Chapter 39: "What is the connection with you?" Song Ting Yu didn't release her: "Wear the shoes and clothes." Su Ran's legs as before stepped on the cold floor tile, because of the cold, h">

Remarry, No Way!

Chapter 39: "What is the connection with you?"
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Chapter 39: "What is the connection with you?"

Song Ting Yu didn't release her: "Wear the shoes and clothes."

Su Ran's legs as before stepped on the cold floor tile, because of the cold, her snowy legs was red.

She already felt numb.

Tang Zi Chu was carrying two plastic bags, on one plastic was a pair of shoes, and on the other side a clothes. He passed the plastic bags: "Today's weather is very cold, wear it."

Su Ran gazed at the two plastic bags for a long time, extended her hand to put down the plastic. Her chilly eyes: "Thank you Mr Song's kindness, yet I cannot accept your kindness. Ms Bai is okay right? Then excuse me, may I ask can I leave yet? Or should I leave here to be on stand by so any time I could do the transfusion?"

Song Ting Yu tightly clutched her arm: "What are you stubborn about in front of me? Don't you know that the weather outside is really cold? Do you want to freeze to death?"

Su Ran pried open his finger one by one: "Freeze to death also unrelated to you. Mr Song should be only concerned of Ms Bai. My matters are unrelated to you, please mind your business!"

Su Ran really leave like this, Song Ting Yu stood in front of the doorway, looked at her tall slender figure to slowly go away and disappear for his sight.

"Chief Song." Tang Zhi Chu said, his voice was somewhat worried.

"Follow her, bring her home." Song Ting Yu said, and he felt some tightening feeling in his heart.

Su Ran didn't bring her phone and wallet. Borrowed the phone from the hospital, when she about to dial the number, yet she didn't know to whom she should call.

She couldn't call Su family because there was never a person that she can rely on.

Despite there was her parents.

Her social circle was simple only few friends. These years, she only interacted with Lin Cheng Huan and Tian Mi, but they both were not in the country.

Thought it over, she put down the phone.

Because at the annual meeting, she didn't eat anything so now except she was hungry, her eyes slightly fuzzy.

Her body swayed for few times, and there was someone who supported her.

"Miss, are you okay?"

After Su Ran stood well, she shook her head.

In front of her was a young woman, on her wrist hung up just took off white robe. She asked: "Your face doesn't look well, what happened?"

"I'm okay."

When the woman looked that Su Ran didn't want to say anymore, she didn't ask further, just smiled and said: "My name is Jiang Ying, I just finished an operation and prepared to go home. Miss, do you want to go home? I can send you home?"

Su Ran hesitated for a while: "Thank you."

Tang Zi Chu went to follow Su Ran, yet he didn't find her. He encircled the hospital, and looked outside, but still he couldn't find her.

His heart produced unease feeling, hurriedly came back.

At first Song Ting Yu thought Tang Zi Chu already sent Su Ran home, didn't expect to be back this soon, didn't wait until he said, he frowned and said: "Su Ran?"

Tang Zi Chu used his palm to support his forehead: "I didn't see her, I've looked everywhere but couldn't find her. Chief Song, you try to call her"

Song Ting Yu recalled her appearance when she left: "She didn't bring phone."

Also didn't have her wallet.

She even wore a thin clothes..

"Then." Tang Zi Chu also stupidified, at this moment he didn't know what to do.

Song Ting Yu extended his hand toward him: "Give me car key."

After he got it, then he said with a low voice: "You stay at the hospital and look for her, if there is any information, call me."

"I get it, Chief Song."

This moment the sickroom was opened.

"Ting Yu, where are you going? Don't go anywhere, in a while Zhi Rui will wake up and she will be anxious if she didn't find you. You also know she just lost her kids, her mood certainly will not be good"

Chen Jing heard what were they saying before.

Song Ting Yu held the car key and said: "She will not be that quick awake, I go outside for a while."

"Ting Yu!"

Chen Jing's yelling couldn't stop Song Ting Yu from leaving, he didn't turn his head.

He drove his car encirclihng the hospital to look for her. On Su Ran's body except thin dress, there was nothing, where could she go?"

Song Ting Yu knew Lin Cheng Huan was not in the country. She still had a friend, but he didn't know her number.

Moreover, he knew that except Song family, Su Family, she couldn't go anywhere.

So it actually, he didn't really understand and know her.

The night became more and more dark, outside started to snow, the weather turned to be more cold. The cars and people outside became more and more less.

Song Ting Yu's search turned empty-handed, Tang Zi Chu also didn't have any news.

He drove the car to Song house, but turned out Su Ran hadn't go home. And before Madame Song asked someone to pick her, yet he also didn't meet her.

Madame Song's face was in bad mood, and pointed to Song Ting Yu: "If something happen to Ran Ran, I will look what will you do!"

Song Ting Yu just be silent, caught the keys and didn't stop.

He definitely will find Su Ran, he will not let something happen to her!

He also didn't know how long had he looked for her, he also asked people's help to look for her. Finally, he got a call from Tang Zi Chu. Just knew that Su Ran was brought home by a female doctor from the hospital.


Tang Zi Chu startled for awhile: "What address?"

He was about to explode, impatiently Song Ting Yu said: "That female doctor's address, immediately search it for me."

"Okay, I will immediately look for it."

Tang Zi Chu originally just called him to tell that Su Ran was okay, let him to be a ease. But he didn't expect him to indeed immediately wanted the address of the female's doctor.

His efficiency was quite high, so very quickly could get the Jiang Ying's address, and sent it to Song Ting Yu.

"Tonight is too late already, it's better for me to stay here for a night, tomorrow I will go back."

Su Ran took a bath, changed her clothes, Jiang Ying already cooked two bowls of noodle, and placed it in front of her, and smiled.

"Thank you, Doctor Jiang, I still be a trouble for you."

"No need to be modest." Jiang Ying picked up the chopstick and ate the noodle. Although she was puzzled over the reason of Su Ran's pity appearance at the hospital, yet she knew that Su Ran unwilling to explain it further, so she didn't ask further.

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