Rise of the White Dragon

Chapter 24: Embarrassment.
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Chapter 24: Embarrassment.

{Edited by: Azurtha}

Luan went straight to the point, "Her name is Cristina Orland and I accepted her as my disciple."

Cristina Orland was wearing gym clothes that Luan bought for her yesterday. She didn't look as miserable now as she did in her old clothes that looked more like rags, and after taking a shower, one could see that she was a pretty girl with red hair and greenish-brown eyes. Cristina looked at Ingrid and was surprised by her beauty, and then she felt restless, since Cristina didn't know if she would be well accepted by this beautiful woman who seemed to be her Master's girlfriend.

Approaching, standing in front of Cristina, the beautiful lady said with a friendly smile, "Hello, my name is Ingrid Anjos. Nice to meet you, Cristina."

"It's my pleasure," Cristina said with a shy smile. She was not used to other people being kind to her.

"Cristina will participate in our training starting today," said Luan, "Some things happened and Cristina will live here in the suite for now. As to what happened, it will depend on whether she wants to tell or not."

"Mm." Ingrid nodded. She already imagined by the tone of Luan's voice that it couldn't be something simple.

"I don't mind telling, but can it be later?" Cristina asked.

"Yes, take your time," Ingrid said with a gentle smile.

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Minutes later, the three of them had breakfast and went to the training room together.

It was a spacious training room. Looking around, it looked similar to a gym.

As Luan was getting ready to start training, he looked sideways in Cristina's direction and said calmly, "I'm going to teach you a body training technique. This body technique will help you to enter the Corporal Foundation Realm. Once you do that, I'll give you a new technique that will help you move forward in greater steps..."

Seeing that Cristina nodded, he continued with the explanation, "Corporal Foundation is separated into three stages: the Initial Stage goes from 5 times stronger than an ordinary man, up to 10 times stronger, Average Stage goes from 11 to 19 times stronger than an ordinary man, and finally the Upper Stage, is 20 to 30 times stronger than an ordinary man."

"I understand," Cristina said, "They didn't have that in the Zing Clan. They just had techniques that trained and improved the flames, but not the body."

"Well, this is common, since the technique for training the body is rarer and more difficult to train. As the years have passed, many have given up on body techniques." Luan said confidently, "But don't think you are inferior, since I will be teaching you."

"Yes!" Cristina nodded happily.

"Okay, I'm going to teach you 9 moves. You need to perform these movements as perfectly as possible because it influences how quickly you will be able to strengthen yourself. In addition, it has a mantra that is used when meditating after training the movements," Luan warned. "I will say the mantra now. Even though it is small, I want you to pay close attention."

"Yes." Cristina got even more serious.

Luan then started to recite the mantra to her. "Okay, I'll say it again. See if you haven't forgotten anything."

When Luan finished reciting the second time, he asked, "Did you manage to memorize everything?"

"Yes, but can I spend ten minutes reciting to myself, so I don't forget?" Cristina asked seriously.

"Yes, take all the time you need," Luan replied. "When you finish, let me know so I can teach you the technique's movements."


"Luan, I'm going to change and I'll be right back," said Ingrid, before leaving.

Luan was organizing and calculating the estimated time that their training would last now that he had 3 people practicing and determined that they would require another 5 to 6 days. However, it would be enough for him to get done what he wanted to do, and then he could go help his family.

After thinking, Luan took his laptop and started typing some codes, creating programs that he intended to use on a website.

Luan aimed to create a website for supernatural people. On the website he would sell items that he himself would create; everything would be done confidentially. He had technological knowledge from almost a thousand years in the future; doing this was quite simple, however, it took a while, since he did not want to leave any gaps in the programming. Finally, he would need the help of his mother to create a delivery agency throughout Brazil, and when his business grew even more, he wanted to expand to foreign countries.

Luan needed a lot of money to prepare for the Third Awakening that was getting closer and closer to happening - and the easiest way to achieve this was mainly by selling pills.

Ingrid came back. Seeing Luan busy, she started to exercise the movements of her technique.

A few minutes later, Cristina finished memorizing the technique's mantra completely, and seeing that Luan was busy, she waited patiently.

Finishing creating the program, Luan stopped typing and saw that Cristina had already finished doing what she had been doing.

"Finished?" Seeing her nod, he placed the laptop on the table not far away and said, "Now I will show you the 9 movements. Just as I did with the mantra, I will repeat it twice. Pay close attention."

Cristina didn't even blink when she watched Luan perform the technique's movements. She at first thought it was easy, but when she tried it later, she found it harder than it seemed. Over time she got used to it and made the movements more precise.

Luan, seeing this, began training as well.

Around noon, Cristina broke the limit, being now 2 times stronger than an ordinary human. For her who had just started, it was a big step forward. In addition, she felt very much like using the bathroom... Seeing that Luan and Ingrid were still meditating, she couldn't wait any longer and ran towards the bathroom.

As much as she tried not to make too much noise, the moment she sat down in the restroom, loud sounds echoed through the room. Cristina turned so red, it could be mistaken for a ripe tomato.

'Oh my god, oh my god...' Cristina didn't know what was happening to her body; the smell was so strong that it made her blush with embarrassment. She couldn't stand for Luan or Ingrid to see this.

After finishing, she saw that from her body there was something black and gooey that was expelled. Biting her bottom lip, she closed the door, turned on the shower, and started to wash while still wearing her clothes, as they were also dirty.

Then she took off her clothes and hung them in the bathroom stall and continued to shower since the smell still persisted on her body.

As soon as she finished taking a shower, she took cleaning products and started cleaning the toilet. In the bathroom sink, she washed the clothes she wore before since they still smelled bad.

'It's all clean, but how am I going to explain all this...' Cristina thought with both hands on her pink cheeks. 'My God, I'm so ashamed!'

Leaving the bathroom, wrapped in a towel, Cristina went to the bedroom where she slept and kept her clothes, and wore a white and gray casual outfit. Then she went to the living room and waited for Luan and Ingrid, not knowing how to tell them what had happened.

It was close to 1:00 pm when Luan finished training and showered, after which he went to the living room and saw Cristina looking at him completely flushed from head to toe.

'What happened to her?' he wondered.

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