Rich Family's Substitute Sweetheart

Chapter 3
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After Gu Tingchen finished eating, he sat in his wheelchair and walked out. A man at the door immediately opened it with a respectful attitude.

"Where are you going?" Mu Lee asked hesitantly. Looking at his taciturn appearance, she could not see the closeness between husband and wife.

"Where am I going? Do I need to report to you?" Gu Tingchen turned around, only to see that Mu Lee had stopped in his tracks because of his words. His heart softened, and he could not help but speak again, "I'm going to work at the company. If you're bored at home, you can take a walk in the street. "

Mu Lee, "... "Alright!" She was at a loss as to how to continue.

At this time, the man behind him took out a card, "Madam, the card that Young Master prepared for you at this time is not limited, you can buy whatever you want when you go shopping."

Mu Lee was slightly taken aback. The value of her young mistress was to accompany him to eat everyday and then go shopping?

If that was the case, she might be able to use the money from this card to treat her mother at the hospital.

Although she had just gotten married and it wasn't right to accept this man's money, what she lacked the most now was money.

"Thank you."

She turned around with the card in her hand, not seeing the look of disgust on Gu Tingchen's face when she was holding the card.

In the car, the driver saw that Gu Tingchen's face was gloomy and could not help but ask: "Young Master, are you still thinking about the young madam?"

"Find someone to follow her." Gu Tingchen instructed coldly. This woman clearly knew that he was handicapped, but she was still willing to marry her. She must have some sort of goal.

"Young Master, it's been confirmed. Young Mistress is indeed the young miss of Mu Family, but she's not the one who got married earlier."

"Ha!" The corner of Gu Tingchen's mouth rose, "His Mu Family sure are bold."

"Do you want me to go to the Mu Family …"

"No need." Gu Tingchen interrupted him, "Marriage is for outsiders to see. I never expected Mu Family to help me, no matter who it is."

At the wedding, he saw Mu Yan. The woman who should have been his wife was actually beaming with his big brother Gu Tingye.

"Also, have you found the Li Mu Mu that saved me half a month ago?"

Later on, he went to that alley to find some clues about that woman. Unfortunately, there were no surveillance videos around that area, so he was unable to find any clues.

"We've already checked, but we haven't found any news yet. If it doesn't work out, I'll get people to look for them one by one! "

Many of the houses in the dilapidated old district had already been emptied, leaving behind only those who had lived there since childhood, unwilling to move.

"We need to verify the identities of those people as soon as possible." That night, not only did the assassins include his brother Gu Tingye, but there was also a mysterious force involved.

"Yes sir!" The driver nodded and asked, "Young Master, then..." "As for Miss Luo …"

Before he could finish, Gu Tingchen's gaze fell on him, causing him to immediately shut his mouth, "Sorry, I shouldn't have said that."

After dinner, Mu Lee hurried to the hospital.

The people from Mu Family promised to pay the medical expenses for her mother after the wedding, so she wanted to go and see if the money was in her account.

Most patients are paralyzed for a year or two, the doctor said, and their bodies can't handle it. Her mother was lucky, and there was no sign of organ failure, which increased the hope of future recovery.

Mu Lee thanked the doctor and went to the sickroom.

"Mom, I'm getting married. Forgive my decision, but don't worry. It doesn't matter to me if I have that identity. Furthermore, Gu Tingchen treats me very well, Mom, you don't have to worry about me. "

Although she knew that her mother couldn't hear her, she was still used to sharing anything with her mother.

The lower half of the Gu family's Second Young Master was crippled. This marriage was no longer real to her, so she was no different from before.

"Mom, take a good rest first. I'm going out to buy some daily necessities."


Mu Lee took her things and walked out of the hospital.

He didn't have that much money on him, and normally, he would just work part-time to earn some money to continue paying for his mother's medical fees. This morning, Gu Tingchen gave her a card and really helped her out a lot.

After buying some daily necessities, Mu Lee heard a familiar voice coming from the entrance of a boutique store.

"The brand they have isn't bad. I bought all of my skincare products here …"

"Sister Mu Yan can't be wrong, let's go and take a look …"

The world was so vast, yet she could still meet Mu Yan wherever she went?

Mu Lee didn't want to meet that woman. She had originally planned to hide for a bit before leaving, but she didn't expect Mu Yan to directly discover her.

"Sister, why are you here?"

This was really a narrow path for enemies to tread!

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