Remarry, No Way!

Chapter 577
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Chapter 577

Mu Chu Cheng laughed several moment: I never even know how to write stay put, where do you want to go? Lets have a drink.

Now its night but the evening club hadnt started yet. But because of Mu Chu Cheng and Ming Jin Nians high position, its not hard for them to find one.

Ming Jin Nian mentioned a place: Ill call them to book a private room, just two of us?

Just two of us. Its been a while since I drank with you, why should we ask other people.

Ming Jin Nian nodded and called the place. He drove to that place.

That place is the greatest and grandest nightclub in Nan City. In the past, they always hung around at that place, but after being with Xi He, he rarely comes there.

The manager came over when he noticed him: Mr Mu, its been a long time since you came here. Recently we have a lot of new games, do you want to try?

Mu Chu Cheng raised his eyebrows: Manager wang, dont tell me you dont know that Im married now? I am very loyal to my wife. If today your words are heard by my wife, be careful that she may skin you. My wife is very ruthless. Even I cannot control her when she is furious.

No one doesnt know about Mu Chu Cheng and Xi Hes sudden marriage registration. Its just that time they thought its his impulsive action. Mu Chu Cheng and Xi He even not yet hold wedding party.

Manager wang immediately smiled: Mr Mu really loves to joke, this is just a fun occasion.

Mu Chu Cheng patted Manager wangs shoulder and smiled: I dont like to play. Lets cut off the nonsense. Have you arranged the private room? Beer? Have you prepared it?

Its all ready. When I heard that you and Mr Ming will come, how can I be unready?

Very quickly someone took them to the private room. Mu Chu Cheng asked the waiter to leave. He opened the bottle and wanted to pour the beer, suddenly Ming Jin Nian stopped him: Let me.

Mu Chu Cheng smiled but he didnt let go. He just poured it and passed it to him. Lets drink.

Ming Jin Nian said: Dont drink too much. Now you are hurt. I dont want later on Xi He to blame me.

Mu Chu Cheng looked at him: Since when you turn to be this fussy?

Looking at his response, Ming Jin Nian just raised his glass and drank with him.

This place, we usually come here right?

Ming Jin Nian leant back on the sofa and nodded: Right.

In the past, we also often came here right? Mu Chu Cheng played with his glass and asked.

Ming Jin Nian narrowed his eyes. Earlier he felt something is wrong with him, this time, it made him even more sure. He looked at him.

Mu Chu Cheng smiled coldly and looked at him: I remember at Christmas Eve five years ago, you secretly kissed the sleeping Xi He, right?

Ming Jin Nian was startled and didnt say anything.

Mu Chu Cheng just watched his action.

It seems that you have remembered everything.

Mu Chu Cheng didnt answer him and just smiled: I just remember that actually you have ambition to have Xi He.

Ambition? Ming Jin Nian smiled: I know her earlier than you. I also like her more than you. You always ignored her, you had a lot of women around you. I like her and fall in love with her. I always dont understand why she always likes you. These years, its been a dead set

Mu Chu Cheng raised his eyebrows: Ming Jin Nian, it seems Im nothing compared to you? But in Xi Hes eyes, I am special. For this youll never win me. This lifetime you cannot compete me. You are unwilling to accept the reality that you met her first but she just regards you as her friends. You are unwilling to accept the fact that you fall in love with her first, but with a glance she just likes me. So these years you keep on longing for my woman.

Ming Jin Nian is a complex person. Few years ago, he also had a girlfriend and they had a really good relationship. Its his first love. But that girl then died in a car accident. Afterwards, she kept on changing women. He never takes relationships seriously. Everyone thought that it is because he cannot let that woman go. Its just until five years ago in Christmas Eve, everyone was gathering together to have a drink. Its a chaos. Xi He also drank a lot. Mu Chu Cheng carried her to the sofa and covered her with his coat. The private room was noisy and he had a call. He went outside to answer it. The time he returned he noticed that Ming Jin Nian was watching his woman intensely. The next moment he clutched Xi Hes chin and kissed her.

That moment, Mu Chu Cheng wanted to kill Ming Jin Nian.

He went inside and dragged him out. He took him out and they had a fight.

That moment he knew that Ming Jin Nian has feeling toward his woman.

So what if he meets him first, so what if he likes Xi He first?

The important part is Xi He likes him. That time they had been together. Its okay if he just likes her and doesnt do anything else!

But he kissed her!

That day, Xi He was really drunk, she didnt know what happened. No one told her anything. Then after a while, all the problems started to happen.

Ming Jin Nian couldnt say anything, he couldnt deny. These years he keeps on waiting for Xi He. He couldnt forget her.

That year after Mu Chu Cheng knew about it, they didnt communicate anymore. He went abroad to study. Afterwards he just heard about Xi He, Mu Chu Cheng already finished his surgery abroad. The time he returned, Xi He left Nan City. After five years, he met her again.

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