Rise of the White Dragon

Chapter 35: Bone Reconstruction Pill
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Chapter 35: Bone Reconstruction Pill

Cristina was startled. She bit her lip while her eyes went moist. However, she faced Maira and hesitated a little until she said, "I really, really want to! But is it alright? Do you really want to be my mother? Can I really be your daughter?"

Maira smiled softly and said, "Of course you can."

"Mother..." Cristina walked timidly towards Maira until she got up close to her and was hugged by Maria. Perhaps due to being very happy, Cristina, surprisingly, started to cry.

"Little girl, don't cry. Smile, smile," Maira said gently while stroking Cristina's cute little face.

Cristina wiped her tears and smiled slightly. She looked very happy and adorable, like a rainbow after the storm clears, making Maira gush over Cristina's adorable appearance.

Minutes later, Luan asked, "Mother, where's Catharina?"

"She should be back shortly," Maira said while still hugging the lovely little Cristina. "She is at a friend's house-"

"Mom, I'm back!" As soon as Maira finished speaking, Catharina's voice echoed from outside the house. This was also when the door opened and a white-haired beauty, cold and proud, entered the house.

"I'm here in the living room!" Maira answered aloud.

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"Mother, when will my brother be-" She didn't need her mother to answer, since Luan appeared in front of her very quickly and gave her a tight hug.

"Huh?" Catharina was caught off guard. For a moment her mind went blank. She returned to her senses and said, surprised, "Luan!?"

"Yes, little sister, I missed you," Luan told her.

"Okay, okay, I missed you too." Catharina then said a little helplessly, "Can you put me down, please?"

"En." Nodding, Luan walked away. He looked at Catharina in a complex way. In his past life, because he didn't pay much attention to his sister, she had died in a horrible manner...

Just thinking about what had happened made him furious. But this time nothing that happened would repeat itself. He would not let anything bad come to his family ever again.

"Come, I was waiting for you to arrive. I have something to say to you and mom," Luan said, pulling his sister by the hand.

"Okay, take it easy," Catharina said with a sigh.

"Who are these two girls?" Seeing Ingrid and Cristina, Catharina looked at them strangely.

Ingrid was already up. She approached Catharina and held out her hand and said with a smile, "I am Ingrid; nice to meet you!"

"Catharina." Although she didn't understand what was going on, she was polite and shook Ingrid's hand while greeting her.

Cristina bowed slightly towards Catharina and said, "My name is Cristina."

"Hello, cute little angel," Catharina greeted her with a smile.

After they greeted each other. Luan summarized more or less what all had happened.

"Now I'm going to say something that you and mother must listen to carefully," Luan said seriously. "As much as it seems unreal, what I am going to say is all true, and I will prove it."

Hearing this, he had piqued the mother and daughter duo's curiosity.

"First of all, the supernatural exists. Although not all legends are true (some have been exaggerated), they are close to the truth. For example:..." Luan caused his body to be surrounded by a white aura that amazed Maira and Catharina. And seeing red flames appear in his palms, it shocked them even more.

"This is real? Can it be touched?" Catharina was a little skeptical about all this; it was too unreal, to say the least. But she decided to believe her brother for now.

"I don't recommend touching it, as this is no different from normal fire, and it will burn you. In fact, I have super strength..." Luan suppressed his aura and made the flames disappear and said, "Follow me."

"Okay..." They were both quite curious to find out if what he was showing them was true or not, since what he did before seemed only like something from a magic trick.

Arriving outside, there was a diamond made of blue-colored concrete which weighed about 1 ton. Luan went out and held it with both hands. The structure was large, almost 2 meters wide and three meters long. Luan deftly picked it up off the ground very easily, leaving Maira and Catharina's jaws dropping.


"How can my brother be so strong?" Catharina covered her mouth in total disbelief.

"Luan, how did this happen? How did you become so strong?" Maira was concerned that her son had gone through some crazy experiment and that it had harmed his health.

"Mom, Catharina, you've heard of or seen cultivation movies, right?" Seeing the two nod, he continued, "I basically did the same thing. I cultivated and became stronger and as I learned more... Well, let's go in and sit down, and I'll tell you more about it."

Returning to the living room, Luan began to tell Catharina and his mother Maira, all about cultivating. After explaining this and everything, he had already planned something to say which was not far from the truth, but at the same time, was far from being true.

"Now what I'm going to talk about next, you girls need to promise me to keep it a secret. Only if your lives are at risk can you talk about it." Seeing how serious Luan was being, they all nodded. This, of course, included Cristina and Ingrid. "I have memories of a past life. To be more precise, it was 10 thousand years ago, and I was a cultivator in my past life, and I went through many things..."

The girls jumped, giving off a wave of gasps in unison.

"Ten thousand years ago? It's hard to believe, but after seeing you lift something that weighs a thousand pounds, it makes me want to believe it," Catharina said with much surprise in her voice.

"This is not the most important part. I said all this because..." Luan said, "Ten thousand years ago, the Second Awakening happened, and it made many people, animals, even plants gain powers. And this is about to happen during the Third Awakening this year in the month of June."

Luan, little by little, told everything about the Third Awakening. Upon hearing this, Maira and the girls were very surprised. They did not expect that something so unbelievable would happen in such a short time.

"This is unbelievable. I can hardly comprehend half of what I heard… but I don't think you, my son, are lying." Maira sighed and said, "Now that you've said all of this, you must have some purpose in doing so, right?"

"Yes, I want to teach Mom and Catharina how to cultivate. However, before doing this, I need to create a bone reconstruction pill." Luan went straight to the point.

"Bone reconstruction? Is this because of my and mother's injuries?" Catharina's voice was shaky. Although not much, she still had some difficulties due to her broken bone and having had it replaced by a metal plate.

"Yes, I already have all the necessary items," Luan said seriously. "I intend to create the two Bone Reconstruction Pills today."

Catharina asked, "Brother, is this very difficult to create?"

Catharina was concerned that this could harm Luan in some way since she was unaware of the alchemy that was capable of creating miraculous effects.

"Yes and no," Luan replied, "If it were a few days ago, it would have been fairly difficult for me to do it, but now it is not that difficult."

After talking for a while. Luan said, "Okay, you girls keep chatting without me. I'm going to my room to create the pills."


When Luan arrived in his room, he felt nostalgic. He hadn't seen his room like how it was in a long time. Not wanting to spend a lot of time lost in nostalgia, Luan, who brought a cauldron from the kitchen, sat cross-legged on the floor, with the cauldron in front of him.

On the right side was a light gray cloth bag. In the bag, there were all the items needed to craft the Bone Reconstruction Pill.

- Two hours later -

"I did it," Luan murmured as he felt drained. He had spent a lot of Qi to create the two pills in front of him.

_ _

- Drop some power stone, pleasee ?

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