Rise of the White Dragon

Chapter 2: An Unknown Woman in my Suite
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Chapter 2: An Unknown Woman in my Suite

After the man named Zig got out of the car, the young man he thought had escaped appeared suddenly in the same place from where he had vanished. In fact, he never left the vehicle this entire time; he had used a secret ability to hide his presence.

'I don't know what went wrong with that technique, but it made me go back in time. Still, I don't have time to think about it now... Besides, just using this concealment skill and fighting a little has already worn me out to the extreme.' The white-haired young man sighed. It had been a long time since he had felt so weak.

He calmly searched the car and soon found his wallet, along with his papers, cards, and his cell phone. After retrieving his items, he got out of the vehicle. Before anyone even noticed him, the young man had already walked through the curious crowd and strode away.

'I still remember this day. It was the day I was kidnapped and my mother was blackmailed, and we lost almost all of her fortune...' The young man took a few deep breaths and continued walking to the nearest hotel. He knew that he demanded a lot from his current body and if he didn't find a calm place to cultivate, it could adversely affect his presently weak body even more.

Although in his past life, he lived for a thousand years and knew hundreds of thousands of techniques and skills, it was all useless if he could not use any of them. When he had attacked and mind controlled the bandits, he had already demanded a lot from his body. But it came as no surprise; now he was just a normal young man.

'It's here.' After walking for a few minutes, he finally found a hotel.

It was a beautiful building with blue mirroring. On the front was a large sign with the name [Hotel Dallas]. Although it looked expensive, he did not even blink when entering, since his pocket money was a few thousand reais.

"Welcome." A beautiful blonde receptionist with an appealing body said, smiling.

"Mm." He looked at her and nodded, casually saying, "Get me the best suite available."

The beautiful receptionist was surprised, but very quickly she smiled again and said, "The best suite available is on the tenth floor and the value is R$1,000 a day."

"Okay, I will only be staying for the night." The white-haired young man handed her his identity card and an American Express Platinum credit card, "I'll be using this card."

"Okay. Just a moment please, sir." The beautiful receptionist said with an even more beautiful smile and began to type on the computer keyboard, recording the data on the young man's identity.

"Please enter your password, Mr. Luan Dimas," The receptionist requested. She blinked her beautiful green eyes and noticed that he was still indifferent towards her.

"Ready." After entering the password, Luan responded.

"Thank you, Mr. Luan Dimas. Your suite is on the tenth floor, number 915." Handing over his ID and credit card, the receptionist next handed him the room key. She added, "If you need any room service, sir, you may call reception, and we will do our best to serve you."

"Mm." Luan nodded and turned. After walking to the elevator, he pressed the button to go upstairs.

After Luan turned and left, the beautiful blonde receptionist bit her lower lip and sighed. She noticed that Luan had not been touched by her beauty. If she could manage to attract the attention of a rich and handsome young man like him… As professional as she was, this did not stop the beautiful receptionist from dreaming.

After climbing up to the tenth floor, Luan went to room 915. With the keycard, the door soon was unlocked and opened.

Entering the suite, Luan was unmoved by the beautiful appearance of the suite's entry room. He was tired and wanted to meditate as soon as possible. Wasting no time, he went to the bedroom.

Entering the room, Luan froze. On top of the bed, the glimpse of a beautiful woman could be seen. Her hair was blond and soft, spreading out over the bed's pillow. She was wearing a one-piece celestial blue dress wrapped in beautiful curves, like smooth, elegant waves. After approaching, Luan Dimas smelled jasmine on the body of the beautiful lady lying on the bed.

The woman appeared to be unconscious. Her eyes were tightly closed, but her body moved slightly on the bed and stirred from time to time. Her well-rounded ass formed captivating curvy lines.

Luan Dimas walked over to her and tried to wake her up. Next, he noticed her pretty, flushed face, looking like she was drunk, but she didn't smell of alcohol.

'What is happening? Was she drugged and left here?' Luan guessed correctly. But one thing he didn't understand was why she was in his suite.

What most surprised him was that although she wore a poor quality dress, this woman's appearance was even more beautiful than many socialite women he remembered. Whether it was that beautifully sculpted face or the elegance and fascination of her being flushed, it was enough to make any man get lost.

However, her dazzling level of beauty perplexed Luan. 'How did she end up in that state? Was she tricked by some guy and entered the wrong suite?'

However, Luan was not able to think about this for long, as the beautiful girl opened her radiant sapphire blue eyes, and looked at Luan with a slight blush.

Without waiting for Luan to reflect further, she casually grabbed the collar of Luan Dimas' shirt and then, her soft, beautiful lips kissed him.

Luan Dimas was very surprised, but he soon came back to himself and pushed the beautiful woman away.

The astonished woman looked a little offended, as she stared at him with a lush and hot expression.

And without warning, once again she pulled against Luan's collar and kissed him, but she couldn't quite find the target. The woman's kiss fell on Luan's face and then walked away.

Luan Dimas was stimulated by that cold and smooth contact on his face and lips, to the point of feeling like he was burning everywhere. Seeing the clear expression of this beautiful and delicate girl, with a captivating appearance that anyone would like to appropriate, he thought, 'I cannot take advantage of this; she must've been drugged. I need to resolve this situation.'


Before Luan could do anything, he was pulled by the beautiful and delicate woman onto the bed and pushed down by her. She was in a riding position and kissed Luan's lips once more, but this time she was even more aggressively hungry!

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