Rise of the White Dragon

Chapter 34: Luan, youre squeezing me...
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Chapter 34: Luan, you're squeezing me...

In the room, Luan had not slept. He had been feeling strange since he discovered he was capable of creating Assassin Qi. Assassin Qi was usually seen only in wild animals. This was very similar to an active skill in a game where the player's attack power increases. In the case of Assassin Qi, it increases the power of the attack and also affects the mental state of the prey. That is, doing this increases the chances of the opponent being distracted.

Luan could feel the Assassin Qi inside his body in a sleeping state. He only had to want to use it, and the Assassin Qi would be activated.

'This came about because of my technique: Negative White Dragon Transformation?' Luan kind of suspected it was because of this, but he wasn't sure. Anyway, it was a good thing that he had aquired it. Now, whenever he killed someone, his Assassin Qi would increase, making him stronger.

Of course, Luan did not intend to go around killing, but surely, when the Third Awakening was going to happen, and all kinds of living beings would appear, it was illogical to think that he would not need to kill.

Another thing, the fact that he fought more than 400 people from the Zing Clan made his body exert a lot of strength. What might be the benefit if he meditated and strengthened his body while it was still warm? However, the formation of the training room had already been undone. Although not the best option, Luan took the energy crystal, which now glowed in red light with golden threads, and thought about using some of this energy to strengthen himself.

The current classification of the energy crystal was in the final stage of the Third Order. Nowadays, it could be said that this crystal was a rare item that would be difficult to find. Although this was so, Luan still intended to give most of the energy contained in the crystal to Cristina. Luan recalled that Cristina had the Origin of the Flames of the Titans. Unlike the standard red flames of the Zing Clan, Cristina's flame would be purple.

When Luan started to meditate and channel the energy of the crystal to strengthen himself, Luan felt his whole body heat up. He clenched his teeth and endured the pain he was feeling. The most incredible thing was that Luan felt that due to the flames that were stored in the crystal, his body was being refined, eliminating a good part of the impurities that accumulated in his body, mainly because of the pills he had taken before.

Time went by very fast until it was 4 am. Luan was soaked from head to toe with sweat and also expelled a lot of impurity from his pores. And it didn't seem like it was enough, as he felt a sharp pain in his stomach and was forced to go to the bathroom quickly.


The next morning, Luan woke up early. He felt full of energy, mainly because he reached the Final Stage, from the Corporal Foundation, now being 33 times stronger using only brute force, without the help of Negative Qi.

Around the table, with the three of them sitting on chairs and eating bread with ham and cheese, Luan said, "Ingrid, before we leave, if you want, you can teach the body foundation technique to your mother. So, you don't have to worry so much about something happening..."

Luan placed on the table a transparent bottle with a pill inside and a paper with the Body Foundation Technique mantra written on it. "You can give this pill to your mother. If she takes it, it will help her reach the strength of 2 to 3 ordinary men in a short time."

Ingrid looked at the objects that Luan placed on the table and was surprised. She bit her lip and whispered, "Thank you!"

"Okay. Today we are not going to train," Luan said, "You can go and teach your mother at any time. I remember you told me before that today is her day off."

"Yes, I will do that." Ingrid nodded.

"Cristina." Luan looked at her and said, "I already applied for your transfer to School Villa Olimpia."

"Already? When did you do that?" Cristina asked, surprised.

"Well, I just needed to break into your old school's system and change the data. And they will not notice that something different has happened," Luan explained. "Now your father, stepmother, and sister... Well, I made them forget about you."

"Mm. It's better this way." Cristina would have been lying if she said that it did not affect her when she learned that they would forget about her, but when remembering everything they did to control her, Cristina believed it was better that way.

"Incidentally, Luan," Ingrid asked, "are we going by car?"

"Yes, my mother has already sent someone to fetch us; we can leave at any time," Luan replied.

"Ohh, okay," Ingrid nodded.


In the late afternoon, Luan finished picking up everything he had kept in the Dallas Hotel suite and was ready to leave.

At the reception, Luan passed his credit card and paid an amount of R$: 250 thousand: R$: 30 thousand for Samanta and R$ 50 thousand for Sebastian; the rest was for his stay at the Hotel.

"Thank you very much, Mr. Luan! Thank you so much!" Samanta had tears in her eyes. 30,000 was the biggest tip she had ever received. For her to normally get that amount of money, she would have to work all year without spending a coin. It was no accident that she was so moved.

Sebastian was also beaming. He, the recipient, showed so many emotions, smiling from ear to ear. He was already planning to take his wife for a romantic date...

Luan, who rarely smiled, said with a small smile of his own, "I was very satisfied with your services; you both deserve this. Anyway, we are going. Bye."

"Goodbye, Sebastian and Samanta." Ingrid said goodbye to them and with Luan and Cristina, got into the white limo that was waiting for them.


"What? Did Luan return to Jurerê Internacional?" Wagner Hamibo, who still couldn't find Monica, was indignant to learn that Luan was leaving, but he himself didn't want to go back to Jurerê without meeting Monica. With each passing day, he seemed to become more and more obsessed with her. He had even been dreaming about her and remembering the night the two had had together.

"Damn, you guys are a bunch of incompetents! How can you not find her yet?" Wagner Hamibo cursed.


Inside the limousine, Cristina commented ecstatically, "So much luxury! Look, is there a television?!"

Luan laughed a little and said, "You can watch if you want."

"Ohhh... No, it's fine. I like to see the road more," Cristina said as she looked outside the window.

It wasn't just Cristina who was surprised to be in a limo. Before, when Luan spoke about a car, Ingrid imagined it would be a luxury car since Luan's family was very wealthy, but she did not expect the "car" to be a limo.

Time passed very quickly, and soon they arrived at Jurerê Internacional. Because of the bad Friday traffic, it took over an hour to travel.

"Wow! There are so many beautiful houses and expensive cars!" Cristina murmured, surprised as she looked outside.

Ingrid felt anxious as she saw so many houses that seemed to cost more than a million Real. She even saw many cars that cost more than the value of the house she bought with Luan's help.

The car kept moving and eventually arrived in the neighborhood of Canasvieiras, which was the neighborhood with the most expensive properties due to the construction project of Sapiens Parque and the duplication of the SC-401 highway.

Arriving in front of a white mansion dressed in glass that faced the sea, the limo stopped and the driver got out and opened the door and spoke to the passengers respectfully, "We have arrived, Mr. Luan and guests."

"Okay, thanks." Luan got out of the limo.

Cristina was feeling like a lady by having someone open the door for her to leave. She said with a silly smile as she left, "Thank you."

Ingrid also thanked the man and got out.

"Shall we?" Luan led the way, heading towards the mansion. Reaching the sidewalk, he opened the glass gate, and they went up ten steps and arrived at the mansion's door.

Before Luan could use the key to open the door, the door was opened by a beautiful tall woman with green eyes with wavy dark brown hair, looking as if she was a model.

"Mother..." Luan froze when he saw his mother opening the door. His body had a will of its own when it walked towards Maira and when Luan arrived in front of her, he hugged her longingly.

Ingrid, having seen the woman Luan called her mother, now knew why Luan was so handsome. After all, his mother was beautiful.

"Luan, you're squeezing me..." Maira fought, lightly.

"Oh..." It was one of those rare moments when Luan was embarrassed. He pulled away and stared at his mother that he hadn't seen in years.

"Boy, what happened to you? Did you miss your mother so much?" Maira laughed.

"Yes, mother. I missed you so much." To Maira's surprise, Luan did not deny it.

Because of that, she felt shy, and seeing two girls behind Luan, she hit him on the head lightly, and pretended to cough to avoid her embarrassment and turned, looking at Ingrid. "Hello. You must be Ingrid, right?"

"Yes, I am. It is a pleasure to meet you!" Ingrid said nervously, bowing in the direction of Maira, who stole a laugh herself, thinking Ingrid was cute.

"The pleasure is mine." Maira smiled beautifully as she spoke. She assessed Ingrid and nodded in satisfaction. 'She looks polite and very beautiful...'

Then Maira looked at another girl who looked to be 14 to 15 years old. She asked, "And who is this cute girl?"

"Mother, she is your granddaughter, Cristina." Luan said seriously, which made it seem to be true, "Cristina, please, your grandma."

"Ah?" Cristina felt lost. She wondered whether to go along with this or not.

Maira, who was for a moment shaken by what Luan said, soon remembered that her son was not even 10 years old when this girl was born, and gave Luan a light slap on the chest and said, "Boy, you stayed away all this time, and now you want to troll your mother? Humph! Try something better next time, because it didn't fool me."

She was lying, since she was stunned for a few seconds considering the possibility, but of course, she was not about to admit it.

Luan laughed and said, "Mother, she is the Cristina that I had talked to you about on the cell phone before... Well, let's go in, and then I'll explain better."

"Yes, yes. Come girls, make yourself at home! " Maira said with a welcoming smile.

"Thanks." Ingrid and Cristina thanked them as they entered.

Passing through the door, they came across a low spiral staircase, on the right side of which was the living room. Luan walked towards the living room and his mother and the two girls followed.

On the opposite side of the living room from where they entered was a white wavy table and next to it was the kitchen and in front of the kitchen was the dining table and further on, there were sofas and armchairs. Near the wall, hanging from the ceiling, there was a 52-inch television.

They sat on the light brown sofa and Luan said, "Mother, there are many things I wanted to say to you, as well as many things that I need to show and even teach you... But, let's start gradually. First I'm going to talk about Cristina..."

After hearing Cristina's story, Maira had tears in her eyes. She couldn't believe that this beautiful girl near her had gone through so many difficult moments. "Poor child, come here. Let your aunt hug you!"

When being embraced by Maira, Cristina felt a warmth in her heart that she had never felt in her life. Without her knowing it, she let some tears fall from her eyes.

"It's decided!" Maira seemed to have made up her mind when she asked Cristina, "I want to adopt you as my daughter. Would you accept that?"

_ _

- Drop some power stone, please ?

{Edited by: Azurtha}

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