Re:Zero Kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu

Volume 3, Chapter 2: A servant’s tea-time conversation
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Volume 3, Chapter 2: A servant’s tea-time conversation

Sent off by the Coachman, the two were greeted as they entered the mansions entrance lobby,

“Welcome back Emilia-sama”

Said Rem with a composed face lacking in expression, the temperature in the room dropping from her voice alone as she gave a bow.

Raising her head, that emotionless face was something he hadn’t seen in a quite a while. Recently inside the mansion, or at least wholly in front of Subaru, he often saw her going around smiling, he wondered if she was acting like this on purpose. Taking into account that the two had returned together but she had only called out to Emilia, this seemed likely.

“I’m back. I’m sorry for being out― it seems like a visitor came?”

“An envoy came from the capital to see you. Right now Roswaal-sama is receiving them, would you care to join them?”

“Of course. It’s originally something that’s my problem so I can’t very well be left out of it.”

Exchanging nods with Rem, Emilia began walking up the stairs, looking back at the bewildered Subaru.”

“Aa…. Um, Subaru what are you going to do? Can you return to your room on your own?”

“What am I, a child? In the first place, it’s not like you can’t bring me with y…”

Feeling her nervousness fade a little, Emilia tilted her head towards Subaru’s proposition. But the one who interrupted those words wasn’t Emilia with the troubled expression,

“Elder sister is already present. There is no need for another servant. You understand, yes? Subaru-kun.”


Refusing to say yes or no to Rem’s words, his reply got garbled in throat. Responding to Subaru who was still struggling to find an objection Emilia motioned lightly with her hands,

“Since it’s like that, sorry. Rem, could you guide me there?”

“Yes. Suburu-kun, please return to your room.”

Throwing out those words of apology, Emilia had already turned away from Suburu. For the Subaru who had nothing else to do Rem came in to deliver the finishing blow, Rem leading the way Emilia’s silver hair swayed as she climbed the stairs and disappeared.

“Aaa, damn, this isn’t fun at all”

Seeing the figures of those two disappear, abusive words mixed with a sigh escaped out of his mouth.

I’m getting left behind. ――Physically and mentally.

“Well, I guess it’s true that even if I was there I wouldn’t be of much use with my shabby understanding of this world”

Even though it’s been two weeks since he first came to the mansion (1 ? months from his mental perspective), when you talk about what he’s learned it’s limited to various basic house-chores and the reading of letters. So to speak, he’s on the same level as one of the village children helping out around their homes. With that level of ability getting involved with not just some meeting of aristocrats, but the decisions of a country’s very top, this was beyond ambitious. Know your place.

With that, he accepted being left behind. Not that he wasn’t still unhappy about it.

“And so, I guess I’ll head back to my room and begrudgingly go to sleep – or not, I’m not that obedient.”

If he was to follow Emilia’s and Rem’s viewpoint, they probably wanted him to go back to his room, sleep, and do tonight’s practice of writing down characters. Or, going with plan B, opening up one of the doors and go complaining to the mansion’s resident hikikomori-girl, not a bad option.

Not a bad option, but… he should be able to do better.

“If this is my plan, first I’ll need to go to kitchen-kitchen.”

※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※

“Don’t you get tired waiting out here the whole time? How about taking a short rest?”

Hearing this the old man sitting on the driver’s platform opened his eyes in surprise, looking at Subaru and then again at the tray in Subaru’s hands.

The location is once again outside the mansion, up next to the dragon-carriage parked in front of main gate. As usual he wasn’t used to the lizard’s large size, shivering a few times, he poured tea for the old man who was looking at him with a surprised and half-smiling face.

“Thank you for the trouble. This is quite unexpected, pardon me for being situated up high here.”

No sooner than he recovered from the initial shock, the old man nimbly dropped down from the coachman’s stand. With his movements there was almost no sound as he landed, Subaru faintly held his breath. The coachman’s stand was high up enough that using the phrase “jumped off” would have been appropriate. It was even higher than Subaru’s eye-level, it didn’t seem possible to jump without support unless you we’re prepared for a little numbness in your legs.

However, flipping Subaru’s assumptions on their head the old man calmly walked on, coming up to the presented tray he gave a short bow.

“I’ll avail myself to your kind offer. My throat was indeed getting a bit dry, you see.”

“Ah, no problem. I didn’t know your preference so I just brought out the most expensive tea.”

Presented with the tray, a gentle smile carved its way onto the old man’s face. Subaru watched with particular interest as the wrinkles around his mouth rose and seemingly met halfway.

His stature was taller than Subaru, his head was dyed pure white with abundant hair that showed no sign of thinning. His attire was that of a coachman, that is a formal, extremely expensive looking, black uniform. His back was straight, the muscles under his clothes showed no sign of age and one could tell at a glance they were finely toned. In summary, the person standing in front of him was one who could make others nervous whether they intended to or not.

“My ranking of this other-world’s old people has been completely repainted. Farewell Rom-jii. But seriously, there hasn’t been a scene where you were ever of much help.”

For the Giant tribe with seemingly excellent settings there was relatively little to show for it. Subaru wasn’t able to confirm what had happened afterwards, Rom-jii didn’t hit his head or something and forget everything right? That was something he was a little bit afraid of.

“I’m just an old bag of bones. There’s no reason to be on edge”

For Subaru who was absentmindedly thinking that, he was abruptly called out to by a gentle voice. Taking up the cup, the old man brought it to up to his mouth before offering some words. Noticing the indiscrete stares he was receiving, the old man smiled at the hard to punish Subaru.

“This is a good flavor. This is perhaps too good a thing…”

“It’s not an over-exaggeration, this is really our most expensive tea. If a certain pink-haired maid found out I was drinking this she’d get seriously angry.”

Looking at it broadly, Ram had an unexpectedly delicate tongue and was well versed in things like tea. If she knew he had taken out one of the “absolutely forbidden” highest grade tea leaves to use on his own, that in itself would was setting himself up for quite the sermon. But then in a very Subaru-like manner,

“Without the tea leaves ever leaving the kitchen, I properly prepared the tea there and brought it out… that’s one of my ‘ikkyusan’ reasonings, I wonder if she’ll buy that”

TL: ikkyusan:

“Hmm, quite the schemer I see”

“It’s unfortunate, but I’ll have to leave it completely to fate whether she’ll buy this kind of sophistic reasoning”

Moreover, the betting odds were set at 7 to 1 against. Challenging that was stupid in the first place. The fact that it had so much risk was what made it worth it though, this chat over tea. The old man tilted the cup back once more and let out a sigh filled with emotions,

“So, now that you’ve sprinkled out this tea as bait, what did you want from these old bones?”

With one eye closed, the old man began asking with a measuring look. Shrugging his shoulders towards this sharp attitude Subaru replied,

“Well. From all the people I’ve ever met, you’re the toughest to try this on after Roswaal”

“To be treated the same as the count, it’s an honor”

“That’s being put in the same rank as that pervert you know? That remark is one that I’m quite willing to yell out.”

His refreshing expression quickly drained from him, Subaru once more felt on the defensive. A veteran, is what he should be rightfully called, that person’s life experience was much deeper and thicker than the thin Subaru, this wasn’t an opponent he could cross with. This wasn’t a certain giant balding old man from somewhere. Thus, all Subaru could do was to raise the white flag,

“I give up. My name is Natsuki Subaru. I’m currently apprenticing as a servant at Roswaal’s mansion. At least could I request your name?”

An inexperienced person should accept they are inexperienced, and try their best to cling to the benevolence of their elders. Towards the Subaru obediently lowering his head, the old man’s expression softened,

“My how polite. I am called “Wilhem. I am currently serving under the Crusch house, devoting myself to the job.”

In front of the old man calling himself Wilhem, Subaru tried rolling the name once off his tongue,

“Thank you very much for telling me your name. In addition to this thanks, could you tell me the reason for today’s visit… err, is it acceptable for me to tread into such matters?”

“In regards to your question, the envoy is currently inside discussing just that”

“Yes that is correct, but to be honest I’ve been told not to participate in that you see. And having an event proceed without me being involved at all isn’t very interesting, that’s to say my approach is to…”

Getting this opponent to crack his lips was no easy task, from his first impression to the conversation up till now he could understand this. But, getting quickly into the hearts of others was Subaru’s specialty. His ample experience being friendless due to ignoring other people’s emotions wasn’t just for show.

Towards Subaru’s greedy attitude Wilhem was temporarily lost for words,

“Having you expectations go awry don’t become angry, and don’t celebrate before you’ve succeeded is it? After being seen through, far from becoming timid you’ve gotten bolder. If your opponent this time was actually an opponent though your personality would be inviting loss.”

At a glance they were sharp words. However, Wilhem’s expression as he spoke them was soft. From the contents of those words, he didn’t appear to care much for Subaru’s attitude, but it also eluded to the tolerance he had as his elder.

If that’s the case, Subaru raised his head,

“Is it still no good if you only give me an outline?”

“For me who has no idea what kind of status you hold in this mansion, I can’t afford to carelessly let my words slip. Please understand.”

Even towards the comparatively rude, no-boundaries Subaru, Wilhem responded with courteousness. As for a negotiation-trick to bend such an obstinate person, Subaru had no such thing on hand.

At this pace, all he’s done is take out an expensive tea and fulfilled all the conditions to make Ram angry, Subaru’s outlook was getting darker.

“However, I have seen earlier that you have quite a close relationship with the king-candidate Emilia-sama.”

“Oh, oh, oh, did you see? Me and Emilia-tan having our intimate, pleasant, embarrassing, red-faced talk, did you really see?”

“ ’tan’……?”

Frowning at this strange way of address, Wilhem smiled bitterly at this Subaru’s self-interest attitude.

“You’re walking down a severe path. She might very well be the next Queen of Lugnica you realize?”

“The current state is just an extremely lovely girl, and an unskilled servant. Because the future is limitless, if we only talk about probability then you end up not being able to move when the time counts you know? Wilhem-san when you got married, didn’t you think of your wife as the most beautiful person in the world?”

“My wife――”

Wilhem faltered for a moment at Subaru’s extreme argument. But, quickly returned to watching Subaru intently, his pupils flashing with an emotion that could probably be called admiration.

“I see, it is exactly as you say. I too thought my wife was the most beautiful in the world. I had the feeling like everyone was looking at her. Such that I felt miserable that I maybe wasn’t worthy of her.”

“Right? If it’s something that everyone has to deal with, then even if they think I’m unfit to be her partner I’ll make her mine. I’ll somehow or another work to get a social position, then I’ll steadily progress towards becoming suited for her, it’s a win-win, or at least that’s my dream.”

Lately with those kinds of feelings, Subaru had been imagining the future possibilities of his love. Even now he couldn’t get his true feelings across to her, he knew this wasn’t something he could accomplish through hard-work alone. So I’ll do it through any means possible, is what he was thinking.

“That’s why when it comes to Emilia-tan’s circumstances, I want to avoid ending up in a situation where I’m not involved. Even though she’s walked a long ways ahead, and before you know it a jog turns into a run — in order to catch up to her of course I have to go full sprint, and if there’s a shortcut or anything else my personality’s one where I’ll want to use.”

“You have quite an amusing way of thinking there. Truly interesting. However, even if you come to me with more requests it’s a little bit troubling.”

As if to turn him down Wilhem put out his palm towards Subaru, shaking his head. To the end he hadn’t crumbled against that sincere attitude, but as if humoring Subaru,

“In the end I am but a mere coachman, when it comes to these affairs I am not well versed. It doesn’t seem like I can be of much help to you.”

“Is that right. You at least already realized who the hood-wearing Emilia-tan was, don’t you think using the excuse that you’re a ‘simple coachman’ is a little bit too extreme?”


Wilhem looked blankly and said nothing towards Subaru’s objection of disbelief. While giving a sidelong look, Subaru raised one finger,

“Well, for someone heading towards the mansion you might be able to roughly guess who they were, but to say with 100% conviction? Wilhem-san you knew who Emilia-tan was instantly”

“I could very well have met Emilia-sama in the past you know?”

“If that was true Emilia-tan would have greeted you at least. It’s hard to imagine that the ‘eager-to-teach’ Emilia-tan wouldn’t introduce an acquaintance to the person standing next to her―― in the first place, starting from the point you recognized the hood covered Emilia as Emilia your setting as a simple coachman has been a bit forced.”

Eyes searching for an explanation, he looked at Subaru silently. “Nonono” Subaru waved his hands,

“It seems there were some very complicated spell formulas sown onto the robe Emilia was wearing, supposedly ones that had an effect of blocking recognition you know? You’ve either received Emilia’s approval, or you are a person capable of breaking through the effects, otherwise you wouldn’t have been able to perceive her as Emilia”

From the time he first met her till now she had always worn that robe. This was to avoid inviting unnecessary trouble related to her blood-line, or more accurately from being a half-elf, this was something that Subaru had grasped more-or-less. For her having the appearance of a silver haired half-elf, on the surface he could tell just how much of a harsh thing that was to bear in this world.

Unexpectedly, Wilhem shrugged his shoulders as if he was familiar with Subaru’s explanation,

“Measuring me from the first time we met… you’ve got a bad personality”

“I’m not calculating to that extent. When I was in the mansion making tea, I just started thinking “huh, isn’t this strange?” It was purely accidently.”

Nonetheless, it was still thanks to Subaru’s mental fortitude that he was able to capitalize on it. All to make sure no danger ever befell Emilia. Adding in the demon-beast incident, Subaru knew painfully well just how much danger this world held. In order to keep those fangs as far away from her as possible, Subaru was trying with all his might, even if it was like trying to cool a hot stone with little drops of water. That’s why he’ll take everything he can get, and learn everything he can find out.

Laughing frivolously and superficially, Subaru had no intention of letting Wilhem get away. Starting from the point he accepted his invitation for tea, this gentlemanly old man had already been dragged into Subaru’s dimension.

In addition to ignoring his opponent’s position and circumstances, this dimension existed only to push outcomes favorable to Subaru.

“A simple coachman, I suppose that excuse isn’t going to work. ….. It’s exactly as you’ve guessed, I am indeed someone related to the king-selection―― No, I suppose it is more accurate to say someone related to someone related.”

“Someone related to someone related…..”

It appeared Wilhem had lost the debate. As the loser he was fulfilling his duty, choosing his words he slowly began to speak.

Chewing the contents, Subaru digested the meaning of the words in his head,

“In short, you’re basically in the same position as me?”

“I don’t see your reasoning there, the difference between you and me huh”

“Since you’ve got your most beautiful wife in the world then you would never think of cheating right. Well, Emilia-tan is a bit cuter in my opinion though.”

“No, my wife is surely the cutest.”

He meant it as a joke but received a firm reply, Subaru unintentionally winced. He gave a sharp look as the fake smile he had been making was slapped down by Wilhem’s declaration,

“Unexpectedly, you get stuck on some weird things, Wilhelm-san…..You’re more playful than I thought.”

“I’d be happy if you thought of me as a young spirit in an old body.”

It was an utterance that sounded unusually seriously, but if he wanted to stick his nose any further he’d have to have patience. Subaru made his head spin trying to delve into deeper topics. In some way or another he could use this, if he could play off of his human emotions he had a feeling he could make this work somehow――

――”It seems we’re out of time”


Subaru let out a stupid sounding voice. Responding to him, Wilhem pursed his lips silently, motioning towards the direction of the mansion with his hand. Subaru turned his head looking in the direction indicated, off in the distance the entrance door of the mansion began to open,

“The person who came out is Rem…. and who?”

Beyond the opened doors he could see two figures, the ever familiar blue-haired maid and an unknown person accompanying her. From the attitude of Wilhem took this person was probably the so-called envoy that had been the topic-piece for their conversation.

“How to say it, this really is a fantasy setting”

Without thinking he blurted out his impression, probably because that person’s appearance exuded an aura that was anything but appropriate for the term ‘envoy’. The envoy, noticing Subaru had been staring at them, a mischievous smile floated to their face as they rapidly approached the dragon-carriage.

“Hey! Even if I’m a beauty staring that much at me is still rude you know.”

No sooner than the moment they stood before Subaru, a white fingertip pointed straight at him. One eye closed as they made their declaration.

I’m afraid this person is likely the envoy. A cute girl with a charming face and flaxen hair evenly cut to shoulder length. Her height was rather tall for a girl, almost the same as Subaru’s. However her figure was naturally much more delicate, one-by-one her features revealed her gorgeous femininity or would it be more accurate to say girlishness. Her flaxen hair was decorated with a white ribbon, her big eyes shone with curiosity and had an almost cat-like charm to them, and currently on her head…

“It’s finally here, a non-minor character with nekomimi”

“Nya nya?”

The same color as her hair, a pair of animal ears claiming the top of her head trembled as if responding to his murmurs. In this world sub-species were completely natural, aside from seeing them in the capital there hadn’t been any other opportunities to interact with them, seeing the real thing up close like this was a real treat.

After all,

“I’m an appreciator of all things fluffy, there’s no way that I can’t pursue this existence in front of my eyes… dammit, quite down, my right arm…!”

Looking at it as a spectator he could imagine the sensation of the fluffy fur covered ears, just by standing in front of him her mere existence was a deadly poison for Subaru. With a desperate look he suppressed his trembling right arm, somehow managing to pull away from the girl and create some distance. She stared blankly at Subaru’s suspicious behavior.

“Arere, am I hated? Feri-chan, failed”

‘Tehehe’, showing off her tongue, she bonked her head with a fist. Subaru’s throat froze over in fright, this was a completely different kind of horror than before.

―Not only a head bonk, but sticking out her tongue + winking!?

This was a classic rarely seen even in his own former world, the overly done legendary ‘cutesy-girl’ routine. He wanted to beat up anyone who dared attempt this overly cheeky routine in person, however―

“Now that I’m in front of the real thing the destructive energy of it… it’s too much, I can’t do a thing…!”

Faced with this overwhelming cheekiness all of his willpower was taken from him, is what that meant. Also, since the one doing it was wrapped up in it they were too cute to lay a hand against, is the second meaning that layered on top of the first. The result was that Subaru had choice other than to let this pass.

Towards the location Subaru stood shivering in a very wrong way, she gave a curtesy and turned to face Wilhem.

“I’m back Wil-jii, sorry for making you wait outside. Were you bored?”

“No, no. This young man over here was kind enough to keep my old bones company, it was an unexpectedly fun way to pass the time.”


Hearing the dressed up description Wilhem had given of our back-and-forth argument, the girl had a perked up expression. Eyes like a cat, her pupils narrowed, and her mouth warped giving off a feeling somehow like a ω shape.

“Aaaaaaa, now I get itー. I see I see, you’re the boy Emilia was talking about. I understand I understand.”

From top to bottom she looked at Subaru as if tasting him, finally clapping her hands together as if giving approval. Feeling the gaze Subaru subconsciously moved to cover himself with his hands, twisting his body as if trying to escape.

“No, stop it~. Just because I’m a boy, if you stare at me like that I’ll get embarrassed you know”

“Don’t say that, honey. You’ve got a pretty good body there, no needless meat. So much so if you weren’t already somebody’s property I’d have a taste myself.”

Going along with Subaru’s over-the-top reaction, she hit back with an equally absurd response. Normally girls would respond with a ‘kyaa’ or a giggle, having someone play along like this was a first for Subaru.

“Somehow I’ve got a strange amount of energy. I wonder if this feeling is a physiological reaction?”

Rather than feeling disgusted, Subaru’s instincts were screaming out louder now. In front of his eyes stood a teasing-eyed girl, clearly the natural enemy of the person named Natsuki Subaru. A snake against a slug. A slug against a frog. A frog against a snake. Subaru’s compatibility with this girl, he was on the weak side and she was on the strong side – this was something he could tell instinctively.

Subaru’s usual inappropriate behavior wasn’t coming out. Facing the Subaru had by now completely lost his nerve, the girl hit the accelerator to max and stepped it up even further.

Throwing her arms out She wrapped around Subaru’s neck and snuggled up next to him.

“uh, eh, eeeh!?”

“Don’t move. I’m checking something out right now.”

Since they were about the same height, her face was now right next to Subaru’s. Her voice whispering directly into Subaru’s ear, his whole body felt like it was being tickled. His face turned red from the sensation. He looked to his surroundings for help, finding Rem loitering near the mansion’s entrance he instantly turned pale.

She had on a blank face, one could see from afar she was unconcerned with what was happening. Towards the now gasping Subaru, Rem gestured her hands in a small mincing motion. It wasn’t like this gesture had any meaning in particular, but the intent was clearly conveyed to Subaru.

“I’m going to tell Emilia”


Making a snap judgement he moved his body, somehow managing to peel away from the clinging girl. It wasn’t like he violently flung her away, more like pushing her shoulders away. Unsteady on his feet, Subaru ended up falling on his butt. In the ten or so seconds that this all happened, various emotions processed through Subaru’s head. Sitting with his feet collapsed under him and his shirt disheveled, he cried sorrowfully

“I didn’t want to, why did you… even though I only love Emilia-tan”

While feigning big crocodile tears secretly he was disappointed. With a kind touch a hand firmly grasped his shoulder. Looking up reflexively, the one behind him was Wilhem.

“Please take this.”

Held softly in his hand was a white handkerchief. Taking it from his hands, Subaru thanked him as he struggled to his feet. This was the compassion of an adult, experiencing it in person he fought the urge to bury himself in Wilhem’s arms.

“Because, this person already has a wife they love more than anyone else―Subaru did a dramatic reenactment of his feelings. So, can I ask you something about what just happened?” Returning the handkerchief unused to Wilhem, Subaru looked to the girl for an explanation for her previous behavior. Hearing these words, she bent her lips in thought.

“It was just as I had heard, inside your body it’s like the flow of water is completely stagnant. I’d do something about it, but there’s no time right now.”

Leaving behind these words, the girl ended the conversation. Not knowing the meaning of these words, Subaru threw his arms to the sky.

“Now then, let’s hurry back to our lovely Crusch-sama, Wil-jii. If we’re away for too long there’s no knowing what she’ll do.”

“It is as you say.”

Agreeing with her proposal, Wilhem abided with few words. Offering Subaru one last bow, he picked up a now empty cup on the ground and returned it to the tray.

“Thank you for the treat. Subaru-dono, may you be in good health.”

Climbing up to the coachman’s stand in a flash, Wilhem held the lizard’s reigns in his hand. Towards Subaru, who was staring speechlessly at this feat, the girl held her hands together as if praying.

“So then, we haven’t really time for introductions but we’re busy so sorry.”

Leaving behind a wink, she turned her body towards the dragon-carriage. Reaching his hand out towards her back, he put a voice to the numerous unresolved questions racing through his head.

“Please wait. I have so many questions to ask you…”

“I think it’s fine if you go ask Emilia honestly. Well then, may our fates meet again. Byyye.”

Cutting down his question in a single chop, she disappeared into the carriage with a smile. Understanding he’d been completely swept up by their pace, Subaru’s hand dropped in frustration. Wilhem said his goodbyes and the carriage set off along with the lizard’s neigh.

The frame creaked as the wheels began to turn. Every time the lizard stepped forward powerful marks remained in the ground, gaining speed quickly.

With the wheels moving forward, the frame began to move. The carriage picked up speed quickly as it traveled over the road, kicking up a cloud of dust it faded into the distance.

In the end all that was left was the completely defeated Subaru, and the lingering scent of the high-class tea.

※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※

Off in the distance, in the carriage heading out from the Roswaal mansion.

“We’re you able to fulfill your duty as an envoy?”

“Of course. It was something that Crusch-sama asked Feri-chan to do, it’s impossible that I’d fail. Wil-jii you’re such a worry-wart.”

The two exchanged conversation between the carriage and coachman’s stand. Sitting on the stand, Wilhem handled the Lizard easily. Behind him, the flaxen-haired girl hung her head out from the private room’s window. Although they were going very fast, having the divine protection of wind there was not even a hint of wind and they could continue their conversation like this without interruption. In a certain sense there was no better situation than this to hold a private conversation.

Wilhem smiled bitterly at her reply, “an unnecessary concern is it?”

“Leaving that aside”, she added.

“I’m was sure surprised to see you talking with that boy when I came out, you hate talking with others right?”

“That’s a horrible misunderstanding.”

Having her words denied immediately, “aaa, that’s not what I meant” she waived her hands.

“That’s right, sorry sorry. It wasn’t that you didn’t like talking, it was that you liked killing more.”

“…. That’s another horrible misunderstanding.”

Towards the girls banter, Wilhem used the same words. Seeing such a flat response to her provocations, the girl’s mouth tapered into a displeased expression.

“Soo boring. Is talking with Feri-chan so much more boring than with that boy? Did he catch your eye?”

Her voice was like a child pouting when their parent won’t give them attention. Trying to draw out something more than muddled reaction from Wilhem, she climbed further out the window towards him.

“I didn’t feel anything special about him, did something about him resonate with Wil-jii? Like maybe unlike his looks he’s actually incredibly strong, or maybe he’s got some incredible talent?”

“No. My evaluation of him is not so different from yours. He’s an amateur, an amateur who hasn’t even starting to grow hair yet. He has no special talents either. It’s undeniable that he is an average existence.”

“Then why? Trash like that, wasn’t that what you hated the most in this world?”

The girl dressed Subaru up as an unredeemable person. Without even making a frown, Wilhelm quietly lifted his hand and pointed to his eye.

“His eyes”



Hearing her voice he sat in a pondering looking, pulling on his chin.

“That boy’s eyes, they caught my interest is all. They were the eyes of someone who’s faced near-death many times. There are many who have returned from the brink of death. However…”

Cutting off his words, Wilhem closed his eyes.

“Coming back from the brink of death, not just once, but multiple times. I don’t know of any existence like that. It’s for that reason, that he’s caught my attention.”

“Hmmmph, I don’t get it”

Wilhelm’s words mixed with admiration were easily cut in half. Wilhem was frowning for real this time as she continued on.

“Aside from what you just said Wil-jii, that boy won’t be walking an easy road.”

Her eyes narrowed as if she had thought of something again, staring at the broad back sitting on the coachman’s stand.

“Catching the interest of the ‘Sword-Devil’ Wilhem Van Astrea, that’s as misfortunate as being obsessed over by the witch.”

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