs more than 20 kilos!" This, however, was mainly because she broke the bones in her arm and leg.

"Mom, do you think Luan will actually be able to rebuild our bones?" Catharina asked suddenly.

"I don't know, either, my daughter, but I want to believe so."

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"Yes, I will make it!" Luan's voice echoed with confidence. Down the stairs, Luan gave off a confident aura. The girls looked in his direction, and his words made them believe what he said.

Seeing a clear glass bottle in Luan's hand with two round balls of a grayish color, Maira and the girls guessed it was the Bone Reconstruction Pill.

"Luan, you'll need to remove the metal plates from our bodies, right?" Catharina asked fearfully. "This is not going to hurt, is it? And how are you going to do that?"

"I will disable both of your senses before I withdraw the plates," Luan said.

"Deactivate our sense of pain? Without anesthesia?" Maira was surprised. "Can you even do that?"

"Yes, in fact, it is very easy," Luan said modestly.

"Okay, I trust you." Maira then asked, "What do we need to do?"

"Let's go to the gym. This is easier to do in a more spacious place and easier to clean up later," Luan said.

"Okay." Nodding, they rose from the couch. Cristina and Ingrid also went with them.

In the gym, Luan said to Maira and Catharina, "Mother, Catharina, sit down on the floor. I'll turn off both of your pain, and then I'll remove the metal plates."

"En." Nervous and scared, his mother and sister did what he said.

After the two of them sat on the floor, Luan sat down behind them. After placing the bottle with the two pills on the floor, he put his hands on their backs, and started using his Qi to turn off Maira and Catharina's sense of pain. It didn't take long; a minute later he had already done it.

"It's done?" When Luan put his hands on her back, Catharina only felt a current of energy invade her body, but other than that, she felt nothing different. She pinched her hand and exclaimed in surprise, "Wow! I didn't feel anything when I pinched myself!"

Luan laughed at her reaction and then said seriously, "Okay, now I'm going to remove the metal plate. I recommend that you close your eyes until it's over."

"Okay." Catharina did as he said. She didn't want to see how Luan would take the metal plate out of her arm, since she was afraid of being scared or disturbed in some way.

"I want to see." Maira, on the other hand, wanted to see the process.

Luan had already imagined that she would say that. He said, "Okay, just relax; it won't take long. When I remove the metal plate, it's good if you don't move much."

In order not to harm Maira and Catharina, Luan would remove the metal plate from the inside out using his Qi. With his hands still on the backs of his mother and sister, he started to channel his Qi and when he reached the three metal plates, he peeled off the bones, and with Qi, he cut the skin and pushed them out of his mother's and sister's bodies.

When half of the metal was out, Maira, although she was not in pain, felt as if she had lost the control of her left arm and leg.

Luan took a deep breath and stabilized his Qi and once the plates came out halfway, he started pulling the metal plates with his hands.

"Done," he murmured. He then said, "Now, all you have to do is swallow the Bone Reconstruction Pill."

"Right." Maira was stunned, but managed to calm down very quickly. She nodded and knew she had to trust her son.

"Okay." Catharina opened her eyes in fear and nodded.

Taking the bottle with the pills, Luan opened and held it. He put a pill each in Catharina and Maira's mouths. "Swallow it, and I will help you through the process."

When his mother and sister finished swallowing the pills, Luan again positioned himself behind his mother and sister, and put his hands on their backs, channeling his Qi and helping them to digest the pill.

When Luan's Qi came into contact with the pill, it started to dissolve and turn into pure energy and Luan directed it towards the broken bones. When it came into contact with the broken bones, like glue, the pure white energy merged with the bones, and Luan's Qi was being sucked madly as the bones that were broken began to rebuild themselves...

Luan was sweating a lot. He was spending a lot of Qi to be able to help his mother and sister rebuild their bones. Even if the pill made the magic happen, without Luan's Qi to support it, it was impossible to get it to work.

An hour later... Luan was drenched in sweat and breathing deeply. He said in his husky voice after reactivating his mother and sister's sense of pain, "It's done!"

When it ended, Maira and Catharina were thrilled to be able to move their arms without the slightest effort; it even seemed to be better than normal. Before the mother and daughter pair realized, tears were streaming from their eyes. God only knew how difficult it was to live with a metal plate in their body. Although one could still live normally, there were many things they had to avoid doing. Besides, it just wasn't the same as having one's own bone.

"Luan, thank you very much!" Catharina turned and threw herself into her brother's arms. She could barely control her tears while crying loudly.

"Son... You- I am speechless. I can only say that I am very grateful and happy to be your mother," Maira said and hugged Luan too.

Luan smiled and said, "It is my pleasure to be able to help you both. Okay, don't cry. Smile, smile."

"These are tears of happiness, so everything is fine," Catharina said with a pout.

Ingrid, seeing this scene, discreetly wiped tears from her eyes, but avoided making noise so as not to disturb their happy moment.

Cristina was the same way. She was very happy for her new mother and sister. And most importantly, she was happy with the choice she made to follow Luan...

"Mother, Catharina... I need to go to my room to rest. I also recommend that you both take a shower," Luan said with his tired voice.

"Okay, I don't know exactly how you did it, but I see it has worn you out a lot. Go rest, and let us clean up," Maira said with a gentle and kind smile.

"En." Luan nodded and staggered toward the stairs.

"Luan, let me help you." Ingrid went to him very quickly, and let him lean on her.

"Thanks," Luan said with a weak smile.

"You don't have to thank me for this," Ingrid said gently and smiled.

After that, Ingrid helped Luan up the stairs. Arriving at the second floor, Luan said, "It is the second door on the left."

Ingrid nodded and helped Luan walk to the bedroom. Opening the door, she didn't even have time to see what was inside Luan's room, because, out of nowhere, he stopped walking and simply fell on the floor, panting loudly.

"Luan!" Ingrid was scared and quickly went to help him. She blamed herself for not holding him more tightly.

"I... I'm fine... I just used a lot of Qi... If I get some rest... I'll be... better," Luan said slowly, with heavy breathing.

"Okay, don't speak now. Let me help you." Ingrid, surprisingly, took Luan in her arms to the bed, and laid him down. Of course, for her to carry Luan in her arms like this was now easy for her, although it made her blush a little because he was so close to her body.

"Ingrid, in the second drawer there is a bottle with a blue pill... Can you take one from inside and put it in my mouth?" Luan spoke, as he pointed to a table beside the bed with a lamp on it.

"Yes." Ingrid went to the table and opened the second drawer and saw the pills Luan was talking about. Picking one up from the bottle, her hand trembled as she held it towards Luan's mouth.

"Thanks," Luan said and closed his eyes, digesting the pill's Qi.

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