Rich Family's Substitute Sweetheart

Chapter 441
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Li Mu Mu never thought that Mu Li would be such a person.

She has been so provocative in front of her, Mu Li even so calm.

Li Mu Mu now really admires Mu Li from this woman. Other women have already come to her door to challenge her. She can still be so calm. It seems that she really underestimates this woman.

Mu Li sat on the chair and teased his children all the time. Looking at no one outside, Li Mu Mu directly knelt down and changed into a pathetic look: "Miss mu, I know you have a lot of adults. I hope you can help me, and don't let me suffer from other people's bullying."

"Bullying? In my company, there is still such a phenomenon. Please tell me exactly what's going on. " Mu Li didn't rush to let this woman get up, but let her say clearly what was going on.

"I've been bullied by others all the time. I swear to be a master. Miss mu, I hope you can give me this chance."

Li Mumu weeps and wipes the ground, trying to win a sympathy. However, Mu Li is not a vegetarian, and will not be hoodwinked by this woman.

After all, the company is her company, she really knows what happened, and she is not allowed to hear the bad side of her company in the mouth of others.

"Yes, I'm an intern. I can't avoid being bullied by others in the company. It's because Mr. Gu helped me that I can understand that there is still true love in the world, so I want to thank Mr. Gu..."

"Stop, Li Mumu, do you really think I am the kind of person who is deceived by others? If you tell me the truth, I also admire that you are a man of true temperament. But I didn't expect you to cheat me again and again. Do you really think that I am a woman that others can deceive at will? "

Mu from the expression is serious, hard to beat the table, beat wood voice will Li Mu Mu scared.

"Miss mu, I..."

"If I remember correctly, you should call me president or Mrs. Gu."

Mu Li didn't give the woman a chance to talk. But Li Mu Mu cried even more when he heard the voice outside: "Mrs. Gu, I know it's my fault. I really have nothing to do with Mr. Gu. Why can't you believe me?"

Gu Tingchen came in with his daughter in his arms and saw such a strange picture.

Li Mu Mu kneels on the ground crying, and Mu Li is sitting on the chair, holding his son.

Li Mu Mu looked at Gu Tingchen with tearful eyes: "Mr. Gu, please tell me a good word. I really have nothing to do with you. Don't let your wife misunderstand me. This may be related to my reputation."

"There is no explanation for this kind of thing. If I have nothing to do with you, it must not be. My wife doesn't mess around like others."

For this kind of thing, Gu Tingchen is too lazy to explain, after all, he will not like this kind of deep-seated woman.

If it is not because the name of Li Mu Mu is similar to that before mu, he would not look at this girl differently.

Gu Tingchen took the baby from his arms and said, "my wife, I don't need to eat this meal any more. Let mother Liu do some good tonic for you at home."

"Mr. Gu..." Li Mu Mu doesn't know why Gu Tingchen suddenly takes Mu away.

Li Mumu really pinched a sweat for himself. After all, he ordered so many expensive things and still didn't eat it. Moreover, she invited the meal, which was a waste of his own money?

Gu Tingchen turned his head, sharp eyes fell on Li Mu Mu's body: "I just look at my wife's face, just come to accompany you to eat this meal, you can never forget your identity."

"But Mr. Gu, I really just want to thank you for coming here for dinner. You must not have any misunderstanding. I hope you can explain to your wife and don't misunderstand me because of this."

Gu Tingchen has no time to argue with this woman. After all, for him, this woman is not even a small thing.

"Mr. Gu..." Li Mu Mu originally wanted to catch up with him, but unexpectedly he was stopped by the waiter: "this lady, you haven't settled the bill, please go to the front desk to settle the bill first."

Li Mu Mu can do nothing but watch his fat to the mouth float away.

No wonder Elsa asked herself not to provoke Gu Tingchen before. She didn't expect that it was true. She thought she could win the favor of Gu Tingchen. She didn't expect that her appearance was just Gu Tingchen's attachment to his wife.

Out of the outside, Gu Tingchen's mobile phone in his pocket was buzzing. Mu Li held the child in his arms. Gu Tingchen looked at the caller ID above, and it turned out to be Chu Zheng. π‘“π™§π™šπ™šwπ™šπ™—π’oν𝐞l. cπ‘œπ™’

Chu Zheng seldom calls himself when he returns home. What's going on abroad?

Mu Li also saw things, some things were not right, his face became a little dignified: "what's going on? Is it possible that something has gone wrong abroad? "

Gu Tingchen quickly connected his phone: "what's going on?""Good news, second brother. All the economic markets in foreign countries have been monopolized by us. We have taken down the Earl and the prime minister."

Chu Zheng could not hide his joy in his voice. It seems that this time their struggle abroad has been won. As for those in the group, I'm afraid they will not be able to fight with them again.

"What is the stage of the company now, and whether the people in their group have continued to make moves. If I can, I hope to catch up with the victory, otherwise I will let the tiger return to the mountain. If they win the first chance and take the lead, our efforts in these days will be in vain."

Gu Tingchen doesn't want all his efforts in this period of time to be in vain.

"Don't worry, second brother. Even if you don't say so, we will know how to do it. Nangong has already brought people to negotiate. If this negotiation reaches an agreement, we can take over the group. If we can't, we will monopolize all their companies. If we can't submit to us, they will be eliminated. "

Chen Ting didn't want to stay with Chu for a long time.

So Chu Zheng had already discussed with Nangong what to do in the early morning, and the purpose of calling Gu Tingchen was to report good news to Gu Tingchen, so that he would not have to worry about the mess abroad.

"Hard work for you." The battle between them and the royal family has finally begun. If they continue to fight endlessly like this, they will only lose both sides.

Now, if the economy is pulled apart by the pursuit of victory, they will not be able to catch up with them for the rest of their lives, so that there will be no more problems in the future.

After Gu Tingchen hung up the phone, he held his wife and children in his arms: "Xiaoli, do you know? I have succeeded. After all these years of hard work, I can finally let you live a stable life. "

"Really?" Mu Li didn't expect that he was really successful. In the future, he didn't have to worry about Gu Tingchen's separation from them, and he didn't have to let them live a vagrant life.

"Yes, after a while, mom will be able to come back to join us. She will quit her job in the group and concentrate on helping us. Then we will be able to live together forever."

Gu Tingchen never thought that the things that were planned to be completed within five years were advanced so long. It is absolutely a congratulatory thing for them.

"The Dragon shines on them..."

"Don't worry. Everything has been settled. There will never be anyone coming to destroy the reunion between us. The companies over there have already monopolized. It's hard for him to say anything more."

As for those behind them, since they have not come out, there is no need to let them out again. After all, if they come out again, they will only fail more.

Now he has monopolized the market economy. What they want to do is useless. Gu Tingchen is in charge of the economic lifeline.

"Well, let's go home and have a reunion dinner with our family. We haven't had a good meal together these days."

Mu Li took a look at the time, and it was almost to the Mid Autumn Festival on August 15. It was indeed a day for family reunion, so God would really arrange time to let their family be together in peace and quiet.

"To meet you is the greatest happiness in my life. If your uncle and aunt didn't marry you for me, I'm afraid we would not have met each other in this life."

Gu Tingchen is holding two children and his wife is next to him. I'm afraid ordinary people can't enjoy such happiness at all.

"Sometimes the wrong start is always right. I didn't think that marrying you for my sister would make me so happy, and my sister also found her own happiness, so we were married instead, but we fell in love with the right person."

Mu Li recalled the time when he married Gu Tingchen before, as if it was yesterday.

I didn't expect that all of them are mothers of three children now. It seems that they have gone through a century.

They have experienced a variety of difficulties and hardships, so that their feelings become so indestructible, no matter how many Li Mu Mu appears, there is no way to destroy their feelings.

This may be the love between them, even if it is not good at the beginning, but can understand how to cherish after experiencing it.

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