Rich Family's Substitute Sweetheart

Chapter 6
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In the office, after Yan Shu finished reporting the situation, he retreated to the side, "Second Master, this is exactly what happened."

All of a sudden, the atmosphere in the room turned solemn.

They had long guessed that the Mu Family would look down on the's disability. As expected, this Mu Lee had married her for Mu Yan.

Passing through the ocean without telling the sky, the Mu Family is really getting bolder and bolder.

On the sofa, Gu Tingchen's face was as cold as ice, without the slightest hint of superfluous expression. His cold and detached appearance caused everyone present to not even dare to make a single sound.

"What else did they say?" Only after a long while did Gu Tingchen slowly speak, but his expression was still not good.

"That Liu Jingjing said some unpleasant things about you, the young mistress is very angry, and slapped that woman. She even said that she would say bad things about you in the future, and that's how she looked for her teeth all over the ground."

Everyone: "..."

Yan Shu, "..."

What was this operation?

Was Second Young Madam trying to show off, or did she really care about their Second Master?

After Gu Tingchen heard the man's words, a trace of emotion actually emerged on his originally cold face. This was the first time he felt that he was protected by someone else.

"Where is she now?" For some reason, Gu Tingchen was secretly delighted in his heart.

"Madam went straight back to the hospital after buying some things. She stayed in the ward all afternoon, she should have returned to the villa by now."

"Yes." Gu Tingchen responded, he turned and asked Yan Shu, "How has the matter been dealt with by you?"

"It's almost done." Yan Shu lowered his head and replied, "Second Master, it's getting late, you should go back to your villa to rest."

"Let's go." Gu Tingchen cherished his words like gold.

In the villa.

There was no sign of Mu Lee in the hall, but seeing her expression, Yan Shu asked the servant, "Where's the Madam?"

"Madam just came back and went upstairs to rest." The servant answered truthfully.

"I have a little donkey, I never ride it …" As soon as the maid finished her sentence, the sound of a woman singing came from upstairs.

Yan Shu was startled, thinking that it was time to leave.

The corner of Gu Tingchen's mouth raised slightly, revealing a smile that he had not seen for a long time: "She seems to be very adaptable to the environment."

"May I ask Madam to come down and fetch you?"

"No need." After Gu Tingchen finished speaking, he immediately activated the electric wheelchair and walked towards the second floor, "You can go back. I'll go up myself."

In order to take care of Gu Tingchen's journey, there were wheelchair pathways everywhere in the villa.

However … Yan Shu looked at Second Master's back figure.

When Gu Tingchen opened the door, the entire room looked completely different from before. Previously, the room had always been a cold room, with the exception of black, it was white. Now, the bed sheets and carpet had turned pink, just like a girl's room.

On the counter by the door, there were all sorts of women's items, as well as a pink coloured photo.

Gu Tingchen picked it up and scrutinized it. The woman in the photo did not use makeup, but looked extremely delicate and pretty.

Ah!" After Mu Lee finished showering, she was only able to walk out with a towel wrapped around him. Seeing that Gu Tingchen was seated on a wheelchair at the entrance of the bathroom, he immediately screamed.

"You, why are you here?"

"This is my room. Why can't I be here?" Gu Tingchen was expressionless as he looked at the lady in shock, and his face revealed a hint of playfulness.

"Ugh …" What he said made sense, and he was actually at a loss for words.

Gu Tingchen placed the photo on the counter, his eyes swept across the room's layout, and even the color of the curtains changed, "You made all of this?"

"Yes …" I think the room is too monotonous, so... "I'm sorry, I didn't discuss it with you. If you find the color unsightly, I'll change back immediately."

Gu Tingchen's face was expressionless. She was indeed a little afraid because she did not understand this man, nor did she know if he would suddenly throw a tantrum.

"If you like it then go ahead and change it." Gu Tingchen raised his head and looked at Mu Lee. He had just taken a bath, and his hair was still wet from the shower.

Gu Tingchen's adam's apple rolled, he immediately lowered his head and started his wheelchair: "I need to go in to shower, and wipe my back later."

"Huh?" She thought she had misheard and was wiping his back. It seemed like she was progressing too quickly.

"You are my, Gu Tingchen's, wife, so do you feel wronged by wiping my back?" Gu Tingchen looked like he was going to get angry again.

Mu Lee wanted to say something but hesitated. The two of them had held a wedding, so everything was done in an honorable manner, but Mu Lee was still somewhat against it.


After hearing Mu Lee's answer, Gu Tingchen immediately entered the room.


Mu Lee finally realised that he was in a wheelchair, she did not know if she needed help or not.

"That …"

"Bang ~ ~ ~"

Before Mu Lee could even finish speaking, Gu Tingchen directly closed the door, cutting off what Mu Lee wanted to say.

Mu Lee curled her lips and did not continue speaking. She wiped her body clean and changed into a clean pajamas before drying her hair. Only then did she hear Gu Tingchen calling out to him from inside.

"He's coming." Mu Lee patted her face and opened the door to see Gu Tingchen sitting in the bathtub.

Gu Tingchen couldn't help but remind his when he saw the woman: "What are you looking at? I let you in in in a daze? "

Mu Lee reacted in a flash, but felt a hot breath on his nose, and immediately covered his own nose: "I'm sorry, I'm sorry."

Without waiting for Gu Tingchen to reply, Mu Lee immediately turned and ran out. She actually had a nosebleed.

Seeing the little lady's flustered look, Gu Tingchen could not help but laugh out loud.

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