Rise of the White Dragon

Chapter 10: Carol.
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Chapter 10: Carol.

February 20, 2010. It had been a week since Luan and Ingrid met and started living together in a hotel suite. Every day both Luan and Ingrid stayed in the hotel suite training. This also brought the two together; now they knew each other a little more. Since they shared lunch and dinner together every day, they even knew each other's favorite food.

"We need to buy new clothes," Luan said. "Although the clothes we bought before are good quality for the training we were going through, these clothes ended up wearing out too quickly."

Ingrid didn't want to admit it, but it was true; the clothes she got from him to train with were now almost all threatening to tear. She at least considered herself a friend of his, so she wasn't so shy about going with him to get new clothes for training.

"Shall we leave now?" Ingrid asked.

"Yes, I already called the reception, and they are going to get a car. We can go to the mall to buy new clothes," Luan replied.

After that, the two went to change clothes to go out.

Luan was dressed in a red polo collar shirt, black slacks, and black sneakers. His white hair was a little rebellious on the right side.

Ingrid wore a navy blue dress that went to her knees and matched with a black high heel, making her look taller than normal. She had a lean frame, and the dress she wore made her look slimmer and more beautiful. Her blond hair was casually combed back in wavy cascades down the middle of her back. Ingrid felt awkward about wearing high heels; she just couldn't get used to it and was afraid to fumble and fall.

Seeing Ingrid leave her room, Luan said, "You look beautiful."

"Thanks," She smiled sheepishly. "You look very handsome."

Luan smiled in response and said, "Shall we go?"

Ingrid closed her eyes and quietly let out a sigh. She then let out a smile and the worry in her eyes disappeared.

Luan took the card from the suite door and left with Ingrid. Down the elevator, they reached the first floor.

"Sebastian?" Once there, Luan and Ingrid saw the same driver who took them to the mall last time.

"Good morning, Sir Dimas and Miss Ingrid." Sebastian greeted them with a friendly smile.

"Good Morning." The two greeted him back.

"Shall we go?" Sebastian asked.

Understanding that it was Sebastian who would be driving for them again, Luan nodded, "Yes, let's go."

Inside the car, Sebastian asked, "Do you want to go to the same mall?"

"Yes," Luan agreed.

Ingrid was very quiet. She came to think she never felt like getting dressed as much as she did today; she even wanted to wear high heels. Looking at the man beside her, she felt her face heat up.

"Is everything all right?" Luan saw her staring at him and asked softly.

"Errr, it's nothing..." Ingrid turned her face away and stared out of the car window. Even seeing what was going on outside, her mind was busy with other thoughts.

It was inevitable. They slept in the same suite, had breakfast, lunch, and dinner together, even trained together. Most of the time they were together. The only moment that was not true was when they were sleeping.

'I think... I wouldn't mind...' Ingrid was embarrassed by her own thought, letting her head hit the window glass as she sighed.

Ingrid stopped what she was thinking about; she would let nature take its course.


Luan had the driver Sebastian's cell phone number. He told the driver he didn't have to wait for them in the parking lot and that Luan would call a couple minutes before he needed to pick them up.

At the entrance to the mall it was quite busy. Ingrid and Luan drew a lot of attention as they entered.

"So beautiful." "Are they models?"

The onlookers looked from side to side, thinking they were being filmed. Some even took pictures of the couple and saved them as wallpapers.

What impressed them most was that even after taking a photo and zooming in, it didn't look like Ingrid was wearing makeup. Her skin was even smoother and filled with more vitality than a baby's.

It was understood that they were both very beautiful, even more beautiful than the last time. This was, of course, all thanks to their cultivation.

Going up the escalator, Luan and Ingrid arrived on the second floor. The two walked side by side while looking at the stores together.

Upon leaving a clothing store, Luan ran into someone unexpected.

"Carol," Luan said while looking at a young 18 year old woman.

Carol had light brown hair and green eyes. Her breasts were large, yet she was thin with meat in the right places.

"Luan?" Carol was startled. She was arm in arm with a man in his early 20s. Quickly, she moved away from the man.

The man looked at her strangely. 'What's going on?' he thought. He had met Carol over the internet a little over a month ago, and they started dating. He had even promised her that he would help with the five thousand reais that were required for the surgery her mother needed.

Luan still remembered that in his past life, he was in love with this girl. Even after his kidnapping, he ended up staying with her. However, even though it looked like she was a virgin and said that they would only have sex after the wedding, he discovered moments after their engagement she had undergone a hymenoplasty, also known as hymen reconstruction.

What most affected him in his past life were the photos sent of Carol entering and leaving a motel with Wagner. This made Luan break up with her, and Carol then ended up marrying Wagner.

Wagner Hamibo was heir to the Hamibo Company, which was also a rival to his mother. Because of that, Wagner Hamibo always wanted what was Luan's. That's what had made him want to be with Carol Helena who was the girl he liked.

'This can't be happening...' Carol looked at Luan and then at the man next to her and blinked, pleading in her mind for the man to understand. "Daniel, 'my cousin', you can choose the movie; I'll talk to my friend and then I'll join you."

Daniel was very angry upon hearing that; causing him to almost unmask Carol on the spot. But not knowing exactly what was going on and not wanting to ruin the relationship he had with her, since she was very "hot in bed", he did as she asked.

"Yes, I will be waiting for you, 'cousin'." He made a point of emphasizing "cousin".

When Daniel left, Carol sighed inwardly. She thought he would ruin everything. But thankfully, the guy she was dating was smart enough and went along with her "cousin" act.

Ingrid, who stood aside watching all this develop, frowned. She thought, 'He's not dating this girl, is he? Furthermore, there was clearly a sexual tension between this Carol and Daniel...'

"Luan, what are you doing here in Florianópolis?" That was what she most wanted to know. She chose a guy who lived far from Jurerê Internacional, precisely to prevent Luan from finding out. Although she rejected him before, she just said she was focused on studying and asked him to wait, while in reality she had other intentions.

{Edited by: Azurtha}

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