Rich Family's Substitute Sweetheart

Chapter 39
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When Mo Ling walked closer and saw the trapped Mu Lee, he could not help but reveal a shocked expression. "When I was in the distance earlier, I saw that this figure looked like you, but I did not expect that it really was you."

Mu Lee immediately sat on the ground and looked at the man who was just a piece of glass away from him. "Do you find me very funny? It's fine if you have to work overtime, but you're even locked up. "

Although Mu Lee was not in a good mood just now, to be able to have a familiar person to chat with here made her mood improve.

Mo Ling could not help but laugh, "Actually, things weren't that bad. At least, you met me.

"I don't know where that security guard went, he was just sleeping over there. There was someone targeting me in this company, so he must have been ordered by someone to leave on purpose."

"Are you sure? If that's really the case, you can always respond to your leaders. " Mo Ling reminded her.

"What if the person who intentionally targeted me is my leader? I can bear it all until I can stand my ground, but the day I stand my ground is the day of my counterattack. "

Mu Lee's eyes flashed with a resolute light, as if she was going to tear those people into a thousand pieces.

"Hahaha." Mo Ling who was seated outside could not help but laugh.

"What are you laughing at?" Mu Lee revealed a puzzled expression.

"Of course I'm laughing at you. Looking at how you hate evil like a hatred, if you were born in ancient times, you would have definitely become a chivalrous girl." Mo Ling looked at Mu Lee. It seemed like she hadn't seen such a pure and thorough gaze in a long time.

Mu Lee readily accepted Mo Ling's evaluation of herself: "You are right, if I was born in the ancient times, I might have really become a hero of my generation. "Achoo …"

Before Mu Lee could finish her words, she sneezed. Mo Ling could not help but frown: "Have you caught a cold?"

"Maybe it's because it's nighttime and I'm wearing very little clothes, so I'm a little cold." Mu Lee said as she rubbed her nose. Her body had never been so delicate before, what was going on today?

Seeing Mu Lee like this, Mo Ling couldn't help but be worried. The night was already cool, and if this woman caught a cold, she wouldn't be able to work the next day.

"You can't go on like this. I'll call the police and have them rescue you. Otherwise, you'll have a fever if you stay in there for the night." Mo Ling said as he took out his phone and immediately dialed 110.

Mu Lee gratefully looked at Mo Ling. He had indeed met a noble, this man had already saved him twice.

When the police rushed over, Mu Lee already did not know how many times she sneezed.

Seeing that Mu Lee's face was slightly red and his nose was red from the cold, Mo Ling immediately took off his own clothes and draped them over Mu Lee's body, "Quickly go home."

"There's no need for clothes. It's better for you to wear them. It's rather cold tonight. If you catch a cold again, then the two of us will be brothers in arms." Mu Lee said as she planned to return the clothes on her body to Mo Ling.

Mo Ling rejected it: "I'm a man, I'm fine, you should wear it, I'll send you back, it's so late, and you won't be able to get a taxi."

Mu Lee could only laugh awkwardly: "Then I'll have to trouble you, Mr. Mo. From the last time to now, I have owed you a favor three times, but I don't even know how to repay you."

"If Miss Mu truly feels that you owe me, then promise me with your own body." Mo Ling approached Mu Lee, his face revealing a playful smile.

Mu Lee's face immediately turned red, she retreated a step: "Mr. Mo, are you joking?"

"Hahaha, enough, are you still going to stand here and freeze? Hurry up and go, I'll send you back. "

Mo Ling did not continue with what he said. Instead, he brought Mu Lee back to her villa.

Mu Lee had not even gotten out of the car when she saw the anxious Sister Liu standing at the entrance from afar.


Seeing Mu Lee getting off the car, the Sister Liu ran over, "Madam, you're finally back. I'm about to die from anxiety, why did you come back so late on your first day at work?"

Mu Lee saw the worried look on Sister Liu's face and felt a wave of warmth in her heart. Ever since she was kicked out five years ago, there had never been a person who cared about him this much.

"It's fine, didn't I already come back? "I was working overtime at the company and forgot the time. I didn't expect to be locked in the company."

"Then why didn't you call me? I can pick you up. I just happen to have the key to the company. " Sister Liu was still very worried. If something happened to Madam, how would she explain it to Young Master?

Mu Lee took out his phone and waved it in front of Sister Liu's eyes, revealing a look of grievance: "But my phone doesn't have electricity."

"Since the Miss Mu has already been delivered, I won't disturb you any further. We'll meet again in the future." Mo Ling said as he sat back in the car.

Mu Qixi thanked him gratefully as Mo Ling drove away.

Only now did Sister Liu notice Mo Ling, and then she looked at Mu Lee in puzzlement: "Madam, why did you meet this man again?"

"Don't even mention it, it's all thanks to Mr. Mo today. If it wasn't for him, I'm afraid I would really have to stay in the company for the night." "Achoo …" As Mu Lee said this, she sneezed once again. Seeing that the situation was bad, the Sister Liu immediately supported Mu Lee into the house.

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