Rich Family's Substitute Sweetheart

Chapter 4
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Mu Lee clenched her own bag tightly, and the corner of her mouth hooked up into a smile as well: "Coming here to buy things naturally, big sister, you are also here to buy things right?!"

"Sister? Sister Yan, since when did you have a little sister? Why have I never heard of it? "

The woman standing beside Mu Yan had a shrill voice, making people uncomfortable listening to her.

"Oh …" I remember! Isn't this the Mu Lee that your grandfather chased out? Why are your clothes so shabby? Isn't this just embarrassing your Mu Family? "

The other woman's tone was even more sarcastic, looking at Mu Lee with eyes full of ridicule, as if she was looking at a beggar.

Mu Lee scoffed, she knew that they could not say anything good, what good could a woman who could walk with Mu Yan do?

In order to curry favor with Mu Yan, these people would definitely mock her with all their might.

Mu Yan saw that Mu Lee's face was a little ugly, and couldn't help but reveal a smile of satisfaction: "Don't say it like that, although little sister isn't normally at Mu Family, she is still one of us."

"Wearing this kind of tattered clothes, you even think you deserve to be surnamed Mu? Sister Yan, you're the only one who would be so kind to acknowledge this little sister of yours. If I were you, I would have already sent her far away. Looking at his tattered clothes, I'm not sure if he has some sort of infectious disease. "

As the woman spoke, she did not forget to cover her nose, as if Mu Lee was really sick.

"It's your freedom to be a dog to others, but don't bite on it randomly, otherwise, what will break will become your own dog teeth!"

"You … Who are you calling a dog? "

"Who's the dog and who doesn't know to look in the mirror?" Mu Lee wasn't courteous at all when talking to this kind of person. Moreover, she was already used to hearing these harsh words, so she wouldn't take them to heart.

Mu Yan slightly narrowed her eyes. After not seeing her for a day, the little girl had become sharp-tongued. It seemed that her temper had increased a lot in the Gu household.

"Alright Jingjing, my sister is now the second young mistress of the Gu family. Not only does she represent our Mu Family, she also represents the Gu family's face. If she is bullied, then the Gu family will blame it on me."

"The Gu family's Second Young Master's wife?" The woman laughed even more.

"So it's that cripple whose lower body is crippled. I heard that he is inhumane. I wonder if your sister's life after marriage is happy or not?"

"What? Are you jealous?" Do you want me to give you the position of the Second Young Madam? "

"I envy you, I …" She wanted to say some words of ridicule, but she was afraid that those words would spread to the Gu family. It wasn't a wise decision to mock the Gu family's Second Young Master in public.

He did not dare scold the Gu family, so he had nothing to fear from Mu Lee and the others. Liu Jingjing slapped him fiercely in his face, "I will teach you a lesson today!"

Unexpectedly, Liu Jingjing would suddenly make a move, causing Mu Lee to receive a solid slap. Her head immediately buzzed, and her vision began to darken after a few seconds.

She wiped the blood from the corner of her mouth and suddenly laughed.


The three women didn't understand why she was laughing. Could it be that she had been provoked to a state of stupidity? Even Mu Yan was completely unable to see what Mu Lee wanted to do.

"What are you laughing at?" Seeing Mu Lee's current state, Bai Min's heart suddenly lost all of its confidence.

"I'm laughing at this woman's foolishness. Although I am the daughter of someone who had abandoned my Mu Family, don't forget that I am now the second young mistress of the Gu family."

"So what? She is just a widow with a nameless name. Don't forget, Gu Tingchen is not the leader of the Gu family! "

Furthermore, the Gu family would never let a cripple take charge of their household in the future. Where did Mu Lee get her backing from?

"Why don't I just call you stupid?" Mu Lee slowly walked closer to Liu Jingjing, "I brought back the words you said about my husband to the Gu family. Take a guess, what kind of end will you have?"

The Gu Family was angry. Not to mention Liu Jingjing, even the entire Liu Family was looked down upon.

Liu Jingjing said in a choked voice as she scratched her neck, "What did I say? I didn't say anything, so don't frame me! "

Seeing that she still had not figured out the situation, Mu Lee reminded her with good intentions, "Do you think the Gu family believes in me, or believe in you?"

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