Rise of the White Dragon

Chapter 18: Type 3 Metal
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Chapter 18: Type 3 Metal

When the moving truck arrived at Ingrid's and her mother, Amanda's, new home, Luan was still there helping with the move. Even Sebastian offered to help, which increased the rate of progress.

When Amanda saw her daughter practically carry by herself a cabinet that weighed 50 pounds as if it were nothing, she was so shocked that she almost fell over.

Although he knew that Ingrid could very well carry this alone, Luan helped her not to raise suspicions of Ingrid's current strength. Not that he cared that Ingrid was going to tell her mother, but there were still the moving people. If people from hidden sects and clans ended up finding out about it, it would become a problem.

When all the items were unloaded, Amanda paid and thanked the movers, "Thank you very much. You guys were a great help."

"We are the ones who appreciate it. If you need anything else, you can always contact us," the driver of the moving truck said with a friendly smile. After that, he and the rest got into the truck and drove off.

"Luan and Sebastian, you two already helped a lot. You can now leave the rest to me and my daughter," Amanda said to them with a grateful smile. She was especially grateful for Luan who helped a lot by buying this house and finding a job for her daughter which allowed her to still go to college.

Luan replied calmly, "I am in no hurry to return, and I am willing to stay and help if it is not a nuisance."

Amanda didn't need to ponder it any longer; she started to be even more sure that this young fellow liked her daughter too, although he remained calm enough to mask it. "Of course it wouldn't be a bother. I would be more than grateful if you are willing to help."

"Thanks." Ingrid was very excited; she almost jumped with happiness when she saw how willing Luan was to help.

"As long as Mr. Dimas is here, I can also stay and help," said Sebastian. He had already been warned that he was to always be available to Luan. In doing so, not only was it good for his reputation at the Dallas Hotel, he would also receive extra money at the end of the month.

"Okay, so we will both stay and help. I promise you will not regret it," Luan said.

"Yes sir." Sebastian was excited to hear this. Although it was his job, and he had already been warned that he should be fully available if Luan needed him, still, hearing this from Luan Dimas was an entirely different matter.

After that, for almost half an hour, Luan, Ingrid, Amanda, and Sebastian kept putting the furniture in the right places.

"Thank you so much Luan. I have no words to describe how grateful I am for you." Ingrid took the initiative to thank him with a smile which formed two pretty dimples on her pink cheeks. She then looked at Sebastian, "You too, Sebastian. Thank you."

"Thanks a lot for the help." There was a gentle smile on Amanda's face as she spoke. She was a little incredulous about everything that happened in that single day. She felt trapped in a dream inside this house. And the more she looked at Luan, the more she liked him and thought he would be the ideal match for her daughter.

"My pleasure," Sebastian replied to the women with a friendly smile.

"I helped because I wanted to; you don't need to thank me." Luan's voice was calm and his lips curved in an arc formed into a smile. Only that simple smile and manner of speaking made Ingrid blush.

Even Amanda was affected, but not as much as Ingrid. Unlike her daughter, she soon recovered.

'What a most attractive boy...' Amanda thought.


In the suite, Luan was alone. Ingrid stayed to keep her mother company, since it was the first day in the new house. She did, however, promise that she would be back the next morning very early, as she didn't want to miss the time to train with Luan.

Distracted by his own thoughts, Luan turned on the television without much intention to watch.

"-serial killer is still on the loose. The killer's victims are mostly good-looking young boys."

"And now, with new updates. Two days ago a piece of meteorite was found near Beiramar in Florianópolis. Currently, tests are being done on this meteorite's stone and indicate that it is composed of an unregistered metal, but more tests and research still need to be done."

"Mm?" Luan, who had his eyes closed, suddenly opened them. He looked at a 52-inch television.

'This is a type 3 piece of metal!' Luan was able to recognize the metal immediately. Although it was rare now, it would not be difficult to find after the third awakening.

'Even though it is not rare later, it is still very rare now. If I could do that...' Luan forced himself to think and try to remember if he knew any news about this piece of meteor. But as much as he thought, nothing came to mind.

'The meteorite was found near the sea in Beiramar... I need to go and see if I can still find something there. If I use a little of my sensory perception I may be able to feel the stone nearby.'

Although his senses were not as strong now as they had been in his last life, he was confident that he could feel a type 3 metal several kilometers away from him. If he was indeed able to find it, it could become a big gain for the current him.

Having made up his mind, Luan picked up black pants and sneakers, as well as a gray short-sleeved T-shirt. Afterward, he left the suite.


As the place where he needed to go was not far from where he was, Luan decided to walk. The weather was damp and the wind was freezing, most of the people walking on the street were wearing warm clothes but Luan was unaffected by the cold. He continued to walk towards Beiramar.

The site where the meteorite was found shown on the TV channel was visible from Avenue Beiramar where many people usually run or even ride their bikes on the bike lane. Some young people also chose this avenue to walk and chat.

Almost half an hour later, Luan arrived at Beiramar Avenue. Because he looked so young and beautiful, he drew a lot of attention from the passing girls; some were still teenagers which made them blush while looking at him. Some bolder women purposely tried to show a little more skin, trying to win his attention.

Luan, on the other hand, was focused on finding the meteor. He had no time for nonsense and was so engrossed by his search that he didn't even notice he had become the center of attention.

"My god, what a piece of ass," a teenager commented to her friends.

"I wish I could take him home with me." Another teenager was even more daring.

"To do what with? Watch and do nothing?" Another girl scoffed and they all started laughing.

Although she was only blowing smoke, the girl was embarrassed and said, trying to look mature, "Of course I wasn't just going to look... I was going to ravish him all over!"

"Hahaha! Don't make me laugh; you're just a virgin." Hearing this comment from the other teenager, the group of teenagers walking and talking started to laugh collectively.

As for the conversation of these girls, Luan listened and smiled a little. He recalled that in his past life this had happened many times, especially when he became a cultivator, which made his appearance more manly and attractive - although he became sexually impotent in the process...

When he remembered that, Luan's smile turned a little sour, but soon he sighed and knew that this time he wouldn't make the same mistake.

A woman with beautiful black hair and light skin with green eyes suddenly approached Luan. Her face was exquisite and she was also quite tall, with an estimated height of 170 cm. Her legs were thin and long.

"Hey handsome, would you like my contact information? I promise you the most wonderful experience that you will never forget in your entire life." Her voice was sweet, but her comment made Luan frown.

"No thank you," Luan said nonchalantly and left immediately.

Even the girls who were talking about Luan earlier were surprised that Luan had rejected this beautiful woman. After all, which man would reject this sort of request from such a sexy and very beautiful woman.

Luan continued to wander near the sea and tried to detect any type 3 metal energy. Beiramar Avenue averaged approximately 3,900 meters along its entire length. Luan, in turn, had already walked a little over a thousand meters. And so far he hadn't felt any strange energy yet.

The reason he wanted this type 3 metal so badly was very simple: if he found a piece that could make at least one dagger, he would have a weapon with Third Order attack power. This was equivalent to the strength of 150 men. And if he was even more lucky, he could find a piece big enough to make a sword or at least a short sword, which would be very advantageous for any setback he might encounter.

Although after the Third Awakening this material was not very difficult to come across, in the time in which he was currently living it was very rare. He still remembered that a few hidden sects and clans had weapons made of type 3 materials. Furthermore, the strongest were only a few, in the Second and Third Order. As far as Luan knew, these were the highest current powerhouses.

While walking through the cold night, Luan received some cat-calls coming from some more daring women. Some just said things like: "Hi kitty!" "Gorgeous, do you have a girlfriend?" "Can I walk with you?" Etc.

Luan was not ignorant about these girls who hit on him, but he treated all of them with disinterest. After all, he wasn't there to get a date or something else with a woman. At the present time he already had a girl in mind, so he was not willing to deceive these girls, giving them hope of one day being able to date him.

When Luan had already walked more than 3 thousand meters and was about to give up, his senses detected a strange energy. He soon became excited about it and moved towards the source of this strange energy.

{Edited by: Azurtha}

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