Rise of the White Dragon

Chapter 328: Isle of Herbs
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Chapter 328: Isle of Herbs

When Luan arrived with Ingrid and Lenore, it was close to midnight.

The mansion was silent.

Zeus noticed the arrival of intruders, but when he realized who it was, he went back to sleep.

“It’s already so late, I’m going to sleep, good night,” Lenore said before saying goodbye.

She wasn’t really going to sleep, she wasn’t sleepy, but since everyone was asleep, she didn’t want to make any noise.


Luan brought Ingrid to their room.

It wasn’t as if the people in the house hadn’t heard a sound, but as the door was opened with a key, and after feeling the aura of who it was, they didn’t care. Everything could be sorted out the next morning.

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When they arrived in the room, Luan cast several spells. He kissed her once it was all done, tasting the sweet honey on his beautiful lady’s lips.

Ingrid’s heart was filled with tenderness as she looked at him with a seductive, loving gaze.

“It seems like it’s been so long since we’ve had moments like this…” Ingrid muttered as her arm rested on his shoulders and she looked into the most seductive eyes she’d ever seen.

“Mm.” Luan nodded in agreement. Looking at her lips, slightly swollen from the kiss, he swallowed a mouthful of saliva.

Ingrid loved the way his Adam’s apple moved up and down. Automatically, her lips curved into a charming smile, full of seduction.

“You’re so sexy~” After saying this in a voice sweeter than honey, Ingrid stood on her tiptoes as she pulled him towards her and sealed his lips with hers.

The news that Luan, Lenore, and Ingrid had returned spread across the island.

Though a little sad that Catharina hadn’t returned, Maira was relieved when she learned that Ingrid managed to get a Sixth Order werewolf female to stay with them and protect them. It was a good thing her daughter stayed and took advantage of this opportunity, as well as expanding her horizons.

But her sadness was gone when she hugged Lenore.

“You ate well? Did your father treat you well there? How is your mother? My god, you seem to have matured a bit, but you’re so thin, I’ll make your food, I eat a lot, yes?” Maira filled her with questions, without giving her time to answer, she herself received the answer to each answer with the look Lenore gave and concluded for herself that Lenore needs to eat more.

In the end, Maira even threw a furious look at Luan.

Luan seeing this, just stretched out his hands in yield, looking quite helpless.

Ingrid saw this and laughed.

Looking at Maira, Ingrid pressed her lips together and smiled: “Mother-in-law, truth be told, Luan treated Lenore like a princess and spoiled her a lot, you had to see him scaring people away who wanted to attack Lenore, Hahaha, he literally made them die in fear.”

Hearing this, Maira laughed out loud, “That’s about it.” She nodded with satisfaction.

Lenore chuckled a little, holding Maira’s arm, she spoke to Maira with her voice softer than usual.

After a while, Luan said, “Mom, I want to buy another island.”

Maira looked at him, seeing his serious gaze, she was somewhat surprised. With a strangeness on her face, she asked: “Why do you want to buy another island, Luan?”

Luan has already confirmed the amount of money he currently had, only the profit earned from gambling was enough to buy another island, not counting the profits from Dimas Corporation.

“I want to buy an island and build an herb garden,” Luan said.

“But what about Leviathan?” Maira said, suggesting for him to create in Leviathan himself.

As if he already expected her to ask such a question, Luan smiled a little: “I could use Leviathan, though, and it’s not good to bring it with me. For now, I intend to buy an island and grow rare herbs, then when I produce enough herbs, I will make it merge with Leviathan, putting in place a fertile land creating another island without it being noticed and thus creating another herb garden.”

After hearing this, Maira thought and said, “It makes sense, but then why not just take a piece of land with Leviathan and create an artificial island next to this current, hidden one so no one will notice?”

Hearing this, Luan didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. It wasn’t that he hadn’t thought of it before, but he wanted to spend money mostly on buying another island to help the country, however, after considering it a bit, he said, “Fine, I’ll do that. Also, I will create something that will benefit the country, it would be unfair to just do something like this for free.”

What they didn’t lack these days was money. Ultimately, they were already considered the richest family on the planet. Not only were they rich, but they also had a good family background. Coming from a family with Marechal, and now the current President of Brazil, their current status was something not to be underestimated.

Not only that, Luan was the strongest man on the planet right now. Even though many grew stronger, even though chance encounters, they didn’t even come close to Luan’s current power.

Maira pursed her lips and smiled. “It’s more like that.”

After hearing this, Luan laughed.

I no longer had any reason to continue this conversation, then the topic of conversation changed so that everyone could participate.

Maira briefly explained what has been happening in the world as well as explained what China tried to do and what happened to ¼ of China.

It was 5:41 pm when Luan stopped training.

Maira and the rest looked at him a little resentfully, the training he’d made them train had worn them out a lot. Sweat was all over their bodies, it was hard to tell if it was sweat, or if they had just taken a dip in the sea.

But no matter what, they were willing to train so hard, especially noting how fast the improvement was when doing this new type of training passed through him.

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