Rise of the White Dragon

Chapter 25: A Mistake That Can Change Someones Life
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Chapter 25: A Mistake That Can Change Someone's Life

"Is everything alright?" Luan asked as he sat across from her and waited for her to speak.

"I..." Cristina sighed and admitted, "I'm sorry, I don't know what happened to me, but... I got a lot of stomach pain and ended up... Well, I let a lot of things out and I also got my clothes on that I was wearing sweaty, that somehow then became dark and gooey. I showered and washed everything, but I'm still very embarrassed and I think I owe an apology for all this."

"Oh, that." Luan raised his eyebrow and his expression became soft when he said, "It was my mistake to not warn you that this could happen. I just didn't expect you to be able to break the limit of your body on the first day, so you don't need to be sorry. It is I who owes you an apology."

"No, no, the Master does not have to ever apologize." Cristina shook her hands hastily, not wanting to blame her Master and Savior.

Luan smiled a little at her reaction and explained, "The moment you broke the limit of your body, your body naturally cleansed, removing impurities. And as it was through a body foundation technique, the effect was more effective, thus being removed through the feces and also expelling the impurities from your pores. But usually, it's not that much; just at the beginning there's a lot of impurity in the body."

"I understand. Thanks for explaining, Master." Cristina was relieved to hear Luan's explanation and smiled. Although she was still embarrassed, it was no longer as aggravating as before.

"Okay, don't think about it too much. And you don't need to feel embarrassed; this is something normal while improving your body, as it will clean up the impurity." Luan then added, "Wait a minute. I will order food for us. In a little while, Ingrid will finish her training also."

A fragrance swept over Luan when he entered his room. His eyes lit up when he looked again.

When Luan arrived in the room, he saw the beautiful and charming Ingrid wearing a beige nightgown at the time. She held a hair dryer which she was using to dry her wet hair with her back to Luan while bowing slightly.

"I borrowed the dryer from your room. Is that okay?" Ingrid, turned toward him and smiled as she asked.

"Yes, make yourself at home." Luan came out of his stupor and nodded. Then, he went to the television shelf where his cell phone was sitting, took it, and left.

When Luan left, a smile formed on Ingrid's face. Luan's reaction did not go unnoticed by her. Then she left his room and went to wear more casual clothes.

Luan, upon returning to the living room, called reception to order food. He had also already sent a message to his mother that Ingrid would go to Jurerê Internacional to be her secretary.


The previous day, after leaving the airport near the Majestic Palace Hotel, Wagner Hamibo inside his Lamborghini suddenly said, "Stop! I saw something interesting just now."

"Yes, Young Master." The driver went to the shoulder and stopped the car.

In Wagner Hamibo's hand was a photo of Ingrid Anjos, and he was looking at a girl who was identical, if not her herself, walking alone on Florianópolis street and evil thoughts began to cross Wagner's mind.

"Hey, pretty girl with blond hair," Wagner shouted.

"Me?" The girl turned and pointed at herself.

When Wagner saw her, he was even more sure it was her. He smiled elegantly and made a point of leaning on the yellow Lamborghini and said, "I noticed you, and I feel that I fell in love at first sight. What do you say? Do you want to take a walk with me and get to know each other better?"

The girl was surprised by the proposal and when she looked at the car, she almost drooled. And upon seeing the young man's expensive clothes, she pretended to be undecided, "I don't know... It's very late."

"Come on, it'll be fun. I'll take you home later." Wagner tried to convince her with these promises as he said them with a big smile.

"Okay, but just one lap, you hear?" She pretended to just want to meet a new friend and not look selfish.

"Yes, yes." Wagner smiled again and opened the door for her to enter, "Come, come in."

The next morning, Monica Anjos, who was mistaken for her sister, and ironically, when the man asked her name, she ended up saying it was Ingrid, ended up having sex with this Young Master. Even better, he didn't want to use a condom, and they had sex more than 4 times without protection. She even took a picture while he was sleeping and kept it well for later use as evidence.

Monica was not a fool. She knew that this Young Master just wanted to have sex with her and then send her away. So before Wagner woke up, she left the Majestic Palace Hotel suite. She would get back in touch with him when 15 days passed... She wouldn't let him force her to use the morning after pill... She just hoped the heavens were on her side.


Wagner, who easily was tired, woke up around noon, and not seeing "Ingrid" anywhere, he shouted, "Where is she!?"

He questioned his security guards, and they replied that she said that Wagner Hamibo had told her to leave. They believed it since it was an often recurring event. However, they did not imagine that this would make Wagner so furious.

"Find her! I need her here and now!" He demanded. He intended to take pictures and rub it in Luan's face, that he caught the girl Luan liked, but he didn't expect the girl to immediately leave the next morning.

'I didn't use a condom. What if she gets pregnant?' This was one of the fears he had, but it was not so great a concern for him, since for all the girls to which that happened, he forced them to abort. And as much as these girls cried and said they were going to raise their child on their own, even so, he got them to have an immediate abortion.


- 2:00 pm in Suite 916 at the Dallas Hotel -

"Luan, may I sleep here tonight?" Ingrid asked with a strange smile.

"Yes, that's fine, but do you agree to share the room with Cristina? After all, the suite only has 2 rooms," Luan looked at her and asked.

"I do not see a problem," Ingrid said and looked at Cristina. "Is it okay if we both share a room?"

"Yes, I'd love to." Cristina smiled, a little excited about what was happening. She had never slept in the same room as someone else before and hearing Ingrid ask to share a room made her feel good.

"I'm leaving. Would you like to come along?" Luan, who intended to go to SafariGarden, which sells rare plants and fruits, asked.

"Where are you going, Luan?" Ingrid asked instead.

"I intend to go buy some rare plants and fruits," Luan replied.

"If I can, I want to go along." Cristina was afraid to be alone if the people of the Zing Clan would come after her.

"Okay, I'm going too." Ingrid made up her mind.

"Okay, I called reception. Sebastian is already waiting for us." said Luan. "In addition, we can stop by a clothing store. Yesterday I bought her some clothes, but it's still not enough for Cristina."

In the Dallas Hotel garage, Luan, Ingrid, and Cristina entered the black Phantom Rolls-Royce and Sebastian started driving.

The store they were going to was almost 40 kilometers away. Because of that, it took a little over 40 minutes to arrive.

Upon arrival, the store was very large, almost the size of a shopping mall, and at the front, it was surrounded by shop windows and walls painted in dark brown and green.

_ _

- Drop some power stone, please <3

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