Remarry, No Way!

Chapter 7: Seeing Through
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Chapter 7: Seeing Through

She was startled for a while, raised her head, and looked at Song Ting Yu, he was unscrewed the bottle cap, sat down on the opposite of her, stretched her hand to grip her lower leg. He moved her injured leg and placed it on top his knee.

Song Ting Yu's movement was skillful, firstly, he helped Su Ran washed the wound with sterilizer water, applied the medicine, and sticked the gauze. Then, when he was done, he placed down her leg.

Su Ran gazed at her knees, looked toward the man in front of her: "Thank you."

Song Ting Yu were also looked at her: "Why you didn't tell that you are injured."

"It's okay." Moreover, Su Ran didn't want to worry Song Wei Xi.

Song Ting Yu raised her eye brow: "That large wound with a lot of blood, and you still say it was nothing?"

Su Ran pursed her lips and didn't say anything, Song Ting Yu placed his hand on the armrest of the sofa, propped his lips, with indolent attitude: "Lin Cheng Huan is your boyfriend, right?"

"No." Now Su Ran just understood, why he used that kind of expression to look at her, at the time they were in the restaurant, so it because he thought that Su Ran and Lin Cheng Huan were together.

Song Ting Yu laughed toward her reply: " Su Ran, do you know the faster people denied, it just represent that is something fishy inside his heart?"

Su Ran felt that in this moment Song Ting Yu's mood was really good, maybe because he was thinking since she had a boyfriend, then they will definitely can get a divorce.

Li Cheng Huan has gone to manage some businesses for a long time, but still didn't know that Su Ran had experienced a lot of big changes. Therefore, he didn't really know about Song Wei Xi's illness, and she planned to proceed to the last method to save him.

They planned to meet at a coffee shop. The winter sunlight was sprinkled inside from the window, and shone the women who sat near the window, on her hair, her body, it made her somewhat glowing. When Ling Cheng Huan looked at this, he felt it was a beautiful picture.

"So, Song Ting Yu's return was because of this matter?" Lin Cheng Huan slowly uttered a question.

"Em." Su Ran nodded her head: "We both went to get a check up, these days we need to be prepared. I just know that test-tube baby required a lot of time of preparation"

Su Ran hadn't finished her words, Lin Cheng Huan suddenly cut her off, he was somewhat moved emotionally: "Ran Ran, what did you just say before? What is trying to produce a test-tube baby?"

Su Ran laughed bitterly: "Song Ting Yu wanted to keep himself pure for his beloved woman, so it was natural for trying to do test-tube baby." She suddenly paused, felt that was something wrong with Lin Cheng Huan's expression: "Cheng Huan, what happened to you?"

Lin Cheng Huan shook his head, and just like old time, he used his hand to pinched the tip of her nose. When he about to say something, Su Ran's phone rang.

After took the call, she said something to Lin Cheng Huan: "Cheng Huan, I need to go, grandma is looking for me."

"Let me send you back." Lin Cheng Huan also raised his body.

Su Ran laughed and took all her belongings, put on her coat: "No need, I drive my own care when I come here."

When she arrived at Song's residence, she sensed there was something wrong. Madame Song's face looked gloomy and she just sat down on the sofa with Song Ming Xuan and Chen Jing beside her. Su Ran took off her shoes and changed it, then she went over to Madame Song's side: "Grandma, Ma, Pa."

Madame Song raised her head to look at her, pointed to the empty seat next to her: "Ran Ran, sit down over here."

With a restless mood, Su Ran sat down. Then, Madame Song handed over a file toward her: "Look at this, what is this?"

She doubtingly opened the document, when she realized what was inside it, Su Ran's face turned pale. That was the check up of Song Ting Yu and her for producing test-tube baby, and it was discovered by Madame Song.

Song Ming Xuan looked at Su Ran, with deep and low voice asked her: "Ran Ran, why do you need to do test-tube baby procedure as you both know that the success rate was really low?"

Madame Song laughed coldly, and said: "Do you still need to ask, is it Song Ting Yu that forced to do it?"

Chen Jing opened her mouth: "Ma, this matter hasn't being completely investigated, maybe it was unrelated to Song Ting Yu."

Madame Song glared at her: "How can it is unrelated? Except him, who else can think of this way? Don't think that I don't know that because of that opera singer Bai Zhi Rui, so he thought of this way? Because of that opera singer, he can do anything."

Madame Song paused for a while, and pointed to Chen Jing: "You directly call Song Ting Yu, let him come home immediately!"

Regarding to Madame Song's command, Chen Jing was not dare enough to disobey. In the presence of Madame Song, she can only do what was commanded and called Song Ting Yu, and let him go home.

Su Ran felt her brain was in chaos, she cannot really understand how can the Song Family discover their plan for test-tube baby. Since they knew it already, there was no chance for them to hide it again.

According to Madame Song's temper, today she will definitely fly into a rage.

After a while, Song Ting Yu finally backed, looked for a glance toward the people in the living room, he then sat down. He crooked his mouth and said: "What day is today, why everyone is here?"

Madame Song's face was calm, from the table, she took those folder and threw it in front of Song Ting Yu: "Ting Yu, give me some explanation, what is this?"

Song Ting Yu took the folder with his long hand, and opened and looked at it. After realizing what is it, his first respond was glared toward Su Ran. His glance was frightful and cold.

"Su Ran, I really underestimate your skill."

Su ran knew, he thought it was her who gave the information to Song Family. She glanced back at him, her face was pale, but she didn't reply anything. At this moment, no matter what she said, Song Ting Yu will not believe. Furthermore, now it was not appropriate time to defend herself.

Hearing what did he say, Madame Song become more furious: "This was your doing, and you still want to blame others? You need to know, your son is waiting to be saved? Do you want to play with your son's life? Is it in your eyes Wei Xi is not important as your opera singer?"

Bai Zhi Rui was come from a model background, then she participated into several soap opera and hit a big them. After being acquainted with Song Ting Yu, she didn't accepted any role anymore, just became a spoke person for certain products. As Madame Song came from a distinguished family, in her eyes, she didn't really bear to see somewhat superstar, because she considered them as opera singer, so that year, she opposed Song Ting Yu and Bai Zhi Rui's relationship.

Song Ting Yu's handsome face turned cold: " Grandma, Rui Rui has name."

Madame Song looked at how protective him toward Bai Zhi Rui, she was more mad: "She had a name, so what? Didn't she was an opera singer? Song Ting Yu, this is my last reminder, inside my heart, Wei Xi was important than anything and any person. I will not allowed him to experience any accident"

Song Ting Yu's eyes turned cooler: "I also want him to live, but it doesn't mean I need to touch this woman, do you know that she made me feel sick?

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